Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United: Comfortable win for Blues leaves Sheff Utd bottom

Ben Chilwell scores second goal Ben Chilwell scored four goals in three Premier League home games for Chelsea (2 goals, 2 assists).

Chelsea came from behind to comfortably beat Sheffield United at Stamford Bridge, leaving guests with a disappointing evening at the end of the Premier League alongside Chris Wilder.

David McGoldrick led the knives in the ninth minute with a smart point-blank click.

However, Tammy Abraham’s scratched half ball slipped past Aaron Ramsdale and levelled for Chelsea before Ben Chilwell hit Hakim Zieh’s cross from the back of the box.

Ziech became goalkeeper again after the break when Tiago Silva entered the penalty area at the next post, before Timo Werner scored a fourth goal.

The result leaves Sheffield United one point behind in their first eight games, while Chelsea ranks third behind leaders Southampton.

The amazing Ziec impresses

Hakim Ziec celebrates Hakim Ziec has scored four goals in the last two matches of the Premier League.

Chelsea had three new signatures on the scoreboard, but it was another summer signing that stole the show in West London on Saturday.

Zieh, who picked up the two assistants, demonstrated his quality by making countless deliveries to the box, from decorations to a range of excellent equipment.

He took part in the climb to the starting grid and his low centre caused problems for Ramsdale after a few minutes. The ball was parried on its way to Werner, who slid over the crossbar and slowed it down.

Another Zieh-ball – almost identical to the previous one – bounced from Chilwell after the 2-1 defeat of Ramsdale and the head of the Moroccan to Silva after a free kick.

The midfielder could set up a few more. His sublime ball for Werner was hit by the former Leipzig RB player, who in turn gave Cieh his thumb, just a few inches.

Director Frank Lampard was full of praise for Ziyech and described the performance of the 27-year-old as amazing.

He was supposed to be at the top today, Lampard told the sports department. He has good self-confidence, and arrogance is good arrogance. He’ll keep trying to get those passports and trying to get those transfers.

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Tammy Abraham scored the first goal for Chelsea only against the Wolves (6) and Nottingham Forest (5). Tammy Abraham scored more goals in the English league than Sheffield United (4 goals in 4 games).

Sheffield United began their Premier League campaign on Friday, a day after Burnley signed in Brighton, and won’t have a chance to escape the table for another two weeks.

It was a disappointing start for Blades, and all hopes of a turnaround at Stamford Bridge seemed to have evaporated before the break.

McGoldrick’s joyful kick gave them an amazing advantage – it was the first goal Chelsea scored in the 459th minute, but it forced the visitors to go lower rather than play on the front foot.

Blues took advantage of the vulnerability of their opponent and tested goalkeeper Ramsdale with constant deliveries in the penalty area.

Ramsdale himself experienced a few nervous moments – the hesitation on Chilwell’s goal, a parade in which Werner almost took revenge, and the ball of a Ziehah cross in the second half.

Sheffield United, who was eliminated in the game against Manchester City on the 31st. October managed to keep the scoring line in the match against Manchester City, was unable to do so at Stamford Bridge, and was not a major threat to the future.

The international breakthrough came at a good time for the Blades after the defeats of Liverpool and Arsenal and City and Chelsea last month.

It will be a crucial phase in which they will also return as they are 15th, after West Ham United and West Bromwich Albion, who are third from below, before taking on Tottenham on Sunday.

The balance of the team was excellent – what they said.

Chelsea played great football. – Lampard.

Chelsea Lampard, athletic director: It’s been a pleasure. This is the team that is so hard to play against. It’s a great team with an incredible coach. The reaction on arrival was brilliant – we did a lot of things and we were really safe. I’m happy with all of them.

The balance of the team was excellent. There were so many good things in what we created that we scored two goals in the missions.

I don’t want to get too carried away, but I’m happy.

My team at Chief Wilder’s is naive.

Sheffield United runs Wilder in the sport: Sometimes my teams are naive. It doesn’t matter. We’ve dropped some bad targets. I think we should look at each other.

When you hand out flyers to world-class players, they take their chances – and they did. So don’t open it, because it could be any account.

Best statistics

  • Chelsea only lost one of their last six Premier League games against Sheffield United (W4 D1), but it was their first win against the Blades since March 2007.
  • Sheffield United’s return of one point from eight Premier League games this season is the lowest scoring line at this stage of the Premier League campaign, with Manchester City 1995-96 (relegation), Southampton 1998-99 (no relegation), Sheffield Wednesday 1999-00 (relegation) and Sunderland 2013-14 (no relegation).
  • 11 unbeaten games at Chelsea is the longest unbeaten series since November 2018 (18), while 12 unbeaten games at Sheffield United is the longest unbeaten series since October 2013 (13).
  • McGoldrick’s opener was only the second goal Edward Mundy missed at Chelsea and the first after the goalkeeper’s debut against Tottenham in September. He kept six sheets clean until Saturday.
  • Silva’s defender is the sixth oldest player to score a goal for Chelsea in the Premier League (36 years and 46 days), and only Glenn Hoddle (36 years and 150 days) scored his first goal in the Blues battle, at an older age than the Brazilian.
  • Werner has not scored in his first four Premier League appearances for Chelsea, nor contributed to a goal, but has scored five goals (four goals, one assistant) in his last four appearances.

