NBA free agency – The people with the power to make big moves

25. October 2020

Tim Bontempespen

Sometimes when I’m 18. In November 2020, the competition is expected to lift the monthly moratorium on business, which would mark the official start of the annual series of off-season chaos.

The NBA needs to clarify a lot of things quickly, from the rules about the salary limits for the next season to the place where the games are played. These interviews and discussions with the health authorities are a direct priority for Commissioner Adam Silver and Michele Roberts, Executive Director of the National Basketball Association. The league currently has a pre-Christmas start to the season and a shortened schedule for the regular 2020-2021 season, sources Adrian Woynarowski and Brian Windhorst told ESPN.

But the teams are also preparing for the unpredictable rearrangement in the composition of the team entering the championship off-season. More than eight months have passed since the last NBA deal and more than 15 months since the last big NBA off-season in 2019, when Russell Westbrook won Chris Paul’s contract. This silence will soon come to an end.

To give you an idea of what needs to be done and the real power over transactions, here is our list of people who will make the biggest decisions in this off-season period, with all their options and possible consequences.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Giannis Antetokunmpo is the biggest domino in the NBA, perhaps for the next two seasons. David Sherman/NBAE by Getty Images

Option 1: Supermax expansion board

This autumn, there is no better solution than to ask whether the double-MVP in power will decide to sign a five-year extension, which will be offered at the beginning of the Milwaukee Bucks free office. This would consolidate Bax’ claim to the title in the years 2020.

But it would also change the teams’ plans in the hope of attracting Giannis Antetokunmpo. Toronto rappers won’t be so afraid of the offer of a free, unlimited eyewear maker, Fred VanVleet, who can damage their caps. And the heat of Miami and the Dallas Mavericks could now replenish their lists of long-term money, which used to be unpleasant.

Do not expect an immediate increase in costs if Antetokunmpo re-engages – the 2021 class will still be in the spotlight, and the competition is cautious about financing the pandemic – but its potential availability will put some teams on hold until its next contract is signed.

Option 2: Postponement of decision until 2021 Free agency

Many sources have categorically stated that Milwaukee will not try to do business with Antetokunmpo if it expands. Instead, Bax will try to improve his list and use next year to show Antetokounmpo why he should stay.

The waiting would have given Antetokunmpo maximum influence in Milwaukee for the next 12 months. If Bax wants to increase his salary to improve the team – as reported by ESPN’s Adrian Woynarowski – Milwaukee could aim for a significant improvement in trading (although he doesn’t have enough assets).

Victor Oladipo and Pacers Secretariat: Trade with expiration date

Option 1: Further expansion

With one year to go before the contract expires, Victor Oladipo seems to be a possible candidate for an extension. But it won’t be easy to find a number that makes sense for both parties.

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Indiana Pacers can offer a contract extension starting at 120% of Oladipo’s salary for the 2020-21 season. – The deal would start at $26 million, several million a year, under what he could sign as an unlimited freelancer under the maximum contract during the next off-season. Oladipo, who tore a quadriceps tendon in January 2019 and then fought his way back this year, may want to come back next season and try to prove he’s still the All-NBA player he was in 2018.

Option 2: Trading options

It is not for nothing that the name Oladipo has been mentioned as a possible trade object for several months. With a year to go before the deal is signed, Pacers can lose it for nothing – something a team working in a small market would always prefer to avoid. And in the financial landscape of the competition in general and the Pacers in particular (with long-term funds already allocated to Malcolm Brogdon, Miles Turner and Domantas Sabonis), there are rival teams wondering if they want to spend the money to save Oladipo.

But any trade negotiations in this area will be difficult. Oladipo’s game has been inconsistent since his return of injury this year, and given his past, those fears will be reflected in the new team.

Option 3: Awaiting

Even if this leads to an Oladipo march in a year’s time, it may be the most sensible route for both parties. The Pacers probably won’t trade Oladipo for a cheap package to move him. The wait would have given Indiana a chance to see what the core looks like before he takes stock in 2021, and Oladipo a chance to show that he’s back to what he was before his injury.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Fred Van Vliet is probably the best unlimited player with a chance to move. David Sherman/NVAE by Getty Images

Fred Van Vliet: The best free agent available

Option 1: Toronto Repeat Signature

In this low season, the Raptors have two main objectives: the dismissal of guard Fred Van Vliet, without exceeding the maximum coverage for 2021.

According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, every VanVleet contract must hold Toronto in the next off-season for about four years and $80 million in superstar racing. But it all gets dangerous when the Raptors compete with large bids for one of their main players.

Option 2: Join the Recovery Team

Two years ago, VanVleet bet on himself in a free agency by signing a two-year contract worth $18 million, which it clearly surpassed in court. He now enters the free agency as perhaps the best unlimited player who has the ability to move. Teams swimming in hats like the Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks missed the play-offs. VanVleet therefore has the choice to play a little less in a winning situation, or to try to use one of these teams a little more.

Both in Detroit and New York he can work as a cultural anthropologist amidst the perestroika. Atlanta has plans that will take a big step forward next season, and it makes perfect sense to have a second creator, shooter and defender alongside Trey Young.

Travis Slenk: GM with money to spend.

Option 1: Non-current deferred income liabilities

Rival teams expect Atlanta to make significant improvements in the off-season. If the Hawks manage to add depth to their young core group – Trey Young, John Collins, Kevin Huerter, De’Andre Hunter, Cam Reddish and Clint Kapela – they will be able to participate in a suddenly competitive playoff mix at the Eastern Conference.

By spending $42 million, Director Travis Shlenk is able to make competitive long-term bids that most teams can’t beat. The Hawks won’t find a confirmed star in this category, but there are some good players – including VanVleet, Davis Bertans, Danilo Gallinari and Joe Harris – who can add some much-needed shots and defense.

