The High Republic Introduces a New Cast of Menacing Villains

This is the time of year when the most innocent corner of the house looks scary, and if it doesn’t, we make an extra effort to make it scary, because Halloween is finally here. In addition to this fear buffet, the Star Wars franchise has released its all-new line of terrifying villains from the High Republic multimedia initiative. Everything is ready for a release in 2021, this will give a boost to the story that takes us to the beginning, which is for the predecessors of Star Wars and the Skywalker saga!

Star Wars: The High Republic is published as a brand new series of adult novels, children’s novels, children’s books and comic books that tell the story of the Milky Way some 200 years ago, before the Phantom Menace, when everything was very different. The Sith Empire was defeated, the Jedi Order flourished as a universal peacekeeping force and the Galactic Republic was still in its infancy.

But if the history of Star Wars has taught us anything, it is that the semblance of peace and prosperity is ephemeral, for danger is simply hidden from view and waiting to be attacked. And with the new conceptual art of the High Republic, we finally have a better picture of all the threats facing the galaxy.

Meeting with Dengir

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According to Cavan Scott, a writer from the High Republic, Drengir is intelligent planetary life trying to reap a terrible harvest beyond the galactic boundary while the Jedi are fighting this Great Holocaust.

As the Jedi struggle with the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm, a new crawling horror emerges beneath their feet, said Scott. The seeds of the villains living in the plant world were created in the early days of the High Republic by Ian McCage [legendary Star Wars conceptual artist].

Drengir is a combination of McCage’s creativity and Scott’s extensive research into how plants grow and communicate in the real world.

It was great to see Dargir’s threat grow through the initiative, Scott said. It’s one of my new favorite Star Wars monsters. They are sinister, unstoppable, and, as we learn, inevitably linked to the fate of one of our Supreme Republic Jedi…

Gross and wild nil

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If Dengir wasn’t enough to cause terrible nightmares, then there are also unscrupulous marauders called Nigel, who live in Outland and appear for the first time in the novel of the High Republic of Jedi Light.

These are nightmarish things that can happen almost anywhere at will, according to Charles Saul, author of the novel The Light of the Jedi. They use weird intimidation tactics – chemical weapons, poison – anything that can kill you, they use,

But while the Drengians are incapable of attacking as a single force, Nihil, touted as the most cruel, inflexible and chaotic group the galaxy has ever known, functions as a power structure. They have three main divisions called the Tempest, which are completely dominated by their individual captains, the Tempest Runners.

They’re so scary it’s great for Star Wars, partly because their code, if you can call it that, is so simple: The nihilis take what they want. If you stand in their way, they’ll kill you and everyone you love. But even agents of chaos can have targets… and Niegil’s plans go directly through the Republic and the Jedi Order.

Marchion Roe, Eye of Nihil.

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Although he’s not one of the storm chasers and doesn’t give orders, in reality it’s all about him.

Marchion Ro is an important position in the Greater Nihil organization – he is the Eye of Nihil, just like his father before him. The things that make Nihil more than just a bunch of external cloud attackers all come from the Marchion. He’s also, in every way, a bad guy. And it was a fantastic creation by someone who focuses on the dark elements of our High Republic history.

These adorable and menacing creatures are proof that the Star Wars franchise is ready to serve us in the most creative way with their unmistakable horror, and we can’t wait. We receive this message from the official website

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