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MINNEAPOLIS — In the design of the Minnesota Timberwolves, the number one team in the 2020 NBA design, the troop rolls on James Weisman, a 6-foot-4 man with measurable skills and leadership, who dreams, an empty canvas of raw talent and promise that leads to hope for all the stars, rewards and success.

It’s the middle of the morning of the 7th. November, and almost the entire Timberwolves front office saw the former great man of Memphis dominate three games of his university career.

Gersson Rossa, Timberwolves’ president of basketball operations, sits at the head of a large rectangular conference table and regularly asks his analysts questions so they can ask around when the climax drum lights up again.

Deputy Director Joe Branch, a former agent, leads the Wiseman resolution and shares information from interviews and conversations with trainers, including Penny Hardaway of Memphis.

With the Star All-Star and the former No. 1 overall, the experts selected the possibilities of the Wise Men’s game and looked for other examples in the competition of two-brilliant collaborations. Hall of Fame coach and current team advisor Rudi Tomjanovic, who will attend the meeting by phone, will speak in Houston about his duo Hakim Olajuwon-Ralph Sampson.


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Against a backdrop of deep immersion in Wiseman’s potential assets in Minnesota, Rosa’s story is interrupted by an urgent message. The eyes in the room move towards the wall covered with mounted televisions, one of which shows CNN in silent mode.

We’ve got a new president, boys, Rosas says. There is a brief moment of silence in which everyone watches Wolf Blitzer and announces President-elect Joe Biden.

Then he goes right back to work. Timberwolves are still in use as they were introduced in design 20. August 1st. place in the general NBA lottery vote.

The final days of the preparatory work in the team complex are the unfinished business of the design season in the zoom tasks, the virtual training during the pandemic and the limited reports from the scouts for the 2020 class without consensus with the protagonist. A design can be a moment of fear and doubt, even if the team projects the peace and satisfaction of his happiness.

During a pandemic, when there is profit or burglary, the wolves finally do their best to find them.

I tell people that once you have the first choice, Rosa says you do it in a year and you have six or seven months to prepare.

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Fault! The file name is not specified. Timberwolves All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns (center) leaves the team after a practice session in the center of Minneapolis early March. Cities were the first choice in the history of the first franchise in 2015. Steal Brooks for the Washington Post at Getty Images.

NO. 1 The PICK is traditionally an opportunity for organizational transformation, i.e. the ability to choose a player who gives fans energy in the process of building an opponent. It is intended for teams that need a franchise centre.

But the wolves already have one.

Towns was the first choice just five years ago, and at the age of 24, he was the double winner of the All-Star contract for the 2023-24 season. Whatever the franchise thinks, it’s all about.

Last season the Wolves bought their best friend in the league, All-Star D’Angelo Russell, in exchange for the Golden State Warriors for Andrew Wiggins. They are expected to support them in the future.

But as their reaction to the lottery night showed, with punches and high fives in the saloon when the ping-pong balls came at them, they didn’t complain about having a chance to shoot a possible third column.

It’s good to be number one, says deputy director Gianluca Pascucci.

Because it’s not that the past, say 15 years, has been so successful. Since 2004 the Wolves have only played once in the play-offs, and six months later they replaced the player who took them there – Jimmy Butler.

I believe every design has talent. We just have to find him.

Timberwolves President Gersson Rosas

At that time, the franchise was renewed and in 2019 Rosas became President of Basketball, led by five core values: Coherence, cooperation, inclusion, different backgrounds and of course the youth. One of Rosas’ first steps was a permanent performance by the replacement coach Ryan Sanders, 33, son of the late Flip Sanders, who made him the youngest head coach of the NBA.

On that day the leading group would like to hear Saunders’ opinion on how the perspective fits the preferred style of the wolves. That’s what Saunders is excited about. The meetings of the trainers are open to all employees in the front line and vice versa.

I was able to attend sessions and really dive deeper than I have done in the past, Saunders says.

Sanders likes to mention the difficult summer in Minneapolis, the epicentre of social unrest after the murder of George Floyd in May.

The players had the opportunity to spend some warm months on the market after experiencing something different from the traditional NBA cold season. They trained at the nearby Bde Maka Ska lake and set up a mobile gym near the water.

The design of the NBA comes out on the 18th. November on ESPN! Get ready for La Melo Ball, Anthony Edwards and the next wave of NBA talents.

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Sanders says there was a huge turnout of players led by Towns, who were usually at the gym at 6:30 in the morning. Wolves are passionate about culture and cities are at the heart of what they are trying to build. And even in the general first choice there is no opinion on the future of a mansion with a franchise.

Carl is a very large part of this organization and I think that if we do the right thing for this organization, it will be the right thing for Carl, says Rosas, whose team will also play in the 17th and 33rd qualifying tournaments in next week’s draft.

The actors we will add to this organization are the ones who will complete it.

ALWAYS INFORMATION for loggers, and at this stage of project preparation, the franchise is outdated.