Option 2: See short-term improvements

The other solution is to bypass Collins’ contract extension (and wait until the end of the season to become a limited free agent) and get the best possible players with a one-year contract now. This would allow the Hawks to enter the free agency next year with a top position and try to recruit a star after what is expected to be an impressive season.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Can the change in leadership itself solve Philadelphia’s problems? Or will the ’76s make a move? Jesse D. Garrabrant/NVAE/Getty Pictures

Clipper and 76: Frustrations due to high pressure

Option 1: Expectation of a new trainer and new results

The LA Clippers were the favourites to win the NBA title for most of the season before leaving the play-offs in the second round. The Philadelphia 76ers have almost never seen their design beginnings together on the course.

That could lead both teams to say that the only change they had to make was on the bench, where Tyrone Lew replaced Doc Rivers in Los Angeles and Rivers replaced Brett Brown in Philadelphia.

Option 2: Large trains

Both teams are under great pressure to win, making them candidates for changes in composition before the start of the season, although radical changes will be difficult to achieve.

In Los Angeles, Paul George and Kavi Leonard are definitely not going anywhere. And after the deal made with George last summer, the Clippers don’t have much more to send. You could try to combine players like Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams and Ivica Zubac in your chords, but it’s hard to trade experienced players for hitting skills. You could also try to make groundbreaking deals for Marcus Morris and/or Montresel Harrell, but the bill is tricky.

Can the Eastern Sixes find a player for Al Horford and even expand their roster? Will they think about getting away from Josh Richardson, who has a year to live? Will Ben Simmons play as a playmaker as he did for most of his career, or as a power forward as he did in the Florida bubble before suffering a seasonal knee injury? What if Simmons was in fourth place, where Philadelphia finds the Prankster? Answering any of these questions may result in changes to the list in Philadelphia.

Bob Myers and Sean Marks: The charm of a big star

Option 1: Coup de Wijn Nou

As my colleague Brian Windhorst likes to say, winning the championship never means apologizing. We saw how each of the two teams became stars last summer and won everything. The State Golden Warriors and Brooklyn Networks were able to find similar opportunities this off-season.

Get ready for La Melo Ball, Anthony Edwards and the next wave of NBA talents.

– Last draw
– Ranking of the first 100 draws
– Full draw order
– Likely lottery ticket exploration

For Bob Myers, president of Golden State Basketball Operations, this would mean that he is trying to use the number 2 pick in this year’s design and a future lightly defended first-round game against the Minnesota Timberwolves (with an inflated contract from Andrew Wiggins) to add another top player to the core of Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Draimond Green. For Brooklyn General Manager Shawn Marks, this means there’s a potential package that includes the Nets’ exciting young talent – Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddi and Jarrett Allen – to add a third star to the list alongside Kevin Durant and Kiri Irving.

Option 2: Long-distance transport design

In the NBA, there is always the possibility of a star player being shaken up, which no one expects, but at the moment there is no clear commercial target for either team.

This applies in particular to the Gold State, which is unlikely to trade assets such as option 2 under the Moderate Modernization Project. If there is no clear agreement now, the best option for the warriors may be to just make a choice, save time and see what options are available to them.

In Brooklyn, on the other hand, there are already many good sweaters for Durant and Irving – the formula we’ve just seen working for the champion of the Lakers. Since Durant and Irving were signed a few years ago, the network has had time to see what they have before exchanging their young players.

Sam Presti and David Griffin: The bubble controls the playoffs

Option 1: Recovery

Last summer, Sam Presti (CEO of Oklahoma City Thunder) and David Griffin (Executive Vice President of New Orleans Pelicans) both applied to move their company to Los Angeles. Both have turned these situations into a huge stream of young talent and young designers.

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You could try to do the same this year, although the income shouldn’t be so high. After trading with Chris Paul and Danilo Gallinari, Presti could try to make extra profit by changing them in this off-season. Paul’s overburdened contract (he owes about $85 million for the next two seasons, including a $44 million option for the player in 2021-22) could make it difficult for him to transfer, but should also lower the GBA price. Gallinari is an unlimited free agent, but due to the lack of free space in the right teams, he can be a candidate for business.

Griffin has to make a decision about the Feast of Jesus. Holiday, one of the best defenders in the league, has a year ahead of him and in the low season, if there is not enough stardom, he can give a good performance to the pelicans, who can then devote themselves fully to building around Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.

Option 2: Maintained playoffs

If Paul and Holiday stay in place, both teams hope to stay in the playoffs. Oklahoma City may be difficult if Gallinari’s team doesn’t stop, but given the lack of clear fans for him this season, Thunder may abandon him and try to push him off the road.

Meanwhile, New Orleans was the favorite for the eight-point replacement before everything went wrong in the bubble – and the Pelicans will definitely make the playoffs next season if Williamson is healthy and Holiday is still on the list.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Anthony Davis can, if desired, arrange his contract with Lebron James. AP Photo/Marking J. Terrill

Option 1: Long-term commitment

After working with LeBron James to win the championship in his first season in Los Angeles, it’s hard to imagine Davis going anywhere when he becomes an Unlimited Free Runner this fall. When he signs a new contract with the Lakers, Davis has a choice: a short-term contract – one or two seasons – or a full contract of up to four or five years.

If Davis opts for a long-term path, it will be easier for the Lakers to schedule his salary commitments if he wants to attract more stars in the future and put them on the roster next season.

Option 2: Short-term transition

A deal with a shorter team changes the power dynamics with Davis. If he signs the contract for two years, he can sign the most lucrative contract in 2022 – 35% of the salary ceiling. With this one-year contract he can get closer to James, who can also become a free agent after next season.

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