The Crown season 5: Everything we know so far as Imelda Staunton takes over


The crown is about to undergo a massive rearrangement (photo: AP).

The crown stands for a huge commotion when we say goodbye to Queen Olivia Colman Elizabeth in season 4 to make way for Imelda Stanton in season 5.

But this is not the only major change that we will see a fictional version of the Royal with a leap in time and a complete series of castings.

What can we expect from the family? Where will we see them and what will they cover?

That’s what we know about what’s gonna happen…

Who is designated to wear the Seasonal Crown?

Everything changes for the crown, with a leap in time to redraw all the characters.

So far, only some of the most important roles have become official – notably that of Imelda Stanton, who will replace Olivia Coleman in the role of Queen Elizabeth.


The whole distribution is shaken up for the new series (Photo: Netflix)

Throne star Jonathan Price will succeed Tobias Menzis as Prince Philip, and Leslie Manville will replace Margaret Elena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret.

Elizabeth Debicki, known as The Tenet and Guardians of the Galaxy, will replace Emma Corrine as Princess Diana, but the new Prince Charles and Camille Parker-Bowles have not yet been confirmed.

Earlier it was reported that Dominic West had been invited to play the role of Charles, but no official comment was given.

Among the main characters in the series are Prime Ministers John Major and Tony Blair.

Elizabeth Debicki will play the role of Princess Diana (drawing: Rex).

Which period determines the crown next season?

The period of the next series has not yet been confirmed and distribution was last seen in December 1990.

The series is now expected to resume at least two or three years earlier, and in 1992 Charles and Diane officially announced their divorce.

Although the divorce was not finalised until 1996, the announcement led to a series of events, including the discovery of recorded telephone conversations between Charles and Camille with the obvious details of their novel.

There were also several public interviews on both sides in which she described her difficult marriage in detail, including Diana’s infamous interview with Martin Bashir in which she said she was married to three people.

It is likely that the upcoming series will also mark the death of Princess Diana, who died tragically in a car accident in Paris in August 1997.

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When will Crown Season 5 be airborne?

Unfortunately, the next episode of Crown is long over.

According to the deadline, the series will not go into production until June 2021, and the expected release date is 2022.

We will keep you informed of the latest news.

The crown is now available on Netflix.

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