WATCH: Nashville Bombing Recording Message Caught on Video

the bombing of Nashville

Nashville Police Department

the scene of the bombing in Nashville.

A video has surfaced that seems to capture the warning message from the van that exploded in a mysterious explosion in downtown Nashville. A witness stated on local television that the motorhome also broadcasted the countdown.

Early Christmas morning, the cops got a mysterious shot. They collided with a van that had a recording of a potential bomb that exploded within 15 minutes, police said at an afternoon press conference on the 25th. Deceased. Officials decided to evacuate a nearby building. Shortly after, the bomb exploded, causing what the authorities described as a massive crime scene. Three people were slightly injured. The authorities said that announcements were made from a mobile home.

A parked van exploded in the center of Nashville in a residential area and in front of the AT&T building. Several buildings were damaged. You can view videos and photos throughout the article. WKRN-TV reported live that a message was broadcast from the van before the explosion. The video below, posted on a new Twitter page but also broadcast on local Nashville TV stations, captures a message urging people to evacuate. We don’t know if the suspect was in the van when it exploded.

If you hear this message, you must evacuate immediately. This area must now be evacuated, said one of the women in the video with a monotonous voice.

Nashville Explosion2020-12-25T16:41:50Z

Police have identified no suspect or motive for the Nashville bombing, but say it was premeditated. One officer was knocked down by the explosion and several officers were in the area where the explosion took place, the authorities said at a press conference.

A Facebook post said that the van had delivered a message saying that there was a bomb in it and that we had little time to evacuate. It took about 20 minutes, then the message was converted into a countdown. He said we have 15 minutes to evacuate.

This Facebook message from a Nashvillian confirms the video, although there are conflicting stories about the origin of the voice

– Katie (@thatgirlkatie) 25. December 2020

Here’s what you need to know:

A man who was walking his dog at the time of the explosion said on local television that he heard what sounded like a recording from mobile home.

A man walking his dog in the area told WKRN-TV, on a live broadcast, that he heard a recorded message saying something like Move away from the vehicle. Stay away from that vehicle. At first he thought it was a police car, but then he realized it wasn’t.

I realize now that it must be the van that did this, he said. He saw two cops running around Hooters. The man at the hotel shouted that we had to evacuate, he said.

The officer walked up to the walker and at that moment – boom. This video captured the walker and the sound of the explosion.

Mayor Cooper tweeted: At 6:32 in the morning, @MNPDNashville and @NashvilleFD reacted to the scene of an explosion on 2nd Avenue, about a block north of Broadway. Metropolitan police have confirmed that the source of the explosion was a vehicle. The cause of the explosion is being investigated with the help of the federal government. The MNPD will share updates when they become available and will limit traffic in the city centre. Take care of yourself, Nashville. Thanks to our emergency services for their quick response.

Witnesses reported hearing gunshots before the explosion.

Nashville Police Department

A police spokesperson gave a press conference: Law enforcement immediately cordoned off the area. Several police dogs have been called and are currently searching the area… to make sure there are no other devices. We have no evidence of secondary devices. The search is carried out with great caution.

He said the first call, before the explosion, was in the form of a gunshot. However, the authorities have not yet confirmed whether actual shooting took place.

They saw the van parked over there. The circumstances surrounding the van prompted the authorities to call in a de-mining team. He said the police didn’t know if anyone was physically in the van when it exploded.

When the explosion happened, one of our officers was knocked to the ground, a police spokesman said. No officers have been seriously injured. One of them has temporarily lost his hearing. When the explosion happened, several agents called, he said. Officers are now searching downtown to make sure no one needs help. Several buildings were damaged.

Witnesses claim that three shots were fired several minutes in a row, according to the live feed from WKRN-TV. The moderator asked if this was also a warning or an attempt to lure the police into the area.

MNPD, FBI – The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the ATF are investigating a vehicle-related explosion at 6:30 a.m. on 2nd Avenue of the North. Looks like it was an intentional act. Law enforcement is shutting down downtown streets while the investigation continues, police wrote on their Facebook page. The police have released this photo to the public:

The explosion took place in Nashville, but it happened on a quiet Christmas morning and no one was killed. The police claim to have reacted to a shot in the first instance, but it has not yet been confirmed whether the shot actually took place.

# UPDATE: Don Aaron from the police department says the van explosion was deliberate. The 2nd/Commerce Stage in downtown Nashville will operate for a longer period of time. ATF, FBI and other agencies involved in the investigation. We are live at @WKRN.

– Josh Breslow (@JoshBreslowWKRN) 25 December 2020

A vehicle-related explosion occurred today at 6:30 a.m. at 166 2nd Ave N. MNPD and its federal partners investigate, Nashville Police Department confirmed in its first report of the explosion.

A vehicle related explosion occurred today at 6:30 am at 166 2nd Ave N. The investigation is being conducted by the MNPD and the federal partners.

– Metro Nashville PD (@MNPDNashville) 25 December 2020

The WKRN reporter in the second video in this story told of talking to a local man who said he heard several shots. However, it is not known whether any shooting actually took place.

JUST IN: The director of Emergency Management for the District of Metro Nashville said a parked van exploded, causing damage to several buildings. No injuries have been reported. Metro crews are assessing the damage. It’s near 2nd Commerce. #NashvilleExplosion @WKRN

– Nickelle Smith (@NickelleReports) 25 December 2020

NC5 reporter Phil Williams wrote: An explosion in downtown Nashville, apparently from a car parked on Second Avenue. Firefighters were ordered to withdraw two blocks from the explosion site for fear of a vehicle explosion. Police and firefighters are on site.

The mayor has promised to get to the bottom of this.

Nashville mayor John Cooper said at a press conference: As far as the explosion is concerned, there are great people at work and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. It seems deliberate, but I think it’s just a one-time event and people don’t have to worry about it. But in a year that’s had it all, we want to go out in style.

This dramatic video has been circulated and shows the damage after the explosion. Buck McCoy of Nashville was also live on stage.

Oh, my God! Here’s a video from downtown Nashville about the explosion!!!

It’s from Buck McCoy on Facebook! AgyGc

– Ryan Graney (@RyanEGraney) 25 December 2020

These are pictures of 2nd Avenue South. Windows were blown out of the blast zone on Broadway. Please go to this area! The media site is on 2nd Avenue South and KVB, the Nashville Fire Department wrote. Garbage filled the street.

These are pictures of 2nd Avenue South. Windows were blown out of the blast zone on Broadway. Please go to this area! Media staging at 2nd Avenue South and KVB.

– Nashville Fire Brigade (@NashvilleFD) 25 December 2020

Another journalist reported that a police bomb squad made sure there were no car bombs in the area. NewsChannel5 reported that the federal government is contributing to the investigation. We don’t know exactly what caused the explosion, but the blast zone was quite large.

In June, the Tennessee stirred controversy when he published an ad paid for by a religious fringe group that spoke of a bizarre and pseudo-religious prophecy, including a statement by Islam about an imminent nuclear attack in Nashville. At this stage, there is no indication that this is related to the Christmas attack. The people of the newspaper apologized for the announcement.

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