The Challenge Cast & Fans React to ‘Savage’ 5th Episode

Calling a double agent


Challenge: Double agents

Episode 5 of the Challenge: The Double Agents program was launched on the 13th. January aired and was filled with moments of madness. In the early moments of the series, social media got the word out about how the house reacted to the dramatic ending of the latest episode.

Disclaimer : This article contains spoilers for the fifth episode of the Challenge: Double agent, released on the 13th. January at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

The episode started with a kick in the house as Fessie Shafaat managed to eliminate the fight in the room against Nelson Thomas in the previous episode. Just before the daily challenge, viewers learned that one of the contestants, Natalie Anderson, would be eliminated for personal reasons. Instead, two-time champion Ashley Mitchell was brought in to replace her.

Chris KT Tamburello and Big T Fazackerley of Tula won the daily challenge and took control of the house. Big T, along with other recruits, staged an elimination match between Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal, after which Tori was eliminated. When the team was reshuffled, the original partners returned: The Énée winner once again chose to collaborate with Fessy and Casey Clark for Leroy. Devin Walker-Molagan has been retained as a rebel agent, and his next partner will be determined in a future episode.

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Fans and actors reacted to Ashley’s return to the show after Natalie’s departure

Ashley, welcome #TheChallenge36

– Challenger (@ChallengeMTV) 14. January 2021

After Natalie had to leave the show for personal reasons, TJ announced that polarizing two-time champion Ashley would return to take her place and team with Corey Wharton. When Ashley returned to the league, cast members had a lot to say about social media:

Glad to have my friend back @MTVASHLEYBROOKE! !! And yes, we have been bored without you….

– Amber Martinez (@amba1210) January 14, 2021

She’s back. MTVASHLEYBROOKE Millionaire Mitchell.

– Leroy Royley (@Bruce_Lee85) January 14, 2021

Ahhh yes, my sister @MTVASHLEYBROOKE is back !!!! I can’t be excited anymore! !! I love this lady and her wild energy ! #TheChallenge36

– Amber Borzotra (@amberborzotra) January 14, 2021

@MTVASHLEYBROOKE is back and so is my unicorn sleeping mask! @ChallengeMTV #TheChallenge36

– Nam Vo (@NamVoOfficial1) 14. January 2021

Fans had also had their say on the return of millionaire Mitchell to the league. One of them wrote: Tell me why I almost cried when I saw @MTVASHLEYBROOKE come back on the challenge! It’s my favorite! #TheChallenge36 and how @tjlavin introduced her as Ashley Millionaire Mitchell b****. The other wrote: Iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

A fan has been posted: The fact that even TJ Ashley calls Millionaire Mitchell is so cool at f******. We read on Twitter: I LIKE IT FOR ME. MILLIONAIRE MITCHELL IS BACK. One of them commented on the new partnership between Ashley and Corey: I’m glad to see Ashley and Corey working together again! One person said: Billionaire Ashley Mitchell is the queen of surprise arrivals.

As the van pulled up, one person wrote: I’m not gonna lie, I’d be very happy if Ashley came out. It can be dramatic, but good competition and good television.

Many people reacted to the elimination between the Tories and Enesia and sending the Tories home at the beginning of the year

This game is wildly off lol.

– Kam I Am (@iamkamiam_) January 14, 2021

Another key moment in this episode occurred towards the end of the hour and a half when Tori was abandoned by Big T and KT to go vote at her and her friend Anea’s house. The friendship between Anea and Tori has become an intrigue this season, especially since they now co-host the official podcast of the MTV Challenge. Cast members and fans had a lot to say about Tory’s elimination against Aneas:

@tori_deal is the villain I saw hurt her! Respect for trust #thechallenge36

– Josh MARTINEZ (@JOSHMBB19) January 14, 2021

Put R E S P E C T on his name! !!!. @AneesaMTV really proud of you !!!! You’ve won the Golden Skull #TheChallenge36

– Cory Wharton (@CoryWharton) January 14, 2021

It’s always hard to see two friends apart. I didn’t want to see the Tories or the knees go. I’m in love with those two. #TheChallenge36

– Josh MARTINEZ (@JOSHMBB19) January 14, 2021

A fan wrote: Tory is always in a good mood, but he doesn’t interfere when it comes down to it. I wasn’t impressed that Aeneas hit her. Another said: I think even Tory underestimated Aneesa, but she forgot one important fact: …. Aneesa is fierce !!!! Great respect!

A post on Twitter said: Yay!!! It sucks that she had to face Tori, but I’m so glad she has a red skull. It’s their finest hour, for God’s sake. It’s time people respected her name, she’s one of the best. One person wrote: Aneas is such an insignificant and bad player. Look how fast Tori is catching up! She almost made it. Aeneas is terrible. Here are some other responses:

I’m just trying to figure out how the ball cage on my lap could tip over so quickly when Tori put the full weight of her ass on it and didn’t even move. #TheChallenge36

– Lee (@Lee35418139) January 14, 2021

Damn, Aeneas beat Jenna and now Tory #TheChallenge36

– 14. January 2021.

Wow, I’m impressed that Tori caught up so quickly, but kudos to Enei for not letting that lead get lost. #TheChallenge36 #TheChallenge

– Tiffany (@tiff_eb) January 14, 2021

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