Ziyech and Werner propel Chelsea to confidence-building win at Krasnodar with 8/10 performances

Chelsea took the easy road to a 4-0 victory in an EU Champions League game in Krasnodar on Wednesday night in front of 10,000 spectators in southwest Russia.

Callum Hudson-Odoy’s goal brought the score to 1-0, and Frank Lampard’s triple replacement in the remaining 20 minutes seems to have destroyed any chance for a well-supported home team to score a rare late point. Timo Werner scored a penalty before Hakim Ziec made his debut as a solid first team, while Christian Pulisic earned points with his late bet.


Of course, Chelsea had no problem getting through that night. For most of the match they carried the ball perfectly and denied Krasnodor the property. There were also no problems with the stakes when Kurt Zuma and Edward Mendy endangered their bodies in that rare case when Krasnodar threatened them. Three late goals speak for themselves, as Chelsea’s clinical advantage boosted confidence after a three-game winning streak.


In particular, Chelsea’s defensive move in the first half prevented the Lampard team from playing their best football. Zuma and central defender Antonio Rudiger were passive in their play and fought for the home side’s first line of defence. However, Giorgiño will be the focus of the discussion after missing the second penalty of the season for his replacement.

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Management figure of 10

9 — Two thousand miles from home between First League games against Manchester United and Burnley, Wednesday’s match may have been a banana peel for Lampard & Co, but the five changes he made to the weekend match at Old Trafford worked clearly. Later on, the triple change helped to allay concerns about the falling points in the final phase of the game.

Player scores (1-10; 10 = best, players reported after 70 minutes do not get a score)

GK Edouard Mendy, 7 — Park the ball if necessary, but it’s a pretty quiet game for Mendy as the home team rarely threatens the Blues’ blue goal. When they did, it was often because of an ambitious strike, which was meant for the bleachers.

DF DF Cesar Azpilicueta, 8 – Azpilicueta with excellent energy on the flanks certainly opened up chances for Chelsea midfield players as the game was sometimes shaky in the first half. Brilliant ball control and powerful, accurate crosses put the vulnerable goalkeeper to the test.

DF Kurt Zuma, 7 – Zuma’s game was unsatisfactory at first, he rarely played his best game, which compromised Chelsea’s attempts to move forward quickly. With those words he sometimes showed a remarkable devotion.

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DF Antonio Rudiger, 7 – This season he made five international appearances for him until Wednesday, but it was his first time outside Chelsea. She showed up early, when her partnership with Zuma seemed rusted. With this statement he managed to keep a blank sheet of paper.

DF DF Ben Chilwell, 6 — Not the best part of Chilwell, he sometimes looked tired and could have benefited from a little rest in the second half. Combined game with Hudson-Oda is a cause for concern because the two have never bounced off each other on the way to the front.

MF Jorginho, 5 — We almost had to pay the cheap alms for the possession, which gave Krasnodar a first glimpse of the goal. Missed penalty points contributed little to his case afterwards. It’s a night to move on.

MF Mateo Kovačić, 6 — The first half is quiet, but he bounces a ball well at the edge of the field to start the second half, and is unlucky to see only the width of the cross whistle in this attempt. Otherwise, a non-standard and impeccable job.

MF Hakim Ziech, 8 — Hakim Ziech made his Chelsea debut, and the fans were treated to what he had to offer in midfield. Pull’s game and his movement were sometimes decisive, and he also had great visions. Excellent with an intelligent spa soul.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Hakim Ziech made his debut for Chelsea, scored a goal and gave a glimpse of his talents. Getty

MF Kai Havertz, 7 – It wasn’t the busiest match for Havertz, but his first contact was a real weapon in the visitors’ locker. Thanks to his excellent and meticulous handling, Javiertz was able to manoeuvre the ball quickly into the danger zones, giving him the help he deserved.

MF Callum Hudson-Odoi, 7 — In the first half of the game, he had little ball possession but scored his first Champions League goal with a shot from the edge of the penalty area.

FW Timo Werner, 8 — Positive penalty kick to end the game with 15 minutes to go – a stark contrast to Jorginho’s early goal. He had the pockets of a strong positional game in which his first touch and rhythm stood out.


MF N’Golo Kante, N/R — Replaced Giorgiño in midfield and patrolled large areas of the field without another approved low midfielder on the Chelsea field.

MF Mason Mount, N/R — His characteristic energy press pushed the once frozen midfielder to come looking for Kovacic.

MF Christian Pulisic, N/R — Took Hudson Odoi’s place and added the missing hard drive in the wide seats and was rewarded for his efforts and won the fine.

FW Tammy Abraham, N/R — Replaces the draw by just under 10 minutes to lead the Blues attack into the final.

DF Emerson Palmieri, N/R — Took over from Chilwell on the left of the last four and has been a regular Chelsea farmer for the last ten minutes.

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