NFL Week 8 arrivals – Best entrances, outfits, cleats and more

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The eighth. The week of the 2020 NFL season has begun, with the epic rivalry between the Ravens and Steelworks at 1 p.m. and the Seahawks and 49 Hawks in the afternoon showcase.

The action on the field will certainly be exciting, but we are here to emphasize the best that players have to offer in terms of clothing.

To find out more about today’s games, look no further: Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and a final score. Check out the NFL Week 8 Game Guide on ESPN.

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Best Halloween costume

Usually Halloween Sunday is a good opportunity for NFL fans to come to the game in their best costume. We will see that in the stadiums where the fans are allowed, but the players helped to take the rest. Here are some of the best in the whole league:

@RGIII new cast member Money Heist

– Baltimore Ravens (@ Raven) 1. November 2020.

This could be the winner of

– Kansas City Bosses (@Chiefs) 1. November 2020.

Halloween isn’t over yet for @mackhollins

– Miami Dolphins 1. November 2020.

Wallet or life. #GoBillsMafia #

– 1. BuffaloBills (@BuffaloBills) November 2020.

We still have time to celebrate

– Kansas City Bosses (@Chiefs) 1. November 2020.

The terrible season continues… #NEvsBUF # #BillsMafia #

– 1. BuffaloBills (@BuffaloBills) November 2020.

Best finish for first start NFL

The dolphins of Miami have anointed newcomer Tua Tagovayloa as their starter, and he came to the Hard Rock Stadium to take care of the Polynesian Lavala:

Aqua looks good @Tua

– Miami Dolphins 1. November 2020.

Best mascot, customized

Po, Ravens mascot, looking for a sharp razor for the Baltimore game:

Rockin is the day of the game.

– Baltimore Ravens (@ Raven) 1. November 2020.

Best automatic wound NBA connection Regression loudspeaker

This is a very specific category, but Jake Grant of the Dolphins comes with the title for the 8th round:

#️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ has arrived. #FinsUp x @_TheDreamIsHere

– Miami Dolphins 1. November 2020.

Best tracksuit

Miles Garrett continues to impress with his weekly visit, and he nods here:

⚡️ @FEStadium

– Cleveland Brownes (@Brownes) 1. November 2020.

Best QB rack in the building

What have you got?

Let’s get to work. @Bose x @oakley

– Kansas City Bosses (@Chiefs) 1. November 2020.

QB1 #NEvsBUF | #BillsMafia

– 1. BuffaloBills (@BuffaloBills) November 2020.

The best time to wear a tailored suit all the time is

– Cincinnati Bengal (@Bengal) 1. November 2020

Best of all

#MaskUpMichigan # @BCBSM

– Detroit Lions 1. November 2020.

Too clean for week eight.

– Baltimore Ravens (@ Raven) 1. November 2020.

Inside the building. #INDvsDET

– Indianapolis Colt (@ Colt) 1. November 2020.

❄️❄️❄️ #TENvsCIN

Pictures of the finishing

– The Titans of Tennessee (@ Titans) 1. November 2020

– New England Patriots (@Patriots) 1. November 2020.

Back to @HardRockStage home page #FinsUp

– Miami Dolphins 1. November 2020.

– Las Vegas Raiders 1. November 2020.

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