Small and Fabulous: Tips For Your Elopement

Small and Fabulous Tips For Your Elopement
Small and Fabulous: Tips For Your Elopement

A lot of couples tend to choose a small wedding instead of a traditional one. The elopement has a very special atmosphere. The newlyweds can talk to each guest and enjoy their day. Such events are usually less intense yet touching and candid.

Small and Fabulous Tips For Your Elopement

Here we would like to highlight some tips that may help you to plan your elopement day. 

  • Location
  • Ceremony 
  • Newlyweds style 


Small weddings are so different. As the number of guests is not big, you can pay more attention to other aspects, such as decoration or the couple image. Professionals usually offer elopement wedding packages for different situations. It is very comfortable, because you can choose the most suitable one. 

What is also good – you don’t have to stick to the wedding venues. There are almost no limits to location choosing, you can do it wherever you want.

Even the smallest cafe can be turned into your elopement venue. We suggest considering non-wedding places. It allows you to make a truly unique and conceptual event. 

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An intimate wedding is an amazing chance to have a beautiful and romantic ceremony. You can find an officiant by yourself or you can check if the officiant’s services are included in the elopement wedding package you consider.

If you struggle to pick any vendors, you can ask the vendor you’ve already chosen for recommendations. Wedding professionals usually have a nice community and know each other well. 

Depending on your vision of the perfect elopement, the ceremony can be done during sunset hours. This is quite unusual for nuptial events. At the same time, you will see how the location changes along with the natural lighting. The surroundings will be saturated with golden light. It looks majestic in the photos. 

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Newlyweds style

Having an intimate wedding does not mean there are no stunning gowns and no event concept. Every wedding is based on the couple’s ideas. It can be a relaxed rustic style, classy or glamorous, vintage – whatever you want. And the newlyweds’ style will be based on the event concept as well. 

Romantic elopement on the beach is a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy such a special day together with your dearest people.

You can walk barefoot, no formal clothing needed. Or you can rent a sophisticated old mansion and the atmosphere of the event will be the opposite of a beach one.

Public parks and plantations are also amazing for your elopement. You can find all these picturesque locations in Charleston, South Carolina. 


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