European Super League: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp against idea but will not quit

Players not responsible for Super League – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp is determined to stay at the helm of Liverpool and help solve the problem after confirming his opposition to the European Super League.

In 2019, Klopp said he hoped there would be no Super League and, ahead of the 1-1 Premier League draw with Leeds, confirmed his opinion had not changed.

I heard I was quitting. When times are tough, I’d rather stay, he said after the game.

Reds vice-captain James Milner was even more critical of the new tournament, saying it threatened to divide the game.

I don’t like it at all and I hope it doesn’t happen, he told Sport.

The [current system] has worked well for a long time. What’s special, what we’ve done in recent years, is that we’ve earned the right to win the Champions League and the Premier League. The product we have now is very good.

It’s hard. Ahead of today’s game, Leeds fans showed their feelings. As players we have no say in it, so it seems a bit unfair.

Liverpool midfielder James Milner is against the club’s participation in the Super League.

Leeds players wore shirts with a barn next to the Champions League logo and Football for Fans. They left the shirts in the Liverpool dressing room in case they wanted to join the protest. Klopp angry.

We weren’t involved, he said after the game. We’re a team, we wear our shirts with pride. Someone made a decision with the owners of world football that we don’t know exactly why.

We’re here, we’re the face of the club and we came here and Leeds fans were shouting at us like we’d made a decision but we didn’t.

Gary Neville talked about You’ll never walk alone. This should have been banned a long time ago. This is our hymn. We have the right to sing our national anthem. He doesn’t understand anyway, so I don’t want to because it’s not fair.

I don’t like it either [Super League], but I’m not talking about the other clubs…..

Leeds wore shirts against Super League.

I’d love to see Gary Neville on the hot seat somewhere, not where the money is.

He was at Manchester United with the most money and now he’s at Sky with the most money. Remember, we had nothing to do with this. We are in the same situation as all of you. We received the information yesterday and we haven’t played football yet.

What the hell was that? Did he write this today? These things are really not good.

Neville responded by saying he and Klopp agreed, but defended his own comments.

I’ve thrown plenty of insults at Liverpool over the years, but he said yesterday that the insults had nothing to do with Liverpool. I don’t know why I live in his head. I don’t know what hit him.

Yesterday I made a real call to protect football in this country.

My biggest disappointment was with Manchester United and Liverpool. I think I’ve had enough criticism of both clubs in the last 24 hours, so I don’t see what the problem is.

Fans from several clubs demonstrated outside Elland Road, including burning a Liverpool shirt, while Reds fans at Anfield hung banners against the decision.

The plane flew over the Leeds ground and said no to Super League.

UEFA president Alexander Ceferin has said that clubs and players involved in the ESL could be banned from all UEFA competitions – and the World Cup – as soon as possible.

Klopp told Radio 5 Live: If you think about it, what could make the year worse? Everything that happened, the pandemic, all the injuries, other things, and then it came up. Another challenge… but we’ll make it.

Football should be based on performance – fans respond to the offer of the European Super League.

Prince William, president of the Football Association, was among those who spoke out against the project.

Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa has also criticised the Super League bid.

This should not surprise us, he said. In all areas, the powerful take care of themselves and don’t care about the rest of us.

Good teams are also created through competition with other teams. In their pursuit of higher economic returns, they forget the rest. The strong are richer, the weak are poorer. It’s not good for football in general.

Bilsa striker Patrick Bamford also said it was a mistake.

Playing in a league that cannot be relegated or promoted ? is not football, he said.

Fulham chairman Shahid Khan said via the club’s website: This concept serves neither the game nor our main contributors – generations of football fans here in England and across Europe who are as loyal to their national league and the opportunities it provides as they are to their favourite team.

Gordon Taylor, head of the PFA, said the idea of a Super League had been mooted for some time, but it was the last thing football needed.

It’s a bit of a ticking time bomb, Taylor told Sport. You have renegades wreaking havoc. This is a big problem for the vast majority of clubs, who are trying to keep it under control.

It’s a real test for UEFA, FIFA and our football association and what it takes to win, because we are an entertainment industry, the players are important, so are the fans, and you can’t ignore that lightly or it will cost you dearly.

Manchester United fan Natalie Burrell said she was disgusted by the plans.

European Super League – the most important events until today

  • A dozen clubs – including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham – agreed to a new league during the week.
  • The European Super League will have a total of 20 clubs, in addition to national leagues such as the Premier League.
  • The founding clubs will be funded by part of a €3.5bn (£3bn) grant from investment bank JP Morgan.
  • The British government says it is prepared to do everything in its power to ensure that this does not happen.
  • The French president of the Uefa, the Premier League, major European leagues, players’ unions and former players have been highly critical of the decision.
  • Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he did not agree with the decision and that the club’s players had not been consulted.
  • A YouGov poll of 1,730 football fans found that 79% reject the idea of a Super League.
  • The 14 Premier League clubs not affected by the ESL move will meet on Tuesday.
  • Fans expressed their frustration on social media, and some went to the scene to hang banners and protest.

This is a moment of great concern – Lineker in the European Super League.

Answer – you’re breaking up the game

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher told Sky Sports he thought the ESL movement could collapse if a Premier League club could be persuaded to leave it, while former Manchester United defender Neville said he wanted football to unite against the concept.

We’re not going to stop, Neville said.

If they can do that, football in this country will change forever. We need to mobilize and organize. Everyone must participate. Forget loyalty, this is an attack on everything that was important in this country and they are trying to take it away from us.

Carragher said: The owners are the ones to blame. They burn the history of these clubs. The only reason Liverpool stand a chance on this list is because of their history of European titles. They’ve only won once with FSH.

I think these clubs think it’s a done deal. I don’t think so. I think the fans can stop it. We have tribalism and rivalry, but football fans come together, all of us, to stop that, and it can be stopped, is his belief. This can’t be happening.

Heaven says they did not participate in the discussions.

Former Manchester City defender Micah Richards told Radio 5 Live that the first word that came to mind was shame, despite being an ambassador for the club.

Manchester City went from League Two [now League One] to the Premier League, and they won it by working hard, getting great support, not letting it get to them and winning the Premier League.

Now, to have the audacity to think that they must be the best – I was dumbfounded.

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright said he could not believe his former club were among those involved in the ESL movement. This is the same Arsenal that received high praise for their tribute to David Rockastle a few weeks ago, Wright said in a video on Twitter.

My God, that man will turn over in his grave knowing what’s going on now. How far have we fallen?

We are competing because we are not good enough to compete, so at the expense of the English game, we get a place in the draw that we are not entitled to.

Former Blackburn and Chelsea striker Chris Sutton has been added to 5 Live : It is very unfair to the Liverpool players, Jurgen Klopp as manager and all the other clubs.

The home team made their bed and should have come out to answer to the fans, but did not. It’s gonna get really ugly.

These clubs have an obligation to their country. I love the league, if clubs leave the English league the game will die out as a spectacle.

The Champions League is watering down. What happens to the Merseyside derby, which is played in Champions League B? Liverpool have just crushed Everton. You’re killing the game.

Former England captain David Beckham wrote on Instagram that football is nothing without the fans and that the game should be for everyone and that the league should be based on performance.


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