The 2020-21 Projected Starting Lineup For The Detroit Pistons –

The Detroit pistons start the season with high expectations, not for this campaign but for the future. They have many fascinating young players who can be very good, even though they have many years to go before the match.

The new front office of the Pistons has already shown that they are willing to be aggressive enough and make moves, so even if this team starts the year like this, it doesn’t mean that the starting line-up will look like this at the end of the season.

Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin are probably exchange candidates again, because they want to release their young guns, so expect the Pistons to be involved in many rumors. In the meantime we will inform you about their starting position for the season 2020-21.

The bank: Derrick Rose, Saben Lee, Wayne Ellington, Lee Angelo Ball, Rodney McGruder, Saddick Bay, Josh Jackson, Zanan Musa, Davidas Sirvidis, Louis King, Jerami Grant, Sekou Doombuya, Jalil Okafor, Isaiah Stewart, Duane Dedmont.

Protectors: Killian Hayes

While Derrick Rose will probably miss the hard minutes on the bench next to him, the starting guard is Killian Hayes, who will lose. That makes sense, since the Detroit Pistons put him in seventh place. Moreover, he is no ordinary newcomer, because he has a lot of experience abroad.

Hayes is one of the most intriguing candidates this year, and some believe he could one day become the biggest predator in the Drafts. As a goalkeeper he’s still a bit rough, but he has the advantage of becoming an excellent double-edged player, so it’s natural to let him develop through his mistakes.

Gunner: Delon Wright

Delon Wright came to the Detroit Pistons as a man of limited growth potential. But that doesn’t mean he can’t play a big role as a striker for them, because they can show it and then offer it to teams who want to add another 3D specialist.

With Wright, there are no surprises. You know what you get. However, he can warm up in the blink of an eye and fire shots while remaining on the defensive side of the field. We don’t think he’ll finish the season with the Pistons, especially if Liangelo Ball turns out to be good.

Middle front: Svyatoslav Mikhailuk

Svyatoslav Mikhailjuk is one of the most underestimated players in this team. He can do a little bit of everything and rarely makes mistakes, even though he is not very good at anything. Here, too, the pistons are stacked in place and open competitions are held at the beginning.

Let’s not forget that the Pistons regard Sekou Doumboya as one of their cornerstones on the road to the future, so he will play for a few more minutes, even if he comes off the bench. They also still hope to revive Josh Jackson’s career.

Propulsive power: Blake Pliers (via Clips Nation)

We’re sorry about Blake Griffin. That’s right. He is one of the most underestimated and versatile players in the league, but his injuries, bad luck and the team that is currently recovering have not allowed him to reach the superstar status we thought he would.

Postponing Blake Griffin’s contract may be difficult, but the truth is the Detroit Pistons just don’t need it. They have a lot of young players who can use their minutes and Griffin is better off playing for a really rival team.

Centre: Mason Plumley via Getty

The Detroit Pistons made one of the most shocking movements of the off-season: Mason Plumlee has signed a large multi-year contract. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a solid player, but maybe they paid too much for a man who’s used to getting rid of the bank.

Mason Plumlee installs huge screens and is an above average defender. He knows how to use his body to keep his position below the edge, but otherwise he doesn’t have many factors like a bomber. The pistons saw something in him that most of us can’t see now.


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