Stephen Curry’s 45

Stephen Curry broke his own record for most 3’s in a game with 45 three pointers.

The “klay thompson” is a 45-point performance from Stephen Curry, who led the Golden State Warriors to a victory over the Houston Rockets.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Stephen Curry’s brilliance has exhausted Steve Kerr’s superlatives.

Kerr was left to debate an incredible Curry performance one more time after witnessing the two-time MVP pour in 45 points in a 115-113 victory against the LA Clippers on Thursday night — a showing that featured two game-defining 3-pointers in the closing two minutes to help seal the win.

Kerr stated, “Steph Curry was simply Steph Curry.” “There has never been another person like him. Those final two 3s were out of control.”

Curry’s explosion, which came a day after Golden State’s season-opening victory against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night in which he shot 5-for-21 from the floor, didn’t surprise any of his teammates, but those last two 3-pointers stunned many inside Chase Center. With 1 minute and 54 seconds remaining in regulation, Curry hit his first three from 31 feet out, giving the Warriors a 108-107 lead. With 57.7 seconds remaining, the second one came from 27 feet out, giving the Warriors a 111-109 advantage they wouldn’t lose.

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After such a bad shooting night against the Lakers, it was a performance that people close to him expected.

Warriors forward Draymond Green stated, “He didn’t miss a shot in shootaround today.” “We had a feeling it was going to happen. But I would have known that was coming even if he had missed every shot in shootaround. He’s a fantastic player.”

What made this performance even more astounding was the fact that Curry went 10-for-10 from the field to open the game, including 9-for-9 in a 25-point first quarter. In 38 minutes, Curry shot 16 of 25 from the field, including 8 of 13 from beyond the arc, grabbed 10 rebounds, gave out one assist, and turned the ball over six times.

He is unwavering in his belief in his game and his shooting. Curry said that no matter how bad he has played in the past, he always feels the next one will go in.

Curry said, “It’s earned confidence from the effort you put in.” “Because I try not to linger on it too much, it’s always a message that the next shot will go in or the next game will be a good game. Even laughing at that question, I have no idea what Staples does to me while I’m shooting hoops. What does it matter? Move on to the next one. When you play enough games, you have the capacity to rapidly flip the page.”

While many Warriors have become used to Curry’s abilities, Kerr said that a few members of his new coaching staff, notably assistant coach Jama Mahlalela, couldn’t believe what they were watching on Thursday night.

“After the game, Jama came up to me and said, ‘This may not be new to you guys, but [DeJan Milojevic] and I were just chatting’ — it’s their first experience with the Steph Curry Experience,” Kerr said. “They had been blasted away. And I’m still blown away, despite the fact that we’ve all been here witnessing it. There has never been another person like him. Not only on the shooting range, but also in terms of competitiveness and guts, he’s an incredible player. What a game he was playing.”

Green, who has seen many of Curry’s finest moments firsthand, put his teammate’s recent scoring outburst into historical perspective.

“Regardless of how absurd some of them are that he chooses to take,” Green added, “I anticipate all of them to go in.” “I still believe they’ll go in because he makes those ridiculous-ass shots and has done so throughout his career. That is why he has evolved into the person he is now. That is why he is so good. That’s why he’s one of the best players in the league, as well as one of the best players in the history of the game. A difficult shot taker who can also make tough shots.”

Curry wasn’t surprised that his most memorable performance occurred on the same day he was chosen to the NBA’s 75th anniversary team.

Curry stated, “Honestly, it’s an incredible honor.” “It’s something I never imagined in terms of — I remember watching the Top 50 list and seeing the unique jackets they wore, just the names you saw that night, think about 25 more, the previous 25 years and what it’s meant, so to be on that list is incredible. Especially if you’re still in the middle of a game. In terms of what you put into the game and what I feel like I have left, it matters a lot.”

The “stephen curry mvp” is a basketball player who is playing for the Golden State Warriors. He has been playing since 2009, and is best known for his shooting abilities.

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