Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police as dozens arrested

Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police as dozens arrested
Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police as dozens arrested

This weekend hundreds of people gathered for anti-blockade demonstrations in Bristol and Liverpool (Photo: LNP/PA).

Dozens of anti-blockade and anti-smoking demonstrators were arrested after a rally in Somerset and Liverpool when England entered the second week of the blockade.

Crowds violating restrictions on social distance were caught clashing with the police after warnings about the cancellation of Saturday’s demonstrations were ignored.

As the SAGE scientist warns, the next two weeks will be crucial if England is to be ready on 2 December as planned. December comes out of isolation.

Fourteen people were arrested today in Bristol after some 400 people had gathered on College Green Street and marched through downtown Bristol to protest the situation.

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Avon and Somerset police, who had previously warned of an imminent incident, said they had arrested a man for assaulting a police officer. Several other people were detained after they were identified as leaders.

Jeremy Corbin’s brother, Pierce Corbin, who has been involved in many other anti-blockade actions, was one of those who appeared before the crowd during the day.

Superintendent Mark Runacres said… While we understand that freedom of expression is an important part of our democracy, protests are currently not permitted under the rules of the coronavirus.

Jeremy Corbin’s brother was arrested during a conversation with the police (Photo: Mark Simmons/LNP).

A man is led by officers in Bristol (Photo: Getty Pictures).

Fourteen people were arrested in Bristol after protesters were marched through the city centre (Photo: SWNS).

Demonstrators in Bristol hold up a sign that says I don’t care how scared you are (Photo: Getty Pictures)

And so, unlike previous protests during the pandemic, we could not contribute to today’s event, either legally or morally.

We have repeatedly warned the organisers of the consequences if they continue with their plans, both in terms of the enforcement measures we will take and the risk they pose in spreading the Covid-19, but unfortunately they have chosen to ignore them.

Knowing that a demonstration could begin, a comprehensive police plan was drawn up and while the police first tried to encourage people to leave the area, it became clear that coercive measures were needed.

Meanwhile, 27 people were arrested for disturbing the peace after a large crowd gathered at St George’s Hall in Liverpool.

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for assaulting a police officer, while a woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted injury and dangerous driving, Mercyside Police said.

This strength described the participants as selfish, ignorant and irresponsible people who abandoned themselves and their families.

Director Diana Pownall said: In cooperation with our partners, our job is to keep everyone safe and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who are doing everything they can to protect us all, including our frontline staff and the NHS.

These rules apply to everyone, and it is unfair – and illegal – for people to choose to ignore them for selfish and wrong reasons.

(Photo by Oil SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by Oil SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images)

People walk on the 14th. November 2020 in Liverpool at a demonstration against vaccinations and government restrictions (photo AFP by Getty Images).

(Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

In St. George’s Hall, masses of people without masks gather for an anti-blocking ceremony on the 14th floor. November 2020 in Liverpool, England (Photo: Getty Images Europe).

(Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

In Liverpool 27 people were arrested (Photo: Getty Pictures).

November 2020: People marching in Liverpool during a rally against vaccination and government restrictions to contain or limit the spread of the new coronavirus, including wearing masks and locks, people demonstrating against vaccination and government restrictions to contain or limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

Police said attendees were selfish, ignorant and irresponsible (Photo AFP from Getty Images).

This is dangerous and irresponsible behaviour that could endanger the people of Liverpool who are trying to ensure that we can leave the containment safely.

We have spent a lot of time explaining the rules to the public and I know that the vast majority of the public will support us if we continue to take action against those who deliberately break the law.

The current coronavirus rules prohibit meetings of more than two people. There are some exceptions, but protests are not allowed.

Any person who organises or facilitates a meeting of more than 30 people will be fined a fixed £10,000, while any person who attends a meeting of more than two people may be fined £200.

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