Academic Writing for Dummies: An Assignment Cheat Sheet

Academic Writing for Dummies: An Assignment Cheat Sheet
Academic Writing for Dummies: An Assignment Cheat Sheet

Just got promoted to college and getting amused by all the new events happening around you, tours, dancing, drinking nights, etc. However, all this amazement can turn into bemusement when you will be assigned your first assignment.

Universities and colleges in the UK have rigid guidelines in regard to academic documents. Students are required to follow a set of rules and use proper grammar while drafting their assignments and other papers.

And frankly speaking, if a student writes them without any proper guidance, they will be outright rejected.

Academic Writing for Dummies: An Assignment Cheat Sheet

So, to save students, I have brought up various tips to get their assignments accepted with an A+ on them.

Use Arguments Based on Evidence

Students will need to understand the topic well, which will guarantee solid defensive arguments tailored to it. Most writers use this method when developing claims to support their writing. And it is mostly used in persuasive essay writing.

Using these assertive arguments and your creativity will eventually burst any doubtful bubble that might have appeared in your reader’s mind.

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Avoid Plagiarism

If by any chance, a student uses someone else’s content without providing credit in their assignments, they can be expelled from their college. Plagiarism is a serious matter, every university in the UK takes this issue solemnly. Students can avoid this by following these tips:

  • Know everything there is to know about the subject. Skim, scan, and acquire the gist of a piece of writing, then rewrite the concepts in your own words.
  • Always give credit where it is due while using someone else’s ideas. This necessitates an understanding of the numerous citing styles as well as the fundamental qualities of a citation or reference. When should you use a quotation and when should you use an in-text citation? I strongly recommend using referencing systems such as Harvard and MLA, to name a few.
  • Underneath your work, make a bibliography of all the mentioned sources.
  • Check your manuscript for plagiarism using online and offline plagiarism checkers to guarantee that there is little or no plagiarized material. 

A good rule of thumb to remember for students is that every piece of writing has copyrights attached to it, and therefore, any kind of violation will attract punishment.

Structure of Writing

This point is important, as it will be the first step before writing the assignment. If a student is able to structure their assignment properly, it will show that they are an experienced and knowledgeable writer. Structuring matters a lot, as it involves where a student will put all their researched data to create a valid and fluid piece of writing.

And students don’t have to worry about time on this part, as the more time they give to structuring, the better their assignments can be.

To provide a general idea, most documents have three components, namely: introduction, main body, and conclusion, and, depending upon requirements, the body part can be extended to different paragraphs.

Writing Tone

Even experienced academic writers don’t understand this crucial component, and for that reason, this point is included here for beginners.

Most writers think that it is good to use phrases like, “I believe that”, “thus we conclude”, etc., in assignments. However, this is not at all acceptable in this type of writing, but rather should be strictly used in articles and blogs.

Academic papers with such types of tones will never meet the professional levels that are expected by students’ professors. To really make an impression, students should use a third-person tone, that will help them make their arguments more factual and assertive.

Hire an Assignment Writer

There are numerous experts available on online assignment help services, and to be honest, this is the most convenient and easiest way to complete assignments. And another plus point is that they are native writers of the UK only, so students don’t even have to worry about formatting guidelines.

Using these tips with the right grammar and formatting guidelines (which vary with different universities), will turn students from novice writers to experienced ones. And they can always get expert help if they are still worried about their academic writing.

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Authors’ bio :

Terasa Taylor is an English Teacher and has been in the educational field for a long time. She is very passionate about movies and reading. She has been working with Global Assignment Help as a freelancer to assist students with online assignment help because she is also an expert writer. She lives in the UK. In her spare time, she dances reads novels, and takes language classes online.

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