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That’s what a fraudster is. It’s a person who presents a self-serving and false image of themselves to the public while secretly acting in a less than reputable manner. The term “two-faced” comes from the fact that a fraudster is not always a pathological liar, but they are often two-faced in their deceptive and self-serving practices.

Certain politicians—particularly those from the Middle East—have been known to use self-imposed exile in the United States to evade scrutiny and thus avoid prosecution for their crimes in their home country. In recent years, this has become more common with the rise of the so-called “Arab Spring”, a series of destabilizing protests that swept across the Middle East and North Africa.

As a consumer, you’ll know that it is sometimes hard to understand if a product is good or bad. That is the nature of the unregulated business which is the internet. This is why we must use our head to think.

Lee Pitts contributed to this article.

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We’ve devolved into a country of arrogant two-faced liars. We like excellent food but despise the farmers and ranchers who cultivate it. We believe that food comes from the supermarket and that water comes from the faucet. We scoff at fossil fuels yet drive vehicles and trucks that operate on them. In the winter, we crank up the thermostat and expect heat to appear out of nowhere, as if by magic; in the summer, we anticipate air conditioning to appear out of nowhere. Only when the grid goes down do we worry about it. Voters support politicians who promise to eliminate fossil fuels without considering the consequences, then whine hysterically when there are three-day blackouts, such as the ones that occur in California when everyone puts on their air conditioner at the same time.

We despise the foresters and their wrathful chainsaws, yet we live in wooden homes. We detest miners who “rape” the planet while wearing jewelry, hoarding gold, and relying on mined metals for their mobile phones.

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


A city, county, or township will give you warnings to keep the dry vegetation on your land trimmed down, and if you don’t, they’ll cut it down for you and issue you a fee. The officials, on the other hand, want to remove cows off public property because they are mowing the parched grass for free. The ranchers, in reality, are paying for the privilege. Shouldn’t the rancher be compensated for decreasing the risk of fire, using the same reasoning as the bureaucrats?

We’ve evolved from a country that produced, grew, and built things to one that transports, moves, and manages Chinese imports and manipulates money on Wall Street.

We claim to want to eat chemical-free food but then go out and purchase fake meat with 32 different components, many of which you have never heard of unless you’re a chemistry professor. Then we slam beef, which only has one ingredient: meat. On Ellen, Hollywood actresses and actors declare that they do not want any foreign drugs in their body, then proceed to consume marijuana and snort cocaine.

Except for the illegals who over our southern borders to mow our lawns, re-roof our homes, and raise our children, we are all for biodiversity but wish to rid the globe of non-native species. While 97 percent of our people lives on 3% of our land, which they’ve converted into a sterile environment with no species left to preserve, we pledge to save endangered species like red-headed frogs and fairy shrimp that dwell in the rural west. They wiped out all of the species in their immediate vicinity and now want to teach us how to rescue them in ours. Because urbanites know so much more about nature than rural people who have lived there for five or six generations, they control what happens on the remaining 97 percent of the land.

Animal rights activists are outraged when cattle, pigs, and sheep are humanely killed, but say nothing when wolves tear the flesh from a newborn lamb’s bones or devour the rear end of a cow as she calves, leaving the cow and the kid to suffer a lingering death.

While working in “cube farms” and living in concrete jungles where they can’t even see the sun, enviro-blathers and eco-twaddlers utilize terms like “sustainable.” They believe that mankind is the biggest disease on Mother Earth, and that to atone for our crimes, we will all freeze or burn to death. They take care of their conscience by writing a Christmas check to the Sierra Club.

They first said that paper bags were bad, so they switched us all to plastic bags, and you had to carry your own to the shop. They discovered that this was neither hygienic nor viable, so they’ve gone back to paper bags. With many of these problems, it will be the same. There won’t be anybody left who knows a tulip from a turnip or which end of the cow gets up first when they eventually wake up and find that food comes from farmers and that cows, sheep, and goats make excellent four-legged firefighters. They’ll have “Meatless Mondays” for sure… There will be no food on Sundays and Saturdays, as well as no food on Fridays.

As an example:

As if Loading…


Yes,  today’s headline is about a fraudster.  No, it’s not that kind of fraud, is it?  I should clarify that, since “fraud” is a fairly imprecise term.  And, in fact, fraudsters are not all alike.  Many people commit fraud for different reasons: greed, arrogance, a sense of entitlement, a desire for affection and approval, a belief that one can get something for nothing, a lack of morality, a need for excitement, or a desire for a new car.  Fraudsters come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and so do their scams.. Read more about types of management frauds and let us know what you think.

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