What The Tycho Station Twist Means For The Rocinante? Click To Read In Detail!

What The Tycho Station Twist Means For The Rocinante? Click To Read In Detail!
What The Tycho Station Twist Means For The Rocinante? Click To Read In Detail!

The last recording of The Expanse could have major consequences for Rocinante and his band. At the beginning of the fifth season of The Expanse, the Rocinante is moored at Tycho Station, where Fred Johnson carries out much-needed repairs. Four groups of people are scattered throughout the photo, only Holden remains on his boat, and an unusual harmony is projected on the stage of The Expanse… for a full five minutes. There is a conspiracy to steal the protomolecule, and despite the efforts of James Holden and Fred Johnson, the takeover bid loses its precious specimen to Marco Inaros.

there will be some big changes in the show now

Unknown is that Fred, a group of fanatical OPA agents, has Tycho locked up at the station, with Chief Specialist Sakai in the middle of the conspiracy. As part of Johnson’s inner circle, Sakai had access to the most sensitive data that kept him one step ahead and went unnoticed before the attack began. Tycho lost more than a prothrombin in the incident when Sakai Johnson shot in the back and took his official deputy’s belt with him. The Inaros now have incredible external weapons and Belt has lost his most consistent bully, but Sakai’s betrayal could also have more serious consequences for the Rocinante team.

Sakai was responsible for repairing the Roci and had a free hand over the whole boat, which the group certainly relied on. In season 5 of Expanse, it is revealed that Sakai’s work was initially directed by Alex and Amos, but after they left separately for Mars and Earth, infiltration was left to their own gadgets. Sakai could interfere with Rocinante in many ways, from placing clean tapes to damaging the record frame. Whoever she is, Sakai is a good designer, and it would be absurd to expect her work at Rocinante to be easy. Nor will the Christmas preparations be a simple demonstration of blind destruction – a flightless opponent is a big boost for Marco Inaros. Holden’s crew was a force for harmony, and Inaros has no idea the fearsome Martian warship should disagree with him. By damaging Holden’s boat, Sakai can slow down his development and get a head start on the heroes.

Sakai will play an important role

In addition to the possible destruction of Rocinante, Sakai was able to access the ship’s information banks. Fred Johnson asks the architect to hack the documents as he searches for Monica’s disappearance. It is therefore undeniable that Sakai possesses not only mechanical information but also piracy. So it is almost certain that she knows the private data of the Roci group. In addition to raising an eyebrow for the story of Amos, Sakai may have included cryptic data about the proto-molecule, as shown in the report by Elvie Okoye, shown by Holden Fred Johnson. This information would show the value of Marco Inaros in organizing and arming the proto-molecule. Sakai could also discover some subtleties that could be used to force Naomi to be consistent – for example, the names and origins of Alex’s better half and her child.

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Holden, in an extreme exercise, relieved Sakai on his boat. Captain Roci lowered his defense on Tycho for a second, and the damage from Sakai’s sales could overflow in the rest of season 5 of The Expanse. Anyway, it will be absolutely fascinating to see how Holden reacts to Fred Johnson’s death. Since there has been no precedent in a long time, Holden doesn’t trust his team and he doesn’t have many Tycho partners to focus on. The scariest thing is that he can’t be sure that his own boat will fly after he’s been able to pin Sakai down at the station, while someone more reliable gives Rocinante the Doctor’s approval.

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