Seraphine has the most disliked Champion Spotlight video in LoL history

Seraphine has the most disliked Champion Spotlight video in LoL history
Seraphine has the most disliked Champion Spotlight video in LoL history


Any respectable multiplayer arena for online battles, or MOBA, will have a wide range of game characters.  Given the width of the sample, it is not surprising that some of the characters attract the wrath of the base of the game. The new champion of the Legendsliga, Serafin, however, considers the cake to be the most unloved champion.

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The new champions of the Legends League of Legends are usually put in the spotlight. These are short informative videos that describe in detail all the skills of the new champion. Videos often give players an idea of how to play on the strengths of their potential new pocket pickup.

Usually fans come to these videos to get an idea of what they might encounter in the future during the summer ditch. Video clips are usually marked with quite a few preferences and a bit of dislike. The dissatisfaction with the figures in these videos is mainly due to negative knee reactions of the viewers. A columnist may drop his finger just because of his initial dislike of the champion.

Serafin, the youngest wizard in the LOL, released her own Champion Spotlight video in October this year. For the Riot Games everything was as expected, because they have a long history of moderately successful championships. But just six days after the release of his video, Serafin made a distinction that does not need to be celebrated.

Recommended championship statistics

  • Love vs. dislikes = percentage of dislikes.
  • Yorick: 13k versus 10k = 43.5%.
  • Teemo: 28,000 vs. 5.1.000 = 15,4%.
  • Akali: 31 thousand against 4.1 thousand. = 11,7%.
  • Zoe: 34,000 versus 4,1,000 = 10.8%.
  • Yasuo: 66,000 versus 4,1,000 = 5.8%.
  • Severance pay: 84,000 versus 12,000 = 12.5%.
  • Lily: 29,000 vs. 2.4.000 = 7,6%.
  • Yes: 36,000 versus 3.1,000 = 7.9%.
  • Samira: 37,000 against 4,2,000 = 10.2%.
  • Serafin: 41k versus 74k = 64.4%.

Serafin Champion Spotlight currently holds the title of the most unloved of the 100 videos on the official YouTube League of Legends channel. The previous record holder, the first Yorick, not only scored just over 20% thanks to Serafin’s aversion factor, but his results were not that close. The latest Spotlight Champion currently has about 74,000 discs, for a total appearance of 1.4m. It is safe to assume that this hatred goes beyond the outburst of anger against the last champion. An impressive number of players decided to express their dissatisfaction with Serafin in a way that Riot Games couldn’t just ignore.

Interestingly, even the most reprehensible champions in the League of Legends list cannot stand up to Serafin’s aversion. Teemo, one of the most boring champions in the game, has a 15.4% aversion to the game on his video. Yasuo, another champion of polarization, is also worth 10.8% of the aversion. The displeasure is not only about Serafin’s status as the last champion. The last four editions of the Serafin championship have an aversion of 13% to 7%. What is the possible cause of all the hatred for Serafin?

Other approach

Hi, I’m Serafin and welcome to my music corner

– Seraphine⭐ (@seradotwav) 27. June 2020.

The entire campaign leading up to the official release of Séraphine was a new approach to the Riot Games. They launched an attempted viral campaign by making Serafin a fan of the virtual band Kpop, K/DA. He attracted the attention and curiosity of the fans almost immediately. Serafin also promised to bring something new into the wizard’s position, something so lacking in the supersaturated position. The inability to justify the hype and promises surrounding Serafin is perhaps one of the main reasons why many fans are disappointed by the new wizard.

Another possible reason for all this hatred lies in his abilities – his almost rough resemblance to the previous champion. Most of Serafina’s musical skills, including her one-line crowd control, are surprisingly similar to those of a demonstration wizard, Sona. The main difference is that the Serafin kit focuses more on damage than on the benefits of team fighting. Perhaps it was an amalgamation of exaggerated promises for a brand new wizard and the introduction of something less announced that caused resentment in the new video. It does not even take into account a subjective hatred aroused by the skin of its ultimatum.

With Serafina, there is almost nothing new to achieve at Riot Games, except that she has to hone all her skills. All champions have the right to exist on the summer ditch, as do all talking animals, small yordles, supernatural creatures and almost all moving creatures who have decided to fight. There has never been a case in the history of the game in which the champion has been immediately deactivated due to negative reactions from fans. If the League of Legends had behaved that way, there wouldn’t be a Taemo or Yasuo anymore. Serafin will probably stay on the list and be ready to meet any player who wants to put him on the hot seat.

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