Joe Biden’s security ramped up by Secret Service in case he wins election

Joe Biden gives a speech, and he makes it...

The team of secret service agents is sent to protect Biden, according to some sources (Photo: AP / Getty Images)

Secret Service increases security for Joe Biden as he approaches victory in the presidential election.

The reinforcements will be sent to Wilmington, Delaware, where the Democratic Party candidate is expected to use the same conference center for at least another day.

Security will be improved not so much for the man who will be elected president, but it is moving in that direction, according to two sources close to the operation, said the Washington Post.

Biden is currently the leader with 264 votes in the electoral college, and he needs six more states to become president.

Donald Trump was responsible for 214 votes, but refuses to admit defeat, makes unfounded accusations of electoral fraud and demands that the counting of votes by mail stop when they arrive on election day.

Amid the high tensions and, as always, bitter divisions in the country, armed trumpeters descended to count the votes in Arizona and demanded that every ballot be counted.

Biden is currently housed in a conference center in Wilmington, Delaware (Photo: Reuters).

Trump’s niece accused the president of talking about an attempted coup and desperately tried to remove the legitimacy of the elections, warning of the very dangerous months ahead.

Last night, police said they arrested a gunman who reportedly planned an attack on a measurement center in Philadelphia, in the highly controversial state of Pennsylvania.

Secret services tend to strengthen the defenses of elected presidents as soon as they win by deploying them as a new team of agents.

This usually happens late on election night, after the opponent has admitted defeat and the winner has given a victory speech.

Trump made several unfounded accusations for election fraud (Photo: Getty Pictures)

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But this year is different, the result has been delayed by a few days due to a record number of votes by mail, partly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump is suing several states in an attempt to stop the counting process because of uncontrolled accusations of corruption.

If Biden is declared the winner, but Trump refuses to accept this, the secret service can protect both candidates until the electoral college meets in mid-December to confirm the results.

Sketch of postal code 13529378

Who wins the American election, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

Previously, the agency had only experienced this situation once, during the match between George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore in 2000.

The two parties were involved in a 36-day fight during a break in Florida that ended with a trial before the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service has maintained its usual mountain defense of the vice president and protected Bush as the main candidate.

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