Denver Broncos’ Teddy Bridgewater back in Minnesota, reflects on devastating knee injury

Denver Broncos’ Teddy Bridgewater back in Minnesota, reflects on devastating knee injury
Denver Broncos’ Teddy Bridgewater back in Minnesota, reflects on devastating knee injury

Even before he was nearly replaced by Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater was a popular and highly-respected player in Minnesota. The team he grew up rooting for, the Vikings, drafted him with the 32nd overall pick in 2014. The following season, he was named the starting quarterback when the Vikings went 5-0 to start the season. Since Bridgewater’s injury, the team has had a rough time winning games. This week, a report surfaced that the team is discussing the future of their franchise quarterback. While this is reminiscent of the Peyton Manning drama, the reports suggest Bridgewater will be with the team.

On Tuesday, the Denver Broncos formally announced that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who was injured last November, will be returning to the team.

On February 16, 2018, Teddy Bridgewater was back in Minnesota, reflecting on the devastating knee injury that nearly ended his career before it had a chance to begin. The injury occurred during a pre-season game against the Colts, on August 10, 2016, and left Bridgewater with a torn ACL and MCL in his left knee, as well as a dislocated knee cap. Bridgewater spent the next nine months rehabbing his knee, and in July 2017, he was signed by the Vikings, who agreed to trade a first round pick to the Jets to acquire his services.

EAGAN, Minn. (AP) — The effect of Teddy Bridgewater’s grin, his desire to attempt to remain in football after a catastrophic knee injury, and his attitude about it all could be seen in the audience Wednesday at the Vikings’ suburban Minneapolis facility.

Bridgewater hasn’t played for the Vikings since 2017, when he was in the midst of a quarterback completion with the Denver Broncos. He wasn’t the starter in the final two of his four seasons with the club, but rather a player attempting to get back on the field.

Yet, in the stands, there were young and elderly mixing, wearing the souvenir, a little “remember when” of his time with the club.

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Bridgewater joked after a post-practice exercise, “Feeling real emotional going out of the weight room, just did like 5,000 crunches, dude.” “No, it’s wonderful to be back here…. It was fascinating to observe. It was really amazing to see a few of young toddlers sporting No. 5 jerseys.”

The Broncos and Vikings will have their second of two joint sessions on Thursday, ahead of their preseason opener on Saturday night. Bridgewater, on the other hand, is dealing with a bit more emotional turmoil this week than he may have anticipated.

Following a Pro Bowl season as the Vikings’ 23-year-old starting quarterback in 2015, he entered training camp in 2016 with high hopes following the team’s 11-5 record the previous year. Bridgewater tore his ACL and dislocated his left knee on Aug. 20, 2016, during a mostly non-contact practice.

Teddy Bridgewater said he’s having “more fun than I’ve ever had” playing football while in Minnesota on Wednesday for the first of two joint sessions with the Vikings. via AP/Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune

His surgeon, Dallas Cowboys team physician Dan Cooper, had publicly described it as a “horribly hideous damage” akin to a “battle wound.” Bridgewater would only appear in one game for a total of nine plays over the following two years.

Bridgewater said Wednesday, “I’ve found myself thinking about it more recently than I have in the past.” “I’ve been in pain since the day I was wounded, and I’ve been in pain ever since. Because it now serves as a source of inspiration for me. I used to shrug it off like, “Man, that happened,” and go on. Now it’s like, man, here I am, on the verge of being counted out. I nearly had to have my leg amputated and stuff like that, and I feel like I’m fortunate every morning. I get to put my feet on the ground and play football, which is a sport that I like. So now when I think about everything I went through here, I’m having more pleasure playing this game than I’ve ever had.”

Bridgewater was acquired the day before the draft opened by the Broncos because first-year general manager George Paton, who spent 14 years with the Vikings, including Bridgewater’s four years with the team, believed it was a win-win situation: Bridgewater would be good enough to win games for the Broncos if he won the job, but also a team-oriented enough to help Drew Loup.

“It’s been great spending time with Teddy,” Lock said after practice on Wednesday.

He said, ” “He’s always ready to provide a hand, and he always has a grin on his face. He’s simply a great person to hang out with.”

Bridgewater had stated last week that he didn’t expect to be too moved by the Broncos’ return to Minnesota for practice and a preseason game. But Wednesday was a bit different.

Bridgewater said it made him think about how he had changed from the player — and person — he was before the injury to now as he tries to win the starting job with the Broncos after hearing some cheers and seeing some of the younger fans, wearing his jersey from a previous football career, waving and trying to catch his eye, made him think about how he had changed from the player — and person — he was before the injury to now as he tries to win the starting job with the Bro

“The most important thing I learnt from my spots is that I’m a survivor,” Bridgewater remarked. “How are you going to survive, no matter what the circumstances or the situation? You have the option of laying down and being devoured alive or surviving and continuing to search. That’s how I’ve been thinking.”

He said, ” “[Vikings fans] embraced a kid who grew into a man, and they were very genuine here, which I still admire. That’s all I have to say about it; the folks here in Minnesota are kind, and I appreciate the support I still get.”

One day, Teddy Bridgewater was a superstar quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. The next, he was a walking, talking, virtually unrecognizable human being. This week he was back in Minnesota for his first public appearance since the horrific knee injury he suffered during the 2015 preseason. The Vikings’ starting quarterback who was set to have a breakout season, and who had been the subject of trade rumors, came back to Minnesota to meet his former teammates, coaches and fans.. Read more about is teddy bridgewater good and let us know what you think.

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