3 best trades Pittsburgh can make at the NFL trade deadline

3 best trades Pittsburgh can make at the NFL trade deadline
3 best trades Pittsburgh can make at the NFL trade deadline


After the start of the NFL season in 2020, Pittsburgh’s steelmakers are finally back in the sport with a more complete team at the top. They are currently enjoying an undefeated campaign, but there is still room for improvement, especially in light of the recent injury to linebacker Devin Bush in the ACL.

Not to mention the defensive AFC champion of the North and the runner-up of Baltimore Raven, who are slowly lagging behind with the recent resumption of the defensive final by Yannick Ngakou and Des Bryant’s wide receiver. The Steelers will also have to take certain steps to increase their chances of taking control of the division and reaching the Super Bowl Stadium.

On the list are three defenders, all members of the reconstruction teams, who are looking for a breath of fresh air in the NFL for the final phase of the 2020 season.

Here are the top three bids that steelmakers will make on 3. November:

3. Jarrad Davis

Jarrad Davis is a big and athletic linebacker who, with the right system and the right pieces around him, can destroy the defense. He was immediately appointed as a starter for his 2017 season and played an important role in the team under former Lions head coach Jim Caldwell.

He continued in his second year and managed to score the same goals in his team’s 16 games. In his third season in the league, he slowly drifted away from Detroit Lyons and head coach Matt Patricia, resulting in a decline in his role in the team. The Lions also waived the five-yearly option, making him self-employed until the end of the season.

Now that the team’s production is limited, it is unlikely that the Lions would demand much in exchange for an advantage from the former Florida, which could last from the middle of the selection phase. A change of environment may help him to find the opposite position and improve his performance on the pitch, especially with the Steelers who need extra support in the back line position.

2. Julien’s Love

The second block of steel manufacturers has been unable to cope with the task so far this season. Star Minkah Fitzpatrick’s performance was uncompromising, while his top corners were beaten by rival receivers in Joe Hayden, Cam Sutton and Mike Hilton. The timing of the trade can be a good opportunity for steelmakers to repair the gaping hole and make their entire defense better than ever.

Picture Julian Love, the corner of the hybrid slot and the safety of the New York giants. Its best asset is its versatility, which allows it to fill the void while being able to protect as deeply as it protects. Despite his physical instruments and his overweight in the defensive, love is still considered a project in progress. However, their acquisition could pay dividends to metal companies in the future, if they decide to do so. Its continuous improvement will eventually allow Fitzpatrick to play closer to the line when he falls and covers.

Love doesn’t seem too expensive, and the exchange for average pickups between two teams can lead to a deal. Steel manufacturers can exchange their choice in the fourth round for a Notre Dame product and their choice in the fifth round of the NFL Draft 2021. The addition of this option gives Steelers more options and different combinations to get further in their defensive power tour.

1. Avery Williamson

Another option they might consider for the linebacker position instead of Bush’s absence is Avery Williamson, the internal linebacker for the fighting New York Camp Jets. Last season the former Kentucky Wildcat also suffered an ACL injury, but he managed to recover and become the highest green gang member in defense in his 2020 campaign. In five games, the veteran linebacker has recorded 34 split sets, three defensive passes and one interception.

If steelmakers buy Williamson before the deadline, it receives only $1,718,750. He is also in the final phase of his three-year contract, which expires at the end of the season, which is ideal for Bush’s return next season.

A veteran could use his performance and experience to contribute to a team with Super Bowl ambitions such as the Steelers. As the jets are to be sold the next trading day, Coach Mike Tomlin was able to bring in an experienced member to fill the big void Bush had left in the seventh round.

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