What happens then?

Sheffield United West Ham play on Sunday 22nd. November (14:00 GMT) in the Premier League, and the day before (12:30) Chelsea went to Newcastle.

The actors of the game

ZiejicHakim Ziejic


  1. Team number 22 player nameZijeć
  2. Team number 21 Player name Chilwell
  3. Team number6Name of the player of Tiago Silva
  4. Team number11 Name of playerWerner
  5. Team number 7 Player nameEdge
  6. Team number9 Player name Abraham
  7. Team number24 Player name James
  8. Team number15 Name of playerZouma
  9. Team number17Player name Kovacic
  10. Team number16 Name of the playerMendi
  11. Team number5Player name Yorginho
  12. Team number18Girod player game
  13. Team number 19 Name of playerMoft.

Sheffield United

  1. Team number17 Player nameMcSolverysk
  2. Team number 2 Baldock player name
  3. Team number8 Name of the playerBergen
  4. Team number12 Player nameEgan
  5. Squadron number9Player nameMsvr.
  6. Team number16 Player nameNorwood
  7. Team number 3 Player nameStevens
  8. Team number1 Player nameRamsdale
  9. Team number6 Player nameBashum
  10. Team number23 Player name
  11. Team number7 Name of playerLundström
  12. Team number13 Player NameLowe
  13. Team number24 Player NameBrewster



  • 16Mendi
  • 24 James
  • 15Zuma
  • 6Tyago Silva
  • 21Chiliwell
  • 17KovacsExchange by Yorginhoat 71 minutes
  • 7Sludge
  • 19Mount
  • 22Ziyech
  • 9Abraham
  • 11Werner replaces 87 minutes with a Hirudat.


  • 2Men
  • 5 Jorginho
  • 13Caballero
  • 18Gyrude
  • 20Hudson-One
  • 28Azpilikueta
  • 33Emerson

Head of SARL

  • 1Ramsdale
  • 6Bashem
  • 12Mining in 37 mines
  • 3Stavens
  • 2baldock
  • 8BergeBookable at 75mins
  • 16NorwoodSwap versus Osbor under 62 minutes
  • 7Earth current
  • 13Lowe
  • 24BrewsterReplaced by McBurnieat 63’minutes
  • 17McGoldrick


  • 9McBurnaby
  • 10Sharp
  • 14Burke
  • 15Yagelka
  • 19Robinson
  • 21Getting around
  • 23Founds

Real-time text

  1. Chelsea 4 games, Sheffield United 1.
  2. The other half’s over, Chelsea 4, Sheffield United 1.
  3. Corner, Chelsea. Confession of Aaron Ramsdale.
  4. Attempted rescue. A right foot shot from Mason Mount (Chelsea) outside the penalty area is lost in the middle of the goal. Supported by Ben Chilwell.
  5. Corner, Sheffield United. Concession to Thiago Silva.
  6. The attempt is blocked. George Baldock (Sheffield United)’s right leg is blocked from the outside of the box. With Ben Osborne’s help.
  7. Sheffield United. to Tammy Abraham.
  8. Substitution, Chelsea. Olivier Giraud replaces Timo Werner.
  9. Corner, Sheffield United. Confession of Rhys James.
  10. Thiago Silva (Chelsea) wins a free kick in the defensive half.
  11. Oliver McBurney (Sheffield United) is punished after committing an offence.
  12. Hakim Zieh (Chelsea) will be punished after he has committed an offence.
  13. Sander Berg (Sheffield United) wins a free kick in the defensive half.
  14. Aim! Chelsea four, Sheffield United one. Timo Werner (Chelsea) fights with a right flag from midfield into the goal area. Supported by N’Golo Canté.
  15. Ben Chilwell (Chelsea) wins the free kick in the defensive half.
  16. Oliver McBurney (Sheffield United) is punished after committing an offence.
  17. Timo Werner (Chelsea) hits the right post with a right shot from outside the penalty area. Assistant Hakim Ziech with a passing ball after a short break.
  18. Aim! Chelsea 3, Sheffield United 1. The title Thiago Silva (Chelsea), up close in the lower left corner. Using Hakim Zieh with a cross that follows the given situation.
  19. Rice James (Chelsea) wins a penalty on the right wing.
  20. Max Lowe (Sheffield United) will be punished after committing an offence.

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