Girl stalked by man on mobility scooter who tried to kidnap her

The girl is followed by a man on a scooter, who then attacks the parking lot (Photo: Humberside Police).

Kevin High confessed to a fake prison sentence, attempted kidnapping for assault and rape (Photo: Humberside Police).

The man who tried to kidnap a young girl after tapping her in the mouth in a terrible parking lot was sent to prison for 11 years.

Kevin Haigh, 53, chased a 14-year-old girl for over a mile on his scooter, and in third place he was able to follow her. In June she was sitting on several steps and waiting for her friends at the Wellow Pub on the Royal Road in Cleethorpes.

The Crown Court in Grimsby heard a schoolgirl scream for help, but Hay told her to be quiet and not to move when he tried to drag her.

Luckily, the girl managed to call her boyfriend and call 999 before Hay picked up her phone. Then she slipped out of her coat and walked away with tape still wrapped around her face.

Hi, from Clytorpes, known false imprisonment, attempted kidnapping for the purpose of committing a sex crime and attempted sexual assault.

Judge Mark Bary said to him: It was a very serious incident. That was the plan. They left with the tape and went after her.

You got on a scooter to avoid arousing suspicion and committed these crimes in a public place in broad daylight.

This girl will be an adult by the time you get out.

This is something that bothers and disturbs young women and their parents. They pose a significant risk of serious harm to citizens.

The girl is followed by a man on a scooter, who then attacks the parking lot.

Hay chased a schoolgirl on her scooter for over a kilometre (Photo: Humberside Police).

In the victim’s personal statement which was read out in court, the girl stated that she now seldom leaves the house and never goes alone.

She also described having nightmares about the incident, which included her relationship with the men in her family, which she could not even kiss without thinking about the experience.

the girl said: It still scares me when I think of the tape that covers my eyes and mouth, and all I hear are the sucking and grunting noises it makes.

I dream of a man who grabs me by the legs and pulls me up, then I dream of sitting in a gray car with the same man who drives me to Humberston.

I’ve been asked how I feel about him. I thought he was gonna rape and kill me, and I still think it would have happened if I hadn’t run away.

Humberside police have released video footage of The Hague on his scooter.

After receiving an anonymous tip from a citizen, they arrested him two days later.

His partner told the authorities that he went to Clitehorps Beach that day to collect stones for the garden, but that he returned home without any stones.

She also discovered that High doesn’t need a scooter, she just likes to use it.

The girl is followed by a man on a scooter, who then attacks the parking lot (Photo: Humberside Police).

Kevin Hay was imprisoned for 11 years (Photo: Humberside Police).

When the inspectors searched Hi’s phone, they found 1,800 photos of schoolgirls, as well as clear images of women pretending to be little girls.

The court then ruled that he had been imprisoned for 18 months in 1997 for four indecent assaults on girls under the age of 14.

During an interview at the police station of Birchin-Wei Hai he refused to answer questions and said he just didn’t touch it.

During his imprisonment, however, he told the jailer more.

Gordon Stables, the district attorney, said he told the police officer he’d been following her for some time.

When the jailer asked her if he had done that, he answered that she was young.

The jailer asked him if he found the young women and girls attractive, and he answered: I don’t do anything. I’m good at it.

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He also said he was watching the school near his house.

The court heard the officer’s request: If you look at things normally, what happened this time?

Hi accused Hi of not taking his medication before he added that I could still control myself.

He told the officer he was shocked by the girl’s power.

In his defense, David Godfrey said: He accepts that he falsely imprisoned her for a sex crime.

He deeply regrets what he has done and his willingness and motivation to work with experts in prisons and for a long period of time.

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