Consoles are dead and PC gaming killed them – Reader’s Feature

Consoles are dead and PC gaming killed them – Reader’s Feature
Consoles are dead and PC gaming killed them – Reader’s Feature

Is this really the latest generation of consoles? (in the picture: the subway)

The reader assumes that if this is the latest generation of consoles, this will happen not only because of the streaming, but also because of the growing popularity of computer games.

Preorders for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X seem useful for Sony and Microsoft game monoliths, but the introduction of previous generations of consoles has been tamed in terms of fan frequency.

Since the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo in the 1990s, the console war has been raging between avid gamers and consumers have since divided it on their side of the console.

But this year it’s different. It’s as if the unshakeable defender of his beloved car dries up in the unknown. The absence of warm voices could indicate a major shift in the gaming landscape – the transition to platform diagnostics and the vague world of cloud computing.

Despite the fact that the console is not yet firmly anchored in the market, the industry is moving in a direction where it is no longer king. Google has Stages, Microsoft has xCloud, Sony has PS Now, and even e-commerce giant Amazon throws his hat in the ring with Luna, to name but a few. Although none of these services is a resounding success at the moment, it gives a good indication of where the titans of technology have stacked their chips.

The cloud is probably the largest clock that the consoles celebrate their last hurrah. But there are other small characters that indicate the death of your favorite boxes that occupy a special place among our televisions.

There has been an increasing demand for gaming PCs in recent years and their popularity continues to grow. Especially thanks to platforms such as Twitch, where streamers usually broadcast live games from PCs. Streaming megastars like Ninja have inspired a new generation of young players to leave their controllers for the hardcore charm of the mouse and keyboard.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft seems to accept it by offering its Xbox Game Pass subscription for the PC, which makes the Xbox exclusive … It’s not that exclusive. If that’s not a boost for Microsoft’s Netflix model, who knows what is?

Even Sony, which historically has never allowed its exclusive games to outgrow its ecosystem, releases great PC games from First Party Studios (Horizon Zero Dawn). The proprietary cloud gaming service PS Now also includes a comprehensive catalogue of exclusive devices that can be transferred to a range of devices other than PlayStation consoles.

Sony has made great strides with the PlayStation 4 and its own products, but as we approach the end of the current console cycle, it seems that the importance of the console for the major players in the market depends more on the branding and supervision of the developers than on the hardware.

Everything indicates that there is a possible period of purgatory with regard to the prefixes. The tried-and-tested model of the patented slot machines is fading away and the successor has still not been scratched and is not widely used.

Will the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X be the last consoles that we see in this foggy time? Are they worth it? Does it make sense to send that money to the game console? Will we all be connected to the VR Unit Matrix and the games will be sent directly to our brains? Who knows? This is certainly a strange and exciting time for games.

T.G. Clarke Reader

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