6 Benefits of Buying Water Bubblers

6 Benefits of Buying Water Bubblers
6 Benefits of Buying Water Bubblers

Bubblers can give you a better smoking experience than regular bongs. Combined with the many benefits of smoking marijuana, they are worth your time.

When buying glass bubblers, keep in mind that you’re not just purchasing a water pipe to smoke. In addition to using it as a smoking device, you can also extract oils and concentrates using the bubbler. 

6 Benefits of Buying Water Bubblers

You should consider a few benefits before deciding whether or not to go with water bubblers.

1. Extremely Versatile: Extract Oil and Concentrates Using a Bubbler

If you’re into e-juices or dabbing, then a water bubbler is something that you should consider purchasing over other smoking accessories. Unlike regular bongs and dry pipes, bubblers can extract oils and concentrate from vaporizers and wax pens. 

Because of this, you’re able to get even more use out of your smoking device by removing the need for having multiple accessories for different types of smokes. 

While there are steps involved in taking concentrates from wax pens and vaporizers, it’s always better to have a water bubbler on hand instead of purchasing a separate tool for each type of use.

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2. Smooth Hits: The Unique Bubbling Action Gives an Even and Smooth Hit

Smoking from a bubbler is unique in a good way. Unlike other smoking devices, your smoke will travel through water before you inhale it through the mouthpiece (similar to how bongs work). The result is that the smoke is filtered and cooled before it goes into your lungs.

3. You Can Clean Water Bubblers Easily: Keep It Clean to Get the Best Hits

If you’re smoking with friends, nothing can be more annoying than trying to clean a water bubbler constantly. While this isn’t a significant issue, it can still make a massive difference in the overall experience.

That’s why when you purchase a water bubbler; you should make sure that it’s easy to clean and maintain. While there are many different types of water bubblers available on the market today, they’re generally easy to keep clean due to the bubbler’s small size. 

Additionally, purchasing bubblers made out of silicone is even easier because you won’t have to deal with the stress of scratches and cracks.

4. One of the Few Devices Suitable for Solo Smoking Sessions

Most smoking devices are for use with friends instead of solo sessions. This feature can be attributed to their inefficiency when used by only one person due to their size and design. 

This is less of an issue with bubblers since most models are small enough to be used by a single person. As a result, you can take the party with you wherever you go simply by carrying your bubbler in your pocket or purse.

5. They’re Small: The Perfect Size for Traveling

If you’re planning on going camping or hiking, having a small bubbler is very convenient. If it’s compact, it definitely won’t take up too much space in your bag. 

And since bubblers are small and portable, you can easily use them while enjoying the great outdoors without worrying about breaking something.

6. They’re Unusually Stylish: A Good Option for Displaying or Taking Photos

If you want to show off your smoking habit on social media sites like Instagram, then a bubbler is the way to go. They’re not as flashy as other types of smoking devices, but they provide a unique look. 

Plus, with their stylish design, you’ll be able to take better photos and videos for your profile.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see with the above list, there are several benefits you should consider before deciding to buy a water bubbler for your next smoke session. They’re not as common as dry pipes and bongs, but they have advantages that many others don’t have.

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