NXT’s Dexter Lumis Beats Cameron Grimes in Insane Haunted House of Terror Match at Halloween Havoc

Cameron Grimes was pretty shocked all night, which led him to the game Haunted House of Terror, but he still got in the van and went to the scary place where the game was going to take place. Grimes kept shouting at Lumis and told him to come out and show himself because he was going to take him, but he was scared the whole time and Lumis was sitting in a tree looking at him. Grimes was still lurking, and he was terrified, and the whole time Lumis was just after him. Grimes talked about a great game, but that changed when he found the referee standing in front of the corner, who turned around and scared him completely, and then Lumis decided to strike.

Lumis attacked Grimes and hit him against the wall. Grimes was pretty sketchy and sent Lumis through the glass of his watch. Grimes locked the door, but Lumis came through. Then Grimes went into the bathroom and barricaded the door, and through the curtain he saw someone who looked like a woman in the shower. He took off his hat and vest and decided to take a shower, but it turned out that the scary woman leaned forward and surrendered, and Grimes ran for his life.

@CGrimesWWE now belongs to a zombie. #HalloweenHavoc #WWENXT @DexterLumis pic.twitter.com/Tbs549sCDY

– WWE (@WWE) 29. October 2020

Grimes sighed at the window, then Lumis stuck his hand out of the window and strangled him. Grimes is gone, but he’s met a two-headed woman. Then he ran to Loomis, who saw him. Grimes ran off looking for a gun and found a big stick, but the creepy girl came back and started chasing Grimes. Another woman also stood on the fridge and jumped on Grimes.

The grimes started running around the house and going out the door. Then he threw the woman away, but when he turned around, he only saw zombies. He ran to the car, but Lumiks was in the driver’s seat. Then he ran outside and went into the darkness.

Then we see Grimes back in the arena, and he’s really back. Unfortunately he ended up in a graveyard full of zombies, everyone came looking for him, and when he got back in the ring, Dexter Lumis was there to enjoy. Then Lumis became silent while Grimes continued to take control of the zombies, and was a zombie when his sister climbed on Lumis’ shoulders.

Lumis threw them at Grimes, put him out of the way and sent him into the arms of Lumis, who locked himself in his custody and knocked Grimes out. Then the zombies started circling Grimes, and Lumis looked straight home and left the ring.

Here is the official description of the devastation caused by Halloween on NXT today.

The Halloween falcon is back! The worst night of the year comes to NXT as Io Shirai defends the NXT Women’s Championship and Damian Priest defends the North American title against Johnny Gargano in conditions set by Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. Elsewhere, Rhea Ripley is finally in conflict with Raquel Gonales, Dexter Lumis forces Cameron Grimes to face his fears in a horror match at the Haunted House, and much more tonight at 8/7 on USA Network!

Here’s the full map:

Turn the wheel, make a deal: North American champion Damian Priest versus Johnny Gargano.

Turn the wheel, make a deal: Io Shirai, NXT champion, against Candice LeRay.

Rhea Ripley versus Raquel Gonzalez

Haunted house: Dexter Lumis v. Cameron Grimes.

Santos Escobar versus Jake Atlas.

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