Disney+ Announces The Mysterious Benedict Society Series To Premiere In 2021

The Disney+ streaming service announced Friday that the Society of the Mysteries of Benedict XVI will appear on the platform in a new series. A series of live performances will be based on Trenton Lee Stewart’s award-winning bestseller. The mysterious society of Benedict XVI will arrive at Disney+ in 2021. The series was originally designed for Hulu, but has changed its focus to Disney+, because the platform is intended to improve programming capabilities. This will be the first season in eight games.

The mysterious company of Benedict in the title role is played by Tony Hale of VIP and Arrested Development with an ensemble of young actors. The hero Hale will end up undercover in a boarding school called The Institute, where a group of orphans are ordered to expose a malicious conspiracy with global consequences and at the same time start a new family. The cast also includes Kristen Shaal, Ryan Hirst, Maameiaa Boafo, Gia Sandhu, Seth Carr, Emmy DeOliveira, the mystical Insho and Martha Timofeeva.

Benoit’s Mysterious Company is a perfectly executed adaptation of the famous and popular book series. It’s original, smart and fun for the whole family, making it perfect for Disney+, said Dana Walden, President of the Entertainment Division of Walt Disney Television. One of the great advantages for the writers who work with our company is that we have a platform for each series, and after seeing the first episodes of that series there is no better home for them than Disney+.

In the past year, Disney+ has established itself as a streaming house with a variety of high-quality content, including popular franchises, stories and characters, according to Ricky Strauss, President of Disney+ and Hulu, two programming and content management companies. We are excited to add Benedict’s Mystery Society to Disney+ and we know it will spark the imagination of our viewers with exciting new worlds and win the hearts of viewers of all ages.

Benedict’s Mystery Society will be the Executive Producer of Sonar Entertainment, 20. Television, Jamie Tarses, Karen Kehla Sherwood, Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay. Swimmers Darren and Todd Slavkin participated in this series.

said Manfredi and Hay: We are very happy that Disney+ is present at our show. What a beautiful place! It’s great to feel the same support and inspiration every step of the way we, as a team of 20-year-olds, Hulu and the Disney family, feel; and we’re flattered and happy to have confidence in what the show represents. We are very happy that Jamie and Karen have brought us these fantastic books thanks to our collaboration with Todd, Darren, Tony and our exceptional team and actors. Of course, I feel it today.

Slavkin and Plovchikha shared their enthusiasm: With great pleasure we present the beautiful book by Trenton Lee Stewart and the beautiful adaptation by Matt and Phil for Disney+. This is the perfect platform for the Mystery Society of Benedict XVI, and we are looking forward to the whole world to see this show.

The Society of the Mysteries of Benedict XVI does not yet have an exact date of foundation. If you haven’t signed up for Disney+ yet, try it here.

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