Moise Kean thriving at PSG after tough season with Everton. Is a permanent move in his future?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Keene scored only two goals against Everton last season, but since joining PSG he is excellent and scores five points in his first seven league games and European games. Xavier Lane/Getty Pictures

The quarter of the season is over and the club’s action in the form of an international break is a good time to take stock of PSG’s last year. Kylian Mbappe still scores despite the fear of injuries, and Neymar is more capable than ever. In general, the team is again unbalanced and fragmented, although this is largely due to injuries and positive COVID 19 tests, which call into question the depth and quality of the team.

Manager Thomas Tuhel is under enormous pressure even after four defeats, but the most unexpected element of their 2020-21 year is today the most important positive moment: the figure and the contribution of Moise Keene. He started Everton’s year with five goals in seven games of 1. League and the Champions League. After last year’s unsuccessful season in the Premier League, in which he played only four battles in 37 matches in all leagues and scored only four goals, he has changed in France.

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Keene’s arrival at the end of the transfer window made the eyebrows frown. In his first year in England he scored two goals in 33 appearances (in all competitions) and took on the unenviable and demanding challenge of replacing Edinson Cavanaugh in Paris. Barely 20 years old, another big step was taken shortly after he left Juventus for Everton. At Goodison Park he lost his confidence and talent.

The risk for the French champion was all the greater because Keene didn’t have time to settle down and meet his new teammates. Keene arrived on the 4th. October, when the Ligue 1 season had already started and the other center of the team, Mauro Icardi, had already collapsed due to an injury. At that time he was also in international service with Italy and literally followed two training courses before he was appointed far away in Nîmes at the beginning of the 11th century.

Talk about quick integration! But Keane went down so fast, everyone in the club was sedated. In his first game in Nimes he showed a lot of energy and intelligence, but missed two good chances. But Tuchelle was impressed.

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The MTP coach is a fan of Keene’s profile and skills. He can play alone in 4-3-3 or next to another center forward in 4-4-2. He and Mbappe complement each other well; Keene runs well, pushes and works hard. He can capture an obsession, keep attacks alive or play the shoulder of the last defender and walk away from behind. He is strong, fast and skillful; just like the MTP he has developed a more clinical eye when it comes to scoring.

Keene scored three goals in four Ligue 1 games with an expected score of 2.07. In the Champions League he received the net twice in three matches (two starts) with an expected goal of 0.95! His Istanbul Basaksehir bracelet in 2. The round was among the winners, but his help for the angel Di Maria of RB Leipzig in the 2-1 defeat in the third round. Lap showed that it could be more than just a finish.

It should be noted that the PSG plays in a completely different style than Everton. They have a much larger ball, they play higher on the field and have the highest goal expectations for the game behind Bavaria in Europe (2.5 xG versus 2.7 xG). Keane can play much closer to the goal of the opposition and plays in the middle – not like in England, where he often played far right.

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Julien Lawrence believes that Thomas Tuchel can no longer make many mistakes after the 2-1 defeat of PSG by RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

Another reason why Keane can flourish in France is the language. Because his parents are Ivorian, he speaks fluent French and has his Italian internationalist colleagues Alessandro Florenzi and Marco Verratti to take care of him in the dressing room. PSG’s sports director Leonardo is also close to him. Joy and happiness Keene did everything else and the team embraced him in record time.

Keane also likes to live in Paris. Here, too, communication with the team colleagues and the common language helps, while his family (who lives in Turin) is more present in Paris than in the northwest of England at the time. With Ikardi still traumatized and Mbappe still struggling a little, PSG will be looking for their new star to regain after the international break in important matches, including the much published Leipzig Champions League. PSG is third in Group H with a victory in their first three games and in Ligue 1 with meetings with Monaco and Lyon in the coming weeks.

Although he has been with the club for just over a month, PSG is already discussing the future of Keene. Sources have confirmed to FC ESPN that there are no redemption points in its lending activity, despite rumours that one of them is worth EUR 18 million. The MTP is already seriously considering concluding a permanent agreement with Everton, but it will need to reach an agreement with Everton, which will require substantial compensation through the signing of a five-year contract last summer and a fixed amount of approximately €30 million (including surcharges).

Leonardo and his Everton colleague, football director Marcel Brands, will meet at the end of the season. Keene has already said that he wants to stay in Paris; he certainly doesn’t want to go back to Everton since he settled in Paris. He doesn’t want it to stop now.

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