Artificial intelligence began to be endowed with human characteristics

This is the conclusion of a study by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Human and Machine Center at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Human Development. Max Planck, many people think that artificial intelligence (AI) creates works of art. It has to do with the way the media presents news and reports about the new art of AI.

Researchers surveyed about 600 study participants about how they think AI creates works of art and who should be recognized for creating them. The results of this study were published on the 29th. August 2020 in the scientific journal iScience.

The researchers concluded that it is possible to actively control whether or not humans ascribe human characteristics to AI through the words used in media reports about AI-generated art.

Portrait of Edmond Bellamy

One example that supports the researchers’ findings is a book titled Portrait of Edmond Bellamy, which was released by Christie’s New York in October 2018. According to Christie’s press center, they wrote to promote their event: This portrait is not a product of the human mind; it was created by an artificial intelligence and sold for the incredible sum of $432,500, marking the entry of AI art into the world of auctions.

The proceeds from the sale of the painting went not to the IA, but to a group of French artists called Hindsight, who provided the machine with numerous examples of real paintings by various artists and trained the IA to create such works themselves. The programmers who developed and implemented the algorithms were not even mentioned, except to say that they received no compensation for selling this image.


After the auction, information appeared in the media stating that the painting sold was the first work of art not created by a human, but by an intelligent algorithm (machine) reading a lot. So it’s not surprising that people think AI is responsible for this art. On the contrary, we can explain the emergence of the art of AI differently.

For example, an artist designs a painting and the AI performs simple tasks according to predetermined intelligent algorithms to create that painting.

According to Iyad Rahwan, co-author of the study, director of the Center for Man and Machine at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development : As AI becomes more ubiquitous in our society, we will need to pay more attention to who is responsible for what is created with AI.

After all, behind every A.I. is a human being. This is particularly the case when the AI malfunctions and causes damage – for example, in an accident with a detached vehicle. Therefore, it is important to understand that language influences our view of AI and that humanizing AI leads to problems in assigning responsibility.

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frequently asked questions

When did AI surpass human intelligence?

Musk, whose companies include Tesla (maker of electric cars) and SpaceX (space company), said in the New York Times that current trends suggest AI could overtake humans by 2025.

What is human-inspired artificial intelligence?

Human-inspired AI has elements of cognitive and emotional intelligence; it understands human emotions alongside cognitive elements and integrates them into decision-making.

How did artificial intelligence come about?

The beginnings of modern AI go back to classical philosophers’ attempts to describe human thought as a symbolic system. But the field of AI was not officially founded until 1956, at a conference at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where the term artificial intelligence was coined.

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