Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden sends team to buses after brawl with Los Angeles Rams

Jon Gruden is in the middle of a big feud with the Los Angeles Rams. First, he called Jeff Fisher a “total hack” because the Rams coach swooped in at the last minute to sign the Raiders’ starting quarterback, but the Raiders won anyway. Then, Gruden took to social media to threaten his team over what he called a “terrible mistake” after they lost a razor-thin game against the Rams, a mistake he said they made by being anxious to play.

It’s certainly been a roller coaster few years for the Los Angeles Rams and their fans. Back in 2014, the team was a laughing stock as they competed as a last-place squad in the NFC West. In 2015, they earned their first NFC West title since 2003. One year later, they made it to the Super Bowl. Last year, they won their first Super Bowl in 18 years. As for the Oakland Raiders, they are one of the most talented and successful teams in the NFL.

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THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA – On Day 2 of a tense joint practice session with the Los Angeles Rams, Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden sent his players to the buses after a fight that involved punches, hurled helmets, and four starts and stops.

The first practice on Wednesday was marred by numerous clashes.

“That’s enough of that nonsense,” Gruden remarked at the team hotel an hour later. “That’s not good for football, and it’s not good for anything, so that practice session is over.”

Gruden frowned when asked what his message to his players was after shutting off practice with two periods remaining.

He said, “There is no message.” “They are aware of the situation. They are aware of the situation. Everyone is aware of the situation. Again, it wasn’t everyone fighting — you’ll see a lot of people shouting and yelling on TV — but it was two special teams guys in particular. Following that, there was a lot of trash-talking. It’s disgusting, to be honest; it’s simply idiocy. That’s all I have to say about it. To me, it’s all child’s play.”

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Sean McVay, the Rams’ coach, expressed disappointment at the early conclusion to practice.

“We just had a little bit left,” McVay said, “so it seemed like the smartest option, simply based on the temperature of the moment, was to bag the final eight plays in the team time that we had.” “I didn’t witness anything, but I was aware of what had occurred. But I can’t speak for anybody else since I didn’t witness anything, but I’m happy no one was hurt. We didn’t get to complete it, which is sad, but I’ll leave it at that.”

“Honestly, every joint practice I’ve ever been a part of there was a fight,” said Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who did not suit up Thursday as part of a veteran day off. “But how things happened yesterday, how physical it was, I was pretty sure it was going to be — come back and be a lot of B.S.”

The majority of the brawls happened during special teams times throughout the two sessions, and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had an idea why.

“Well, there’s a reason a lot of the fights on special teams happened — they’re fighting for a job,” Carr said on Wednesday. “Literally.

“I like battling….” Fighting a little bit is beneficial for your team, in my opinion. At this time in camp, everyone is exhausted…. It makes no difference to me as long as no one is harmed.

“When that stuff continues to the next play and you’re getting cheap shots, it’s useless. However, I believe there is mutual respect on both sides.”

The Raiders and Rams CB Jalen Ramsey had been at odds since the first exercise, when Ramsey shoved running back Josh Jacobs out of bounds and subsequently struck him hard enough to rip off Jacobs’ helmet. Later, Raiders receiver Hunter Renfrow beat Ramsey twice on highlight-reel receptions, and the Raiders’ sideline was filled with trash-talking.

During drills on Thursday, Ramsey screamed and pointed at Renfrow, then during 7-on-7s, Carr yelled and pointed at Ramsey before completing a pass in front of him for a first down and screaming, “There’s another one.” After Carr and Ramsey embraced, Carr joked that his talking sparked the incident.

End of the Raiders’ defense Maxx Crosby was in the midst of the climactic battle. Crosby had chuckled the day before when questioned about the practice’s chippiness.

Crosby remarked at the time, “It’s all in good humor.” “This is the time of year when you can throw your punches — the preseason.” Allow yourself to get away with a little more. Tempers begin to flare. It’s just the way it is. It’s the first time I’ve competed against someone else. That kind of thing happens.

“You will not be thrown out of the game. You have the ability to unleash a few punches here and there. So there you have it.”

Ramsey, on the other hand, did not take a cheap shot when his helmet fell off, according to Jacobs.

“I wasn’t wearing my helmet properly, therefore that was my fault.” I didn’t want him to be branded a filthy player because I knew he wasn’t.

“You can see how we responded by looking at our men, and you can see how their guys simply let things happen by looking at their players. Our team’s battling spirit is something I admire. They not only had each other’s backs, but they also had each other’s backs.”

There are a lot of theories about why the NFL is a terrible place to work. Some say it’s the people, some say it’s the politics, some say it’s the money. But the biggest reason that people don’t like working for the NFL is that they simply hate being around other NFL people. Last weekend, Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden got tired of being around NFL people and sent his team of overpaid, overtrained, over-coached, under-dressed losers out of town.. Read more about jon gruden net worth and let us know what you think.

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