New Wonder Woman 1984 Character Posters Swing in Ahead of HBO Max Debut This Christmas

We have new posters with figures of Wonder Woman 1984. The footage will arrive a few weeks before the release of the film, not only at the cinema but also at HBO Max. The broadcast strategy sent shock waves through Hollywood. But for now, fans can take advantage of the fact that they can reach the return of Gal Gado as Diana Prince safely and comfortably from home if they wish. These posters offer a new perspective on the heroes and villains of the sequel.

On the posters are Wonder Woman (Gal Gado), Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), Cheetah (Kristen Vig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). Like many of the other images and posters presented for the film, they are colourful enough to match the vibrations of the 1980s. We’ll also be looking at Wonder Woman’s new gold armor, whose marketing has been pretty inflated so far. What these posters don’t show is that Barbara Minerva is wearing her last cheetah uniform. We only got a quick glimpse of the bad guy in the trailer. They mainly focused on the image of Vig in the pre-list.

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Patty Jenkins will direct the sequel again. Jenkins directed the original version of Wonder Woman, which was released with great success in 2017. The film was truly the first in the DCEU to receive both the reviews and the receipts. The retrofitting of DC Comics cost no less than $821 million worldwide and exceeded all expectations. So Warner Bros. made sure Jenkins stayed on board and Gala Gadota was brought back as an iconic hero. They also managed to get Chris Pine back in the role of Steve Trevor, although the circumstances of his appearance remain mysterious given his fate at the end of the first film.

In terms of release, Wonder Woman was initially positioned in 1984 as a major summer blockbuster released in June of that year. However, the closure of the theatre, combined with health and safety considerations, has prompted the studio to postpone the issue on several occasions. In the end it was decided that the sequel would premiere at Christmas in the theatres and at HBO Max.

WarnerMedia later announced that their entire film would do the same in 2021, although this announcement was not popular with theatre owners and talents who fell into the A-list industry. But despite the setback, the company remained firm in its decision. Both Gal Gado and Patty Jenkins would have earned an additional $10 million as part of their relaunch to produce the hybrid. The other actors and cameramen did not have the same opportunity for the announcement.

The studio already has projects for Wonder Woman 3, next to a second one that focuses on the Amazons. Other DC films currently in production include Suicide Team, Batman, Flash, Black Adam and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which will also debut next year in a four-part mini-series at HBO Max. Don’t forget to look at the new posters yourself. Wonder Woman 1984 comes on the 25th. December in the theatres and on the HBO Max program.

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