Fear the Walking Dead Fans React to John Dorie’s Heartbreaking Decision in Episode 606

The honeymoon is over for newlyweds June (Jenna Elfman) and John Dory (Garrett Dillahant), who are on different paths on Fear of the Living Dead Sunday. At her funeral next to Jasper’s leg, June, a former critical care and trauma nurse, who was already undercrowded, sees the head of medical operations for the more than 800 survivors living under Virginia (Colby Minifie) and the Pioneers, calling for a turbulent situation in Tank Town. When John plans an escape route because of the awful mustard that occurred within the walls of Lawton’s rotten colony, where Virginia wrongfully executed one of her friends for murder, the couple stands at a crossroads.

June and Sarah (Mo Collins), a truck driver, are too outstretched, too many people, are too far apart, June said after not rescuing Malcolm (Dalex Miller) during an emergency appendectomy. The couple can’t help the needy with a homemade ambulance mounted on the back of Sarah’s 18-wheeler, but Virginia pointed out June’s calls to build a hospital.

On his way to the community of Paradise Ridge, in the privacy of John’s truck, he suggests that they run away together to the cabin in Texas where they first met. Before he died, Janice (Holly Curran) told him where to find the supplies to escape from Virginia, but John refused them because he thought he could justify them as the mysterious killer behind Cameron’s (Noah Hill) mysterious death.

When June says she can’t save anyone if she runs away, he says to her and me: You can save me. He admits he can’t live in Lawton anymore, he admits it to his wife, I feel like if I do, I won’t live much longer.

John can’t bring himself to tell June what happened to Janice – Virginia touched him like a hero and gave him the key to solving Lawton’s murder – but he has to get as far away from it as possible.

June says Virginia will hunt them, but their new life together can begin with their disappearance. She refuses to leave her friends – Morgan (Lenny James), Alicia (Alicia Debnam-Carey) and others – but before June can answer when she leaves with him, they are interrupted by Luciana’s (Danai Garcia) radio communication reporting an accident in Tank Town.

June, who arrives at the same time as Virginia, agrees to flee with John after the pioneer leader declares that she is there to investigate the alleged accident – which later turns out to have been sabotaged by a new enemy group behind targeted attacks on their settlements.

When June is unlucky enough to save the life of a Virginia zombie, she successfully negotiates with Luciana, Sarah and Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), who must be hospitalized under her supervision. The meeting with John, he says their plan is simple: They drove eight kilometers on the road at the fork in the road and continued to the saloon.

John, at the hospital. We can’t leave like this, June says. I don’t want to go. Every time I run, it leads me to something worse. I don’t want to run anymore.

We can’t stay here. I can’t do that. The situation comes too close to what initially forced him to withdraw to his cabin: A policeman who lit a gun was convicted after being praised as a hero for accidentally killing a man during an attempted robbery at a gas station.

As June prepares to explore with Sarah and Wendell, she tells John to follow her. John follows half the truck until the fork in the road and turns right while Sarah turns left. John goes off on his own, the painful decision-makers call it heartbreaking:

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