2008-09 NBA Scoring Leaders: Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Danny Granger And Kevin Durant

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We’ve seen incredible target times throughout the NBA. As the league now prefers to attack more than ever, we can clearly see that the scores are higher every year and the players receive on average more points per match.

Nevertheless, the 2008/09 season was one of the most targeted seasons in the history of the NBA. If they played at the current pace and scored as many three points as they did today, they had a chance to break all kinds of records.

In the 2008/09 season, some of the most formative and productive counter-attacks of the past 20 years (and among the best in history) went from right to left at their peak for the top scorer prize. We’ll tell you more about this in the next paragraphs:

10. Brandon Roy – 22.6 PPG

Kobe Bryant said at the time that Brandon Roy was the hardest player to keep in the league and that his game was faultless. It’s a big compliment from such a strong opponent, a good defender and an unstoppable striker.

Brandon Roy was a problem. There was just no way to stop it from one day to the next because of its great versatility. He could pull, ride, create for others, cut, catch and pull, he had it all. Unfortunately, his injuries have had a major impact on his promising career.

9. Chris Bosch – 22.7 PPG (via Yahoo! Sports)

I still don’t understand why Chris Bosch wasn’t a Famer Hall. People tend to forget how cold he was in the days of the Toronto Predators and how unstoppable his power was at both ends of the spectrum.

Long before he took a step back to help the Miami Heath Big Three succeed, Chris Bosch was one of the competition’s deadliest bombers. He can dominate the post and play under the edge, or even lead you to the edge and fire shots from the depths.

8. Carmelo Anthony – 22.8 PPG (about the Bleacher Report)

It goes without saying that Carmelo Anthony is one of the greatest clean bombers. He took advantage of the Denver nuggets and turned them into consistent contenders in the playoffs, even though he never got them in the NBA finals.

Premier Carmelo Anthony was another beast. He didn’t rely as much on jumping as he does now, and he was incredibly athletic and aggressive. There was nothing Melo couldn’t do, and his quick first step and distinctive kick always helped him create many divisions and put himself in place.

7. Chris Paul – 22.8 PPG

It’s funny that most people don’t think Chris Paul is a bomber, even though he can light people up at night. He shows what a great playmaker and defender he was throughout his career.

But in the past, Paul could have scored as the best. He stood in the middle of the field and could work with both hands, thanks to his beautiful pens and his ability to work in tight spaces. He has also been an effective three-point shooter for most of his career.

6. Kevin Durant – 25.3 PPG

It wasn’t long before Kevin Durant was able to prove that he was special and that he would lead the competition in points in the long run. He wasn’t a skilled three-point shooter, but he went to a lot of trouble to become perhaps the highest scorer in history.

Kevin Durant has no flaw in his insulting package. He can put the ball on the ground, take a break, get both hands above or below the edge and he’s got the softest bounce you’ve ever seen. A man that size shouldn’t be able to throw the ball like that.

5. Danny Granger – 25.8 PPG

Younger fans may not remember him, but Danny Granger was a walking bucket in his prime. He was a man from Indiana Pace, and he felt like he was pulling huge claws before he disappeared due to multiple injuries.

Granger was the top scorer in all three levels at its peak. Unfortunately for him, his predilection for injuries eventually forced the Pacers to give up a longer belt to Paul George, who eventually took over the team and made Granger replaceable.

4. Dirk Nowicki – 25.9 PPG

Nobody, not even the most optimistic Dallas Mavericks fan, ever thought Dirk Nowicki would be as big as he is. He revolutionized the way he played on the frontline of power and paved the way for the great modern man.

Dirk was not as strong or athletic as other great men, but his regular shootings made him unstoppable. His typical one-legged shot at close range was silver and unlocked, and he could drive out of town like a gunman.

3. Kobe Bryant – 26.8 PPG (via CNBC.com)

Kobe Bryant has earned a few credits in his career, but he didn’t have to lift that much when the Los Angeles Lakers came back to compete with the most competitive team. However, he achieved an average third place in the championship match.

Coby was unconscious with the bullet in his hand. You knew he’d call Isolated or he’d make all the recordings, but there was nothing you could do to stop him. This handwritten move will be one of the most beautiful and complex in the history of the NBA.

2. Lebron James 28.4 PPG Photo credit: probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com

I will never understand how some people can say that LeBron James is not a real goalkeeper if he averages 27.1 points per game over his career. He is also a man who has been the top 3 scorer of the league for years.

James was never a very effective sniper, but he was never needed to be one of the most effective and dominant bombers in the league. He has always made the most of his unparalleled IQ in basketball and his impressive skills, athletics and willpower.

1. Dwyane Calf – 30.2 PPG

And although the aforementioned nine players had an excellent season in terms of points scored, none of them even remembered Daiwan Wade as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the game.

The sight of Prime Wade was so much fun, because he didn’t even have to take three points to be the top scorer with more than 30 points per match. He was stronger, more athletic and much faster than anyone else in the league, scoring 2386 points for the whole season.



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