In the newsroom on the 8th. In November, Rossa’s team leaders and analysts watch the video footage of Tyrese Halliburton, a 6-metre tall security guard on the flight from Iowa, which was expected in the first half of the lottery.

The group discusses how their NBA projects make a leap forward when the numbers on the screen next to the Synergy Highlight package flash and list all possible statuses related to the case. There are questions about seemingly innocent things, such as how often he has come to the edge of the abyss as a playmaker (seven times).

They discuss anecdotes that may point to character traits, such as the story of the first season of Haliburton, when teammate Lindell Wigginton took him to practice and they maintained a good relationship despite a few minutes of competition.

The group draws their attention to a Halliburton video clip that goes in the direction of a band where it makes contact with a small object and falls awkwardly. The tape is rewound, and his hands are rewound when he touches the ground, trying to determine whether this could lead to future injury or even suggest that he refuses contact.

Every detail counts. Dr. Robbie Sikka, former anesthesiologist and Vice President of the Performance and Technology team, is the driving force behind Volkoff’s progressive vision of making decisions with customizable injury and performance prediction databases.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Robby Sikka, Vice President of Performance and Technology at Timberwolves, will organize a KOVID 19 meeting at the team’s training center early March. Shortly after, the 2019-20 season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Steal Brooks for the Washington Post about Getty Images

I think it’s much easier to predict failure than success, Sikka says. In many cases, our goal is to eliminate people based on failure characteristics.

Instead of saying that someone will be great, I just wish I could predict that [Player] probably won’t be good.

Sikka, who also leads the work of COVID-19 Timberwolves, encouraged people to innovate in the field of virtual intelligence and stakeholder analysis. For management, he focused on franchises in other sports that were virtually created.

Wolves have spoken to the Seattle Hawks, the Minnesota Vikings, the Pittsburgh Steelworks, the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Yanks and others. They talked to one of the NFL teams about how it works with swap scenarios, noting the scarcity of zero swap in the first 13 pixels of this year’s NFL draft.

We called on the NFL teams to see how they dealt with the lack of a second investigation, Sikka said. They haven’t been checked twice this year. They didn’t have professional days. They didn’t have enough readings. What are you doing?

We tried to understand how the teams deal with risks.

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At that moment one of Volkov’s employees personally saw each player at least once on his board. They usually carry out rough simulations based on information gathered by the competition spies to try to be prepared for each situation.

But without personal time for measurements and medical examinations, the NBA had to track and distribute statistics such as vertical jumps, wingspan and medical examinations to the teams. Everyone is confident that all agents and players will play by the rules.

Teams may stay on the market for 48 hours with one player and a 24-hour escort. You get four hours in real life in the player city with an hour of training. You can conduct a total of four hours of zoom interviews with the player at any number of intervals.

For wolves, a zoom interview is a glimpse into a player’s life and offers possible clues as to what kind of professional he will be. Books on the bottom shelf or fast food bags give you an idea. They observe the passage of family members or the slight repetition of the player.

You never know who’s on the other side of the camera, out of the picture, Saunders says. You never know if there are ten people who have the answers to the questions. But it really helped us learn more players.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Gersson Russell, President of Timberwolves Basketball Operations, introduces his son Grayson to protect D’Angelo Russell from the February Target Center game. Minnesota has applied for the former All Stars on time until 2020. Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune at Getty Images

The OWN SUITE INSTRUMENT has been transformed into a part-time makeshift cafeteria at Wolf’s Training Hall, where 6 to 7 nightly orders are received from local restaurants during the pink and group breaks between meetings. 8. November is sushi from a place called Crave, the favorite place of the team.

The question of how staged projects influence teams and shape public opinion about the value of the project perspective is addressed. Dinner is a break from the hectic pace of meetings, interviews and films. But one by one the employees throw their boxes with the stuff in the trash and they are quickly referred to the assessment committee.

Ed Tapscott, former NBA head coach and CEO, proudly says as a player employee that I’ve never been part of a group as well-prepared as this one.

For wolves it is a design full of possibilities. They could take what they hope to be the third star of the young core next to Cities and Russell in the design with Wiseman, Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball, who was in the team on Wednesday. Minnesota can select another player, or a team can trade selections to add other facilities or a star player.

But it is also a design full of strangers, from the obvious problems of locating and gathering information to the feeling of a weak class of designs deprived of the talents of the highest category of the lottery.

I say it every year, and that’s what we ask our employees: They don’t know, Rosas. You think on the basis of evaluations, perspectives, general opinions, but you don’t know.

And the reality is that processes are so important in assessing talent. I believe every design has talent. We just have to find him.

For the Timberwolves, there are no late inflection points, no tendency to bend opinions. But there is a responsibility for the correctness of this decision and a responsibility for its inaccuracy.

You can’t be sensitive to outside voices, Rosas. You can’t be sensitive to someone trying to announce the winner of the Draft Day. I’ll talk to those guys in four years.

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