Sen. Grassley, third in line to the Presidency, Rep. Perlmutter test positive for COVID-19

Sen. Grassley, third in line to the Presidency, Rep. Perlmutter test positive for COVID-19
Sen. Grassley, third in line to the Presidency, Rep. Perlmutter test positive for COVID-19

In recent weeks COWID-19 has grown rapidly in the United States. The new coronavirus is distributed among various groups that are in close contact with each other, including football teams, family members and others.

The political authorities are no exception. A few weeks ago President Donald Trump was hospitalized with VIDOC-19. The asset is apparently the highest ranking U.S. government official who has confirmed that he has signed a contract for a new coronavirus. And now the second ranking officer is Chuck Grassley.

Grassley is Acting President of the United States Senate.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa announced that he responded positively to COVID-19.

Republican Gracely is one of the most powerful members of the Senate. He chairs the Senate Financial Committee. But he is also the acting president of the Senate, a position that makes Gracely the third president of the United States. After the U.S. Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Theoretically, the vice president chairs the Senate. When they’re gone, the president has to replace them. In practice, neither the deputy chairperson nor the acting chairperson usually chairs the Senate. Several other senators do this every working day. But according to CNN, Grassley presided over the Senate the day before the test.

Which means a lot of other senators probably knew him.

Grassley also attended at least one other meeting, the Republican leadership meeting in the Senate. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio also attended the meeting. Since then, Portman has ironically told us that he is taking part in a trial with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Mr. Grassley has been a member of the U.S. Senate since 1981. He’s been acting president since 2019. Before that, he was the third. Iowa District to United States House. He also served as a member of the House of Representatives of Iowa, which was elected in Butler County in the central region of the state. Gracely’s grandson, Pat, is currently president of the Iowa House of Representatives.

Ed mother of pearl is also positive.

At least one other congressman announced that he signed a contract for COWID-19 on the same day as Grassley. What, as U.S. Democratic Party representative Ed Perlmutter. According to MSN, he’s in quarantine at his home in Washington.

Since 2007 Perlmutter represents the 7. Colorado District. The area is in the vicinity of Denver. He was previously a member of the state senate of Colorado.

Perlmutter and Grassley joined dozens, literally dozens of other congressmen to make contact with COWID-19. Shortly before his announcement, several of his colleagues also confirmed their diagnosis. Including American representatives Don Young, Tim Wahlberg and Cherie Bustos With other politicians.

For example, Nevada governor Steve Sisolak, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and HUD secretary Ben Carson.

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