Noah’s Shark Trailer Unleashes a Prehistoric Great White of Biblical Proportions

A new trailer for a forthcoming film called Noah’s Ark, based on the biblical story of the Great Flood, has gone viral. The trailer is fifteen seconds long and shows its main character, Noah, throwing a harpoon into a great white shark. The film is based on the biblical story of the Great Flood and the Ark, and is said to be showing in the Philippines this May.

Many have tried to film the Great White shark, but few have succeeded. The first (and possibly only) documentary to capture the creature in an ocean setting was Back to the Beach, which was released in 1988. Since then, many filmmakers have tried to capture the elusive shark on film, but none have succeeded until now.

The makers of the recently released “Noah’s Shark” trailer have probably never even heard of the Bible, but they’ve made a fantastic movie. If you want to learn about the events and animals described in the Book of Genesis, go see “Noah’s Shark.”

Noah’s Shark, the forthcoming horror flick from Wild Eye Releasing, has just chummed the seas. You heard me correctly! Noah’s Shark, from the creators of The VelociPastor and Tsunambee (This is going to sting a bit…), is swimming your way! It’s your typical Ark story: A televangelist on the lookout for fame and his film crew go out to locate the legendary Noah’s Ark, only to discover it is guarded by an ancient curse and a prehistoric great white shark. You know you want to take a bite out of this trailer.

The film stars Jeff Kirkendall (Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalypse, Babysitter Massacre: Heavy Metal), Tim Hatch (Return to Splatter Farm, Frozen Sasquatch), Jamie Morgan (The Man with No Pants, Bride of the Werewolf), Samantha Coolidge (Children of Camp Blood), and Mark Polonia (Invasion of the Empire of the Apes, Bigfoot Vs. Zombies, Peter Rottentail) (Dune World).

Twins Since their teens, Mark and his brother John Polonia (who died at the age of 39) have produced a plethora of indie horror films. With 1987’s shot-on-video Splatter Farm, they established a name for themselves at the age of nineteen. After that, they hit the ground running, creating their own brand of films for a rabid fan base ready to scream with terror and delight at the masterpieces produced on “not low-budget, but micro-budget,” as the brothers put it. They have written, directed, and produced over 40 feature films together, mainly in the horror and science fiction genres, and have become low-budget cinema cult legends.

Following the financial success of Independence Day, Blockbuster took up the brothers’ alien invasion picture Feeders in 1996, and it became Blockbuster’s number one independent-film rental for the year. Feeders, starring John Polonia and fellow B-movie director Jon McBride (Cannibal Campout, Woodchipper Massacre) in their debut collaboration, recounts the story of a tiny rubbery flesh-eating monster invasion of Earth. This was the Polonias’ first broad release, and it set the door for more to come. In the course of many decades of filmmaking, deadly piranhas, killer Easter bunnies, haunted homes, journeys to Mars, and other demons were all covered.

Noah's Shark poster

Mark describes their filmmaking approach, stating, “Our films would easily be classified as micro-budget rather than low-budget. We make the most of the resources we have. When pursuing this, one must always have a secondary source of income since the financial rewards are minimal, but in the end, it’s the pleasure you receive from making a film that counts. It everything comes down to passion.”

‘Monstervision: The Films of John and Mark Polonia,’ by Douglas Waltz, is a self-published book that delves further into the world of the micro-budget legends. The book chronicles 55 films, some of which were co-produced by the Polonia brothers and the rest of which were created exclusively by Mark Polonia, and includes interviews with members of their film family as well as behind-the-scenes photographs. Wild Eye Releasing’s Noah’s Shark will be released on VOD and DVD in November.

Noah’s Shark is one of the most popular topics on the internet.

In a scene that will leave no one who saw it unaffected, a ferocious prehistoric creature threatens to swallow a group of would-be survivors. It’s a scene straight out of the movie, but it’s not a movie scene. It’s real life, in fact, and it’s all thanks to a movie trailer for the upcoming Noah’s Ark movie.. Read more about shark movies 2021 and let us know what you think.

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