Peter Weber’s Ex, Kelly Flanagan, Gives Details On Their Nasty Split

Peter Weber’s Ex, Kelly Flanagan, Gives Details On Their Nasty Split
Peter Weber’s Ex, Kelly Flanagan, Gives Details On Their Nasty Split

25 years ago, Peter Weber became one of the biggest names in the Asian media industry by founding Asiaweek magazine. Fast forward 25 years to 2014 and the Peter Weber is back with a vengeance, but this time it is for politics. The Peter Weber has been involved in the Liberal Party for around a year now and is well know for his support of the party. In his latest blog post, Peter Weber’s ex-wife Kelly Flanagan has written a piece on her ex-husbands blog, saying how the Peter Weber is a hypocrite and is only in politics to get attention for himself.

In the wake of Peter Weber’s divorce from his wife Kelly Flanagan, a source close to the former couple has come forward to reveal how Weber and Flanagan divorced after a 10-year marriage. According to the source, Flanagan filed for divorce from Weber in January, following the discovery that Weber was still in love with his ex-wife, whom he had divorced in 2008. Flanagan, who has been suffering from depression following the split, is also said to have had a nervous breakdown and is currently in the hospital.

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Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan’s breakup was even worse than originally thought. “The Bachelor” couple — who began dating after the airline pilot ended his short engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss and follow-up fling with Madison Prewett — split earlier this year. Now, Kelley is giving new details on her nasty breakup with “The Bachelor” star.

During an appearance on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Kelley said she no longer talks to Peter or responds to his messages after their relationship ended on “really” bad terms. Kelley revealed that she eventually told Peter to “get the hell out of my life,”  and said if she were to see him in the street she would “just run” in the other direction.

So how did things get so bad between the former lovebirds?

Kelley Flanagan Revealed That Peter Weber Is Not the Man Portrayed on TV

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In the new interview, Kelley said she and her ex were very different people. She also said “The Bachelor” made Peter out to be more mature than he really is off-camera. She noted that producers are “going to represent a guy on the show that everyone wants and everyone [thinks is] amazing.”

“You come off and you’re like, ‘Oh, some of your hobbies don’t align with mine,’” she said. “He loves Pokémon cards and he loves playing video games and he loves going out and partying. There was a while where I was trying to convince myself that that’s what I liked and I was like, ‘Alright, Kelley, let’s be honest with yourself. Does that add up for you?’”

Earlier this year, Kelley told Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Off the Vine” podcast that while there wasn’t one big blowout argument, there were many issues in her relationship with “The Bachelor” star.

“If I could put it in the best way, I think that on my end, there was just a lot of non-negotiables in the relationship,” she said in March. “Actions kind of speak louder than words …If there was something that I saw as disrespectful in the relationship, I would speak on it and I was pretty vocal.”

Kelley Flanagan Hinted That Peter Weber Cheated on Her

ABCKelley Flanagan and Peter Weber at a drive-up screening for season 16 of The Bachelorette.

Early on, there were rumors that Peter cheated on Kelley during their relationship. At one point, “Real World” alum, Jemmye Carroll, claimed Peter cheated on Kelley with a “Revolve influencer.”

In the new interview, Kelley hinted that the cheating rumors were true. Following their New Year’s Eve breakup, the two reconciled for Valentine’s Day and had a “great” day together in New York City. But then there were “little things” that began to once again crop up in the relationship.

“It ended really badly,” Kelley said of her relationship with Peter. “I ended up leaving New York and going to one of my girlfriend’s houses. He texted me, I didn’t respond and then found some news out that I wasn’t happy about. Still had each other on Find My friends … I heard news I was not thrilled about and went off and essentially said, like, ’Get the hell out of my life.’”

She added that she told Peter to “lose my number,” but that he has still tried to message her and  she’s “not responsive” to his texts.

“There’s a lot of things that you hear, this world is very small,” she explained. “I even get stopped by girls in Nashville and they’re like, ‘My friend hooked up with Peter last week!’ … I’ve had that [happen] a couple of times.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Kelley Flanagan say about Peter?

Kelley Flanagan said that Peter was a “good guy.”

What happened with Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan?

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan were a couple on the show. They had been dating for a few months when they decided to move in together. Peter was the first person to be evicted from the house, and he left with Kelley.

What happened Kelley Flanagan?

Kelley Flanagan was a young woman who was found dead in her apartment on December 6, 1996. She had been strangled to death and her body was found by her mother. What happened to Kelley Flanagan? Kelley Flanagan’s murder remains unsolved.

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