Biggest need LA still must address after first week of free agency

With the first week of free agency in the books, there has been plenty of speculation about what the Los Angeles Lakers will do this week.

The first week of the free agent period is now over, and it has been a whirlwind of activity. The Lakers lost out on two of the biggest names available, adding another layer of intrigue to what is already a multi-faceted offseason in Los Angeles. The first big name the Lakers were able to sign was DeMarcus Cousins, and it was a move that was met with a ton of criticism. Adding Cousins to the lineup would have given the Lakers two of the best players in the league, but the idea of a front-court consisting of DeMarcus Cousins, Roy Hibbert, and Julius Randle is a tough sell.

The Lakers haven’t had a full season of Bryant, D’Antoni, and Gasol together in their franchise history, so there’s no telling how this team will look in the spring. With Dwight Howard’s future uncertain and Steve Nash’s future uncertain, this team just might be capable of striking gold again; are they ready to strike gold?. Read more about nba free agent and let us know what you think.


The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off an injury-plagued season in which they were eliminated in the first round. When superstar Anthony Davis went down with an injury, they were ahead 2-1 in the series. While the Los Angeles Lakers would have had a chance to win the championship if injuries hadn’t derailed their plans, they went out and strengthened their team.

This began with a major acquisition in the form of star guard Russell Westbrook. The addition of Westbrook gave the clubs a strong three, but it also left them without role players. Rob Pelinka, the general manager, then went out and signed a slew of free players who can fit in with the big three.


Dwight Howard, Wayne Ellington, Trevor Ariza, and Kent Bazemore were all former Lakers. Carmelo Anthony, Malik Monk, and Kendrick Nunn were also added to the Lakers’ roster, but Talen Horton-Tucker was released. Although this squad is strong, LA still has three roster slots available.

After the first week of NBA Free Agency in 2021, this is the most pressing issue the Lakers must address.

The Lakers’ most pressing needs are defense and glue guys.

The Lakers have added three-point shooters and guys who can play with the big three. The Lakers, on the other hand, should consider bringing in more defensive-minded players. They’ll also need to bring in glue people that have a good rapport with the rest of the squad.

The Lakers should try to re-sign Wesley Matthews and Jared Dudley with three roster slots remaining. Avery Bradley, a part of the 2019-20 roster, should also be brought back. Dudley would serve as a locker-room leader, while Bradley and Matthews might serve as defensive line anchors.

Matthews, Bradley, and Dudley have synergy with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which allows them to be more comfortable with the club. They all have a lot of experience and, if brought in, could be the glue men for the Lakers’ 2021-22 team.

Back in 2020, Bradley was really hitting his stride with the Lakers before the season got suspended due to the pandemic. With the Lakers, Bradley averaged 8.6 points per game while shooting 36.4 percent from the three-point line. While those numbers don’t jump off the page, Bradley had an enormous impact on the court for the Lakers. He would take the challenge of locking up opponents’ top guards and could be a real impact player for the Lakers once again.

Matthews was erratic offensively for the Lakers this season, but his defense was always there. He scored 4.8 points per game on 37.9% three-point shooting in his career. With his defensive and shooting skills, Matthews may provide depth off the bench for the Lakers. If the Lakers resign him, he would be a good match for the club.

Dudley would be a fantastic addition to the Lakers’ roster. Despite his limited playing time, Dudley provides leadership and a seasoned presence to the squad. Dudley is the kind of player who can advise and act as a coach on the sidelines. He has excellent synergy with LeBron and AD, and retaining him would be a good move for the Lakers.

As the 2021-22 season approaches, the Lakers are in a strong position. They had a fantastic offseason and will undoubtedly contend for a title this season. LA will be in a stronger position if they can sign Matthews, Dudley, and Bradley. Bringing in these defensive and glue players will aid the Lakers in their quest for a championship next season.



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