Meri Brown claims sticking with Kody not based on ‘religion’ or ‘feelings’

Star wives Mary Brown and Cody have a crumbling marriage. But she now says her decision to stay was not based on religion or emotion. Of course, fans don’t understand why she is so determined to cling to this sad situation. After all, her fans have seen her increasingly tearful and unhappy since the catfishing incident in 2015. Fans who urged her to tear down the tent and leave the family eventually made her say she wasn’t living her life for you.

Sister Wives star Mary Brown has decided to stay.

Over the years, Mary has inexplicably stated several times that she intends to stay with Cody Brown.

This despite the fact that we reported last April that she was seriously considering a divorce. Monday the 23rd. In March 2021, she spoke out on Instagram and gave her fans plenty of reasons why she lives her life with Cody Brown’s family. One of the things she said was that she knows she is a strong and capable woman. Besides, she knows what she’s worth. Moving forward, she reminded them that she felt able to make decisions. Furthermore, her decision to stay with Cody is not based on money, nor religion, nor feelings.

Many Sister Wives fans don’t believe her. After all, not too long ago she stayed because she supported the fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She even vowed to be Cody’s wife forever.

And when she cuts ties with other women and family, everyone suffers mentally. It also means she can’t keep in touch with all the children or other spiritual women. In the comments section on Monday, a fan said: You mean you don’t care how he treats you and we should mind our own business?

I’m confused.

Sister Wife fans think Mary can’t know her worth.

One early commentator found Mary Brown a bit paradoxical. They talked about how she knew what she was worth. His comments were as follows: If you knew your worth, you wouldn’t put up with Cody’s dislike of you that he tells the world. Of course, it has to do with Cody telling the world he’s not with Mary anymore.

And he doesn’t want to waste his time with her. They no longer share the bed as husband and wife. And last season he said he regretted marrying her because he felt betrayed.

The Sister Wives star appears on the show every year. And Mary Brown is so humbled by Cody that some fans think she’s just in it for the money. However, it argues that this is not the case. And in fact, she seemed very financially independent anyway. She is very successful on LuLaRue and also has her own business, Lizzie’s Legacy Inn. This is the main reason fans are urging her to leave Cody and find someone who loves her, and only her.

What do you think of his recent testimony?

What do you think about Mary Brown staying with Cody? You think their religion has nothing to do with it?

After all, she had already decided that she wanted to stay with her family for religious reasons. Sound of the comment section.

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