LAUSD To Offer Small Group Classes To Students In Need, But Campuses Won’t Reopen This Semester –

LOS ANGELES, CBSLA – As the Los Angeles County Unified School District begins to increase its efforts to provide full-time, small-group education to students in need, a district official confirmed Monday that the campus will not be fully open until January.

On Monday, LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner announced that schools will begin offering full-time classes to students in groups of three this week.

The 24th. In October 2020, several parents and their children participated in an open rally of our schools on the steps of Los Angeles Town Hall. FRANCINE Orr/Los Angeles Times/Getty Pictures

Until all students return to school, we will do everything we can to help those most in need through individual and group support, Mr. Boitner said at an information meeting on Monday.

The school district already offers one-to-one lessons for students in need, but this week the model will be extended to small groups.

From the 9th. On 11 November LASUD’s Faculty of Special Education will also start studying in small groups.

Special education specialists will carry out student assessments and personal training in small groups, Boitner said.

The school district will also start next week to strengthen support services for homeless people and foster students, such as childcare and nutrition services. Buses will be able to start outdoor fitness classes for small groups of stable students, the district said.

However, Boeutner Monday confirmed that LAUSD won’t reopen its campus to all students this semester because of the high number of coronaviruses in Los Angeles County, which remains at purple levels or even worse in the state’s COVID-19 metric system. In recent weeks, several private schools in the Los Angeles district have already been given permission to reopen. However, to get permission to reopen all schools, both public and private, Los Angeles County must lower its COVID 19 numbers from purple to red, as must its neighbors in Orange and Ventura County. It must then hold a positive course for at least two weeks before the schools get the green light.

In practice, this means that schools will not be able to reopen this semester, Beutner said. According to government guidelines and given the current size of the virus, the schedule simply does not allow enough time in Los Angeles to meet government guidelines for the holidays.

POWERFUL: Hybrid graphs generally play a role in the return to the LAUSD campus.

LAUSD has launched an ambitious $150 million program to test all teachers and students in the district. Thousands of employees currently working on campus and their children participating in childcare programs at these schools have already been tested through this program.

With all students returning to campus full time whenever possible, the school district hopes to run about 40,000 tests per day. Tests are also offered to family members or staff of students.

The district has approximately 700,000 students and nearly 75,000 teachers and staff working in 1,386 schools.

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