Trump’s transition sabotage threatens vaccine rollout

Given the current state of emergency in the country, they have practical consequences that could affect the new White House of Biden, and not only on the political level. There is a growing concern that slowing Trump can slow down and make administration of the vaccine more difficult, offering a tempting prospect of a return to normal life amid shocking news from studies showing that doses can effectively stop more than 90% of coronavirus infections.

The distribution operation will be a very complex and historic public immunization operation targeting hundreds of millions of Americans – several million of whom are resisting basic security protocols such as wearing masks because Mr. Trump urged them not to. The vaccination campaign will require a high level of public confidence and will involve a lively ethical debate among officials about who should be the first to receive the vaccine. The whole program can be damaged if it is politicized. But unless something changes, the Biden team can take on the challenge of solving these problems again in a frantic race to catch up.

Not just for a vaccine in which Trump threatens the success of the next administration. Attacks on the president and vice-governors, who are in a leadership vacuum as the pandemic spreads to all 50 states, mean that the situation Biden will inherit will be worse than it should be.

The victims of this neglect are the thousands of Americans who, according to medical experts, will die or become ill in the absence of a coordinated national response to the winter spike in the infection, the workers who will be subjected to new restrictions imposed on the economy by local leaders trying to control the virus – and the millions of schoolchildren already falling behind in their education while classes remain closed.

More people could die if we don’t coordinate, Biden warned Biden immediately on Monday, increasing pressure on Trump to admit his election defeat and imminent resignation.

Unlike Trump, who is overwhelmed by a sense of personal resentment and anger at what he sees as a humiliating loss, Biden has a sense of urgency and new proposals, and calls for coordinated national efforts to mitigate the terrible consequences of the increase in the number of infections across the country.

But despite the fact that he has the moral authority of an election winner, he cannot make his plans until the inauguration day, the 20th day. January.

CNN said Monday that Trump has no intention of abandoning his fake attacks on the election to start an orderly transition process or to recognize Biden as the next legitimate president.

Instead, his lawsuits, which have made little or no progress in the courts, seem to be directly aimed at spreading conspiracy theories among his supporters and maintaining his power over the Republican Party, ultimately making Biden’s mandate illegal. The inability of many GOP leaders in Washington, who continue to hold the political foundation of Trump hostage, to explicitly name Biden as their elected president or to accuse Trump of his undemocratic behavior, will only further undermine the following policy.

Two weeks after the elections, it remains surreal and extraordinary that the president refuses to acknowledge Biden’s victory, which coincides with the 306 votes of the electoral college he himself won in 2016. That he is doing this in the midst of a serious national crisis, in which 246,000 Americans have already died of Covida-19 and millions of people are unemployed, is an even more telling glow in the spirit of a president who constantly puts his own goals and pleasure above the traditional vision of national interests.

Transient voltage is a change from previous years

There is often hostility between the outgoing government and the new one, especially when the president has been removed from office. The transition from President Herbert Hoover to President-elect Franklin Roosevelt in 1932/33 – in the midst of another crisis, the Great Depression – was notorious.

Many White House teams have used their regulatory powers to thwart the political objectives of the other party’s administration. Trump’s already taking a step forward. Military commanders expect the commander-in-chief’s orders to begin significant reductions in Iraq and Afghanistan in the coming days, which should be completed before the 15th anniversary of the end of the war. January should be over, CNN’s Barbara Starr said Monday. If these actions have consequences – for example, the collapse of the Afghan government if the Taliban resume their operations – then Biden will have to face the consequences.

The president is also expected to take foreign policy measures, such as raising tariffs for China or increasing sanctions against Iran, which will further shorten the meeting room in the next White House.

The New York Times reported Monday that the president was looking for ways to attack Iran after his policy of maximum pressure failed to contain the nuclear program. Such actions will make it virtually impossible for Biden to renew the Obama administration’s agreement with Tehran and international powers. However, the report notes that the advisors have prevented Mr Trump from committing attacks that could provoke a major conflict and have undermined one of his greatest legacies: the prevention of new wars in the Middle East.

And in another obvious attempt to make it harder for the next administration to reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels, the White House announced Monday a call to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic National Reserve.

Other departures from standards

In recent years, the presidents on both sides have given priority to a peaceful and effective transfer of power over personal political spice in recognition of their duty to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the American people.

Warm welcome letters on the Oval Office table – from President George W. Bush to Bill Clinton for example – have become the norm. The team around George W. Bush showed respect for the new president Barack Obama during the 2008 financial crisis.

The 44th. The president then instructed his team to make life as easy as possible for the new White House ace – a point Michelle Obama repeated Monday in her carefully formulated position at Instagram: I was hurt and disappointed, but the votes were counted and Donald Trump won. … My husband and I asked our staff to do what George and Laura Bush did for us: a respectful and uninterrupted transfer of power-one of the hallmarks of American democracy.

Thus, the behaviour of the current president, apparently motivated by anger at his defeat and the belief in a conspiracy that the investigation into the suspect and his team’s numerous links with the Russians were part of a plot to declare his presidency illegal, deviates greatly from recent standards.

Trump wants a loan forvaccine

Ironically, Trump’s mood, characterized by wild tweets detached from any real anchor, distracts his administration from his own undeniable success in the early development of vaccines. Initial data released on Monday showed that Moderna’s vaccine, which is currently being tested, is 94.5% effective against the coronavirus. This followed the news that Pfizer’s vaccine was more than 90% effective. This news brought with it the prospect of a return to normal life and economic activity in 2021.

One of Dr. Trump’s few recent references to the exacerbation of the pandemic was his tweet on Monday, in which he called on historians to acknowledge his role in the discovery of the vaccine.

The president has ordered that state institutions should not offer traditional cooperation with the new government and should not allow the release of millions of dollars in funds, offices in institutions and briefings by government officials.

Biden initially reacted cautiously, apparently in an attempt to avoid another confrontation with Capricorn, when the president accepted his shattered hopes of victory in the second half of the year. However, the President-elect is increasingly warning of the damage caused by the impasse and is paying particular attention to the vaccine.

The sooner we have access to the policy’s distribution plan, the smoother the transition will be, Biden said Monday in Wilmington, Delaware.

Although the country’s leading infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said the vaccine could be administered in December to priority patients such as medical staff and the elderly, it is likely to be at least April before it is available to most Americans. Fauci compared the task of handing over the baton to CNN State of Union on Sunday and said it would be helpful if the transition could begin immediately.

Dr. Luciana Borio, a member of Biden Covid-19’s advisory board, told CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer on Monday night that interference with the vaccine could seriously affect its potential distribution.

It’s very important to know when to make vaccines, Borio said. It won’t be easy, it’s a challenge.

But Oregon State Democratic Representative Kate Brown told CNN’s Jake Tapper that Vice President Mike Pence did not mention the transfer of responsibility for vaccine delivery at a meeting between the heads of state and the White House coronavirus task force on Monday.

The vice president has formulated a clear strategy for distributing vaccines across the country, Brown said. But the conversation has been extremely misleading when we have a new government in a few weeks. There was no discussion about what would happen with the transfer or how to ensure that the Biden Harris government was fully prepared and ready to take over.

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