Lions Injury Report: Matthew Stafford Headlines Long List

Matthew Stafford


Matthew Stafford about an injury in Minnesota.

On several fronts, the Detroit lions camp and prepare for the battle of the 10. Week against the Washington football team.

This week, a first look at the injury report reveals a stupid list for the Lions, both for attack and defense, as they prepare for battle. A few injuries will test Detroit’s depth and preparedness, and it is clear that the team has had some tough races in recent weeks from which they have not yet fully recovered.

What will the list look like if we bring it up early in the week? Here are some names to remember this week in the next injury list.

Lion week 10 Injury report

Kenny Golday, WR (hip) Don’t train on Wednesdays.

Everson Griffen, FR (non-trauma related) Wednesdays are not practiced.

Halapulivaati Waitai, OL (soccer) No training on Wednesdays.

Nick Williams, DT (shoulder) No practice on Wednesday.

Jamal Agniu, RB/WB (ribs) Limited Training Wednesday

Tyrell Crosby, OL (Ankle) Limited Training Wednesday

Joe Dahl, G (back) Limited training on Wednesday.

Mike Ford, BC (hip) Limited Practice Wednesday

Christian Jones, LB (knee) Limited Training Wednesday

Jaron Kirz, S (only) Limited Training Wednesday

Jeff Okuda, BC (Ankle/Odor) Limited Practice Wednesday

Danny Shelton, DT (Chest) Limited training on Wednesday.

Tracy Walker, S (soccer) Limited Training Wednesday

Matthew Stafford, buy more complete Wednesday practice.

Clearly, it’s hard for Lions to start a week. Having 14 players who somehow end up on an injury, whether or not in uniform, is not good for the team and their overall health. Despite the fact that most of these players can play in the end, it is safe to say that the Lions are very pompous in the second half of their program. Seeing the quarterback on that list is also never a good sign for the team, and Stafford was put on that list a week after he was suspended and examined for a concussion.

Apart from Stafford, maybe the worst name on this list is Okuda, because he’s the second most important key player. Of course it would be hard to lose to Hollaway, Walker, Shelton and Agnew, given all they can do for the team.

Primer Lions Washington

Although the results of the team are not very impressive, it is an important game for the Lions and Washington. One team is at 2-6, the other at 3-5. The Lions have fleeting hopes for the playoffs, and they can play to temporarily rescue their staff from an even bigger scandal, and although the Redskins seem ready, the team is theoretically still alive on the NFC Eastfield. In this context, it is 10. The week is important for both parties in silence, so they can make a better step for the rest of the season.

It is safe to say that the injury will play another important role in this week’s result, and the Lions are far from a full recovery as it seems at first sight.

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