Rodney Alcala Cross-Examined Himself at His Murder Trial

Rodney Alcala asked himself the question.


Rodney Alcala defended himself in a murder trial.

Rodney Alcala decided to defend himself in a murder case and made the unusual decision to question himself as his own lawyer. In the video, Alcala presents the final arguments in the case of 12-year-old Robin Samso.

The little girl, a ballerina, was kidnapped and murdered in California in 1979. Alcala’s story will air tonight on ABC 20/20 in a new episode of Dating Killers, airing at 9pm. Friday the 8th, eastern time. January 2021. Read on to learn more about this strange legal battle and watch a video of the plea bargain.

Here’s what you need to know:

The strange test was the third alkala to occur when Samsowas killed.

Rodney Alcala, the notorious serial killer whose string of murders ended after his match play victory, will be the focus of Friday’s 20/20 show

– 7. RollingStone (@RollingStone) 8. RollingStone. January 2021

Alcala has already appeared in court three times for the Samso murder in Huntington Beach. Before the 2016 trial, he had been sentenced to death twice, but twice his convictions were overturned on various technical grounds. The California Supreme Court overturned his first conviction in 1984 because the jury was allowed to hear his earlier rape and child abduction case. In 2001, on the 9th. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned his conviction, in part because the jury had not heard a witness say that the parking attendant had been hypnotized by police. This ranger found the body of a little girl who was being ravaged by animals in the mountains, reports the LA Weekly.

The girl disappeared on Schwinn’s yellow bike on her way to her ballet class. She was immortalized in 2014, 35 years after her death. His family told the Orange County Register that his life was overshadowed by the sensitive details of his case and his killer.

Everyone wants to know more about the monster, but now they’re going to know about Robin too, said his brother Robert Samso. It was important to the people.

Her tombstone describes her as a little angel and a beloved daughter and sister, according to the book Find a Grave.

Alcala asked a third person a question about her hair and alibi, using a deep voice

Serial Murder Accused Presents Final Argument – 2010-02-23On Monday afternoon, serial killer Rodney Alcala presented his final argument to the jury. Video by Rob Whitfield, Eugene Garcia and Larry Welborn Posted on 2010-02-232015-07-19T07:27:09Z.

The Los Angeles Weekly described a bizarre scene in which Alcala questioned the Samso murder. He used a deeper, more authoritative voice to ask questions and sometimes touched the camera lenses. The focus of the investigation was his hair and his alibi.

Orange County Superior Court Justice Francisco Brizeno warned jurors that his decision to act as his own attorney during the trial could be embarrassing. The newspaper described it as a euphemism.

Rodney, can you tell us about your hair? He wondered before giving a long answer, trying to discern if his hair was different from the composite sketch.

Okay, Mr. Alcala, can you tell us what you did on the 15th? In June? He then asked, before spending an entire day describing his alleged whereabouts in the days surrounding the murder.

He said he spent the night before the murder with his sister’s children, which was a typical day for him.

My sister wasn’t ready, so I took the kids to McDonald’s. He said, and then asked: Mr. Alcala, what did you do after you left?

According to the newspaper, he was often caught up in trivia, such as discussing camera lenses and speed, and was often confused when presenting exhibits to the jury.

He gave two hours of plea bargaining on the case and spent a lot of time talking about the earrings. The Orange County Register reported that he was often wandering around, unable to project images from his computer and trying to find photos to use as evidence.

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