Star Trek Adventures Announces First Campaign Setting, More Upcoming Releases

The biggest crowd-funded roleplaying game in the history of the market is Star Trek Adventures! Set in the Star Trek universe, the game uses the latest rules set, Starfinder, to introduce new players to the science fiction genre, while also rewarding old players with a number of new options. Star Trek fans won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to explore the Star Trek universe with Star Trek Adventures!

In a move that should excite all Star Trek fans, Star Trek Adventures, the new, 5th edition RPG from Modiphius Entertainment, has announced their first campaign setting: the UFP-Express, a setting that takes place in the year 2249! Based on the UFP-Express universe published by Modiphius, the setting will include a number of new and expanded races, including the Anglina, Arcani, and Vulcan, as well as the introduction of the Bonestrips, who are a type of humanoid that care nothing for the Federation or the Klingon Empire and are obsessed with exploring the unknown regions of space.

Star Trek Adventures is a role-playing game that puts you in command of a starship crew in the Star Trek universe. It is the first licensed tabletop RPG set in the Star Trek universe, and is under development by Modiphius Entertainment. It is a unique setting and game system that mixes elements from the many different Star Trek series, movies and shows with a unique rules system.

In the next months, Star Trek Adventures will be expanding significantly. Previously, Modiphius Entertainment published sourcebooks for each Starfleet division and each galactic quadrant. The business even released a second core rulebook that was written from the perspective of the Klingon Empire. It isn’t going to end there. Seven new Star Trek Adventures items have been revealed by Modiphius. A special collector’s edition boxed set, updated player and gamemaster manuals, division dice, and the game’s first campaign setting are all included. These new publications will provide gamemasters and players additional tools to use when creating tabletop adventures based in the vast Star Trek world.

Star Trek Adventures’ first campaign setting gets detailed in the Shakleton Expanse Campaign Guide. Releasing this fall, the 312-page campaign guide a little-explored region of the Beta Quadrant introduced for the Star Trek Adventures game. The book includes all the information gamemasters need to create new adventures and campaigns in Shackleton Expanse. It also includes a 10-part campaign beginning in The Original Series era and continuing into The Next Generation era, though Modiphius says it can be played during any era of the gamemasters’ choosing.

STA-Shackleton_Book_STA_RGB-150dpi_600x600(Modiphius Entertainment photo)

The Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide for Star Trek Adventures are digestible additions to the Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook. Each book, which will be released around the holidays, delves further into the responsibilities of a player and a gamemaster in a Star Trek Adventures campaign. Both guides contain a primer on the fundamental aspects of Star Trek, an overview of important Star Trek setting details and technology, definitions of six key Star Trek eras, and other information to assist players navigate the Star Trek world, according to a news release. The Player’s Guide also contains advice on how to be a more involved, active, and helpful player, as well as tips on working together to create characters, more information on current character roles, quick-build choices, and new character possibilities. Tips for designing a campaign, recruiting players, running a Session 0, and being an involved and helpful gamemaster are all included in the Gamemaster’s Guide. It also includes a comprehensive explanation of Star Trek narrative structure, suggestions for creating tale scales, tips for utilizing the game mechanics effectively, extra rules, and other gamemaster tools.

Modiphius refers to the Star Trek Adventures Tricorder Collector’s Set as the world’s first wearable roleplaying game, designed for gamers on the move and cosplayers. The set includes a 300-page digest-sized core rulebook, campaign booklet, rules summary sheets, dice, tokens, and character cards for the crews of the NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Lexington. The set takes its design from the tricorder from Star Trek: The Original Series. To match, Modiphius edited the included core rulebook to reflect playing during the Kirk era, giving players all the tools and rules needed to play in the 2260s. The set also contains an exclusive campaign, The Keyhole of Eternity. This product will become available in the fall.

ProductShot_Tricorder_STA_RGB-150dpi_600x600(Modiphius Entertainment photo)

Finally, new Starfleet Division dice sets are now available for purchase. 2d20 in department colors (red, gold, or blue) and four black six-sided Challenge Dice are included in each set.

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Since fans of the Star Trek franchise have been waiting a long time for a full-fledged game to explore the universe, it’s no surprise that the game has been the focus of a lot of hype. And the wait continues. But it looks like the wait won’t be long longer, since the first Star Trek Adventures campaign setting, entitled “Deserts of Khitomer”, has been announced. The campaign setting continues the “relaunch” of the Star Trek license by granting fans a chance to return to the planet that’s been mentioned in every Trek TV show and movie, and it will be a chance to do so in the Star Trek universe.. Read more about star trek adventures resources and let us know what you think.

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