Twenty-Nine Women Accuse Paul Flores of Sexual Misconduct •

Twenty-Nine Women Accuse Paul Flores of Sexual Misconduct •
Twenty-Nine Women Accuse Paul Flores of Sexual Misconduct •

The Philippines is an archipelago, so its citizens hail from all walks of life. Unfortunately, many of them have had to endure or experienced sexual harassment, which is a huge problem in the country as it is in many others. Most Filipinos do not report such incidents for several reasons, including fear of repercussions, a lack of knowledge on their rights, and a lack of options for recourse.

This week, Paul Flores, a former GOP state senator, was accused of groping a woman’s breasts and stomach as she was driving him to the airport in L.A. One of the women also claimed that Flores pressured her into giving him a handjob.

It’s pretty common knowledge that celebrities aren’t perfect. They have all sorts of flaws and can be totally incompetent. But, every once in a while, a celebrity makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. The latest case of a “bad” celebrity is former Glee star, Paul “Puck” L’amour Flores. Flores, a native of New Jersey, became a household name in 2009 with his portrayal of a New York high school athlete, Puck, on Glee. The role made him a star but also some controversy.

Five papers totaling 80 pages provide fresh information about the case. 

SAN LUIS OBISPO — For the first time since their arrest on April 13, Paul and Ruben Flores appeared in court for a motion hearing on Wednesday, July 14. 

Kristin Smart’s murder has been filed against Paul Flores, 44. Ruben Flores (80), his father, has been accused with accessory after the fact.

Kristin Smart, a Cal Poly student, was kidnapped and murdered in 1996, and her father and son have been charged with her murder. 

Smart’s body has yet to be discovered. 

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero

The two appeared in court at 1:30 p.m. for a motion hearing to modify the criminal complaint.

The hearing was not broadcast live, although the public and media were welcome to attend in person.

Susan Flores, Paul Flores, and Ruben Flores, as well as their defense lawyers Harold Mesick and Robert Sanger, Deputy District Attorney Chris Peurvelle, and SLO County Sheriff’s Office cold case investigator Clint Cole, were all present in the courtroom.

Paul Flores was charged with two counts of alleged rape by the People. Two women were charged in Los Angeles County, one in 2010 and the other in 2017. Neither instance was reported at the time of the incident.

The prosecution said that Paul Flores’ M.O. (Modus Operandi) is the same in all of his crimes: he selects women who are too intoxicated or drugged to drive, brings them home, and rapes them. 

There was also a request to add three more claimed Paul Flores rape victims to the lawsuit.

Investigators discovered on Paul Flores’ hard drives Google searches for “real drunken females drugged and raped while passed out” and more, according to Chris Peurvelle, San Luis Obispo County Deputy District Attorney for the People.

In 2020, date rape medications were discovered in Paul Flores’ San Pedro house, according to Peurvelle. Paul Flores’ homemade rape films were discovered in a file called “practice” on his computer.

“Flores enjoys drugging and rapping ladies who are unconscious. Peurvelle said, “That’s simply how he is.”

There is no proof of rape, attempted rape, or murder, according to the defense. 

Sanger, Paul Flores’ attorney, stated, “I’m extremely disappointed with the attempt to create an emotional case instead of facts.”

Sanger said that there was once a “Peeping Tom” outside Smart’s dorm and an ex-boyfriend who set fire to Smart’s shoes and put them on her porch, but that investigators ceased looking into other possibilities after Paul Flores was designated the primary suspect.

Smart had previously used four different identities and vanished while in Hawaii, according to the defense, and three or more individuals believed Smart was pregnant at the time she vanished.

The People’s revised complaint to add any of the rape victims to the accusations against Paul Flores was later rejected by Judge Van Rooyen.

Judge Van Rooyen ruled there would be a spillover effect from the other rape charges in this case. He stated Paul Flores is charged with the murder of Kristin Smart during rape or attempted rape but said there is little or no evidence to back the rape allegations.

The papers connected to the motion hearing were agreed to be unsealed by all parties in court. 

Five papers totaling 80 pages provide fresh information about the case. 

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office obtained authorization to pursue two charges of rape in the local jurisdiction from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office on June 25.

According to the papers, Paul Flores assaulted two women when they were inebriated in the City of San Pedro between 2011 and 2017.

The defense filed an objection, claiming that the additional rape accusations were just a publicity ploy and that there has been no new substantial evidence linking Paul Flores to Kristin Smart’s disappearance since the original inquiry.

“This may more properly be described as adding weak but dramatic charges to a poor or nonexistent murder case,” says attorney Robert Sanger.

A comprehensive description of the case going back to the mid-1990s was included in the prosecution’s 43-page answer to the defense’s objection to modifying the motion.

According to a student-athlete and another Muir Hall resident, Smart and he confided in one another. He said he saw Paul Flores a couple times at Smart’s room in February or March 1996. He also verified that Paul Flores had been “lurking” about the Muir Hall dorm rooms, following Smart.

The FBI launched an undercover operation in 2001, according to the paper, in which Paul Flores confessed to helping lift Smart up off the floor and that she weighed about 140 pounds. 

Authorities later had the Flores family’s phone lines tapped, and Susan Flores told Paul Flores over the phone in January 2020, “…the other thing I need you to do is start listening to the podcast.” I need you to pay attention to everything they say so we can find flaws. We’ll punch holes everywhere we can. Maybe we won’t be able to. You’re the only one who can tell me…”

According to the paper, Paul Flores did not reply to his mother Susan’s statement.

Twenty-three more victims of Paul Flores were included in the prosecution’s answer. Some of the attacks took place before Kristin Smart vanished. 

According to the documents, several of the women allege Paul Flores drugged and assaulted them.

Authorities discovered prescriptions for Tramadol and Flexeril, both proven to be “date rape medications,” during a search of Paul’s residence in San Pedro on February 4, 2020.

A neighbor observed Susan Flores and her boyfriend Mike McConville attempting to drive an enclosed trailer into the rear near the back porch only a few days after the February 2020 search of Ruben’s house at 710 White Court, according to the documents. 

In the front yard, Ruben and Susan Flores were seen fighting.

Then, on March 15, human blood was discovered beneath the porch behind the lattice in disturbed soil during a search of Ruben Flore’s house on White Court, according to the record.

The preliminary hearing is set to begin on August 2 at 8:30 a.m. and may continue until August 20, according to Judge Van Rooyen. 

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