2021 Projections for the Ravens’ Rashod Bateman

It is a bit early to be projecting the team’s future, but this was the topic of discussion at the most recent fan forum. In the comments section below, it was mentioned the team is expected to draft a few more big time players, some to be QBs and some to be defensive players. Personally, I don’t see any reason to think the team will draft two quarterbacks this year. I would think at least one if not two of the high end defensive players would be drafted at the top of the draft.

The Baltimore Ravens are the team the fans have been waiting for. You want them to win, you want them to lose, and you want them to win big. Now, at the end of the 2017 season, the Ravens still have some work to to do. With the team slated to be active in the NFL Draft, the Ravens are set to draft some new players and build up the team further for the future.

*Did you know that last year, the Ravens drafted a wide receiver out of Alabama named Rashod Bateman? This year, he’s expected to be one of the team’s starting cornerbacks, after a standout season as a rookie. But, what does the future hold for Bateman? In this piece, I attempt to predict how the Ravens’ future is tied to the 21-year-old.. Read more about rashod bateman news and let us know what you think.


The passing game for the Baltimore Ravens is difficult to predict, particularly given the team’s propensity to rely on the ground game more than anything else. However, by drafting Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman in the first round, Lamar Jackson may have found his favorite target going forward, giving him an alternative to Mark Andrews, J.K. Dobbins, and Jackson.

Bateman may seem to be similar to other wide receivers on the roster, such as Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown, but make no mistake – he was a beast for the Golden Gophers, and he got a first-round grade for a reason, so he will be looked to early and often to help restart Jackson’s passing game.

An early groin injury that necessitates surgery is not what you want to see out of a rookie, but Bateman will most likely be out until late September or early October, thus putting an end to any early impact he could have had. When you add in the fact that Brown and free-agent signee Sammy Watkins are both out with injury, you have the ideal storm for the Baltimore offense to return to depend on its running approach once again, which is terrible news for Bateman.

Despite the injury delay, Bateman seems to have the support of the Ravens’ coaching staff and front office, indicating that he should be able to immediately integrate into this system upon his return, even if it will be later than expected to start his rookie season.

Projections for 2021

39 catches for 524 yards and four touchdowns; 3 running attempts for 17 yards and no touchdowns; 1 fumble

Bateman’s junior season was the one that put him on the map, as he racked up 60 catches for 1,219 yards and 11 touchdowns while averaging just over 20 yards per catch. He only played five games in 2020 after opting out – twice – and deciding that preparation for the draft was his best option, as many successful, draft-eligible college players did last season.

Expecting Bateman to light up the world in this Baltimore system is an unreasonable expectation, particularly because the offensive game plan is unlikely to change due to the addition of a high-profile rookie receiver. Jackson is renowned for his game-changing skills on the ground and in the air, and his ability to help demand the defense’s attention in both areas will be what keeps this offense at or near the top of the league, whether or not Bateman is healthy.

In order to help establish an early connection with Jackson once the Minnesota rookie returns from injury, his consistent ability to get open and become a good target in college must translate nearly quickly to the NFL. Bateman will have a difficult task in establishing his position in this system only a few games into the season, so anticipate a sluggish start from the Baltimore rookie owing to his scheme fit and danger of re-injury.

Skeptics are quick to dismiss any efforts by the Baltimore offense to create a regular passing approach, but Jackson has established himself as a reliable player in the passing game, even if his legs get all of the attention. Bateman may not be as fast as some other young wideouts, but he can help the Ravens play the primary target position in the system.

While Andrews should be able to regain his spot as one of Jackson’s primary targets, Bateman can play more of a possession role, allowing Brown to be the field stretcher that his speed and agility enable.

A rookie wide receiver’s first year production of less than 40 catches may seem modest, but owing to his groin ailment, his output will likely be spread out across just 13-15 games. Over the course of Bateman’s injury-shortened season, expect him to average about three catches per game, even if those statistics don’t necessarily elicit fantasy-relevant thoughts.

The Ravens’ offense will have to figure out how to generate fantasy-relevant throwing targets (apart from Andrews and Brown) while staying true to their rushing game. Because Bateman will miss crucial preseason plays to come up to speed with the NFL game, Baltimore will likely have to wait until a quarter of their games are completed to determine what sort of connection Bateman and Jackson will have and how they will enhance their offense going forward.



Rashod Bateman is a 26-year-old wide receiver, a former first round pick who has failed to live up to expectations, and is now a free agent. Bateman is 6’4”, 215 pounds, and is considered a long term project by scouts and front office personnel. He has decent speed and a good catch radius, but little to no deep speed, and his route running skills are still a work in progress. Bateman has plenty of talent, and with some coaching and a year or two to develop, could be one of the Ravens’ biggest free agency acquisitions of 2021.. Read more about rashod bateman dynasty and let us know what you think.

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