Man United bewilder as Premier League fans return to West Ham’s London Stadium

It has now been 271 days since football people celebrated a goal in the Premier League stadium, but when West Ham became the first major English club to open its doors to fans, when the COVID 19 pandemic kept the sport a secret in March, Manchester United visitors to the London stadium brought joy and despair to 2,000 local fans, with Ole Gunnar Solskier’s team coming from behind to win 3-1.

Somehow, despite the inconsistency and sometimes incompetence this season, United Man rose to the top of the Premier League table immediately after that victory, heading for ninth in the standings. Football without fans was sometimes strange, but now that they are back, United continue to confuse those who try to understand them.

Not just since King Power Lester’s 4-0 victory over Aston Villa on the 9th. In March, English fans could feel the full range of emotions as they watched the match in person, but when West Ham fans left London stadium after David Moyes’ side crashed 1-0, they probably just wanted to stay away.

I was glad we had 2,000 fans, Moyes said. I wish there were so many more. I hope the West Ham fans enjoyed it. What we just missed was probably not good enough to handle the game.

But it’s a burden to be a fan. You want to see every move, but when it comes to your team, you better be somewhere else in the world. Perhaps on this occasion and after such a long captivity, defeat was a price to be paid to be there again.

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Even the most ardent admirer of Hummer would have been hard not to admire the quality of the 13th minute of Manchester United’s second half of Paul Pogba, Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford, who turned the game on its head after Thomas Sousek West Ham gave a deserved lead seven minutes before the break.

English football hopes to meet the fans again in the stadiums in October. The Premier League clubs had drawn up detailed plans to organise matches at locations with a maximum capacity of 25 percent. But the KOVID-19 summit led to the postponement of the proposal – the government called it a break – and the stadiums remained empty.

At the end of the month of the 2. However, the new level system allowed the temporary reopening of some competitive sports for spectators in December. Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle have been placed in Tier 3 and therefore do not yet have fans in the region, but with clubs such as London and Liverpool in Tier 2, clubs in these cities can make as many as 2,000 visits.

The Premier League is known all over the world for the spectacle of matches played in crowded and noisy stadiums. This small number is the first step in a long journey back to normal life, especially in an underground arena such as London Stadium, which normally has a capacity of 54,000 spectators, but football is desperate to reopen its doors, no matter how many players are involved.

That’s what was missing from the game [the fans are coming back to the stadiums], Rashford said. That’s what makes it so special. It’s a good feeling the fans are back.

Like most clubs, West Ham selected the visitors through a vote of subscribers and they all won seats at the Billy Bonds stand. When they arrived, they had to pass a temperature test and be within a meter of each other. Face masks were compulsory and singing was allowed as long as it was not exaggerated, but cuddling and diving were not allowed. The movement was discouraged and fans were asked to avoid peak moments such as half a day and a full-time bathroom break.

All this may have become the norm in recent months, but as football is often seen as a kind of liberation, the restrictions will be felt until the old norm returns.

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Frank Leboev would like to see more participation in the games of Paul Pogb, who temporarily disappeared this season.

This contradicted the experiences that many had had on their way to earth. After the train landed at Stratford station, fans had to cross the Westfield Centre, one of Europe’s largest shopping centres, where social exclusion was costly as customers went shopping at Christmas, ate in restaurants and generally enjoyed the fact that they were covered in artificial snow on the ceiling.

In any case, the West Ham fans – outsiders are not allowed in this stadium – greeted their team with loud greetings as they warmed up for the game, while Soutchek’s goalkeeper made more noise than one would expect from such a small group.

But as the opposing team recovered from their miserable first half, partly due to the break to replace Rashford and Bruno Fernandez, the mood changed and the welcome was replaced by jeans.

In the 65th minute, Fernandez and Pogba were reunited in Man United after a long game played by goalkeeper Dean Henderson, who replaced injured David De Gea. The order looked like it could come out of the game, but Pogba had no idea when he sent the pass from Fernandez to Lukasz Fabianski with a curly 25-metre shot.

Greenwood won 2-1 thanks to a clinical pass from Alex Telles, three minutes ahead of Rashford, who picked up an awkward move from Pogba, Fernandez and Juan Mata. These are goals that deserve more fans, but when the stadiums come back to power, United can be predictable enough to develop a certain consistency.

At this point, we know there are things that need to be improved. Solskjaer said there were some easy passes in the first half, but in the second half the quality came back and the three goals were excellent.

United are terrible and high in this match and can not continue next week in the decisive games against RB Leipzig and Manchester City. Saturday’s Manchester derby could be the last one without fans. The hope is that West Ham has put everyone back on track.

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