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Most players in the league have only played two games or less, so everything on the field can change quickly. But right now it looks like the Golden State Warriors are in trouble. Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr. didn’t live up to expectations. Stephen Curry becomes a double and a triple because he is the only one with good results. Maybe the Warriors should make a deal. They need to make Curry a constant star who can dominate when Curry has a night off.

Joel Embiid could be the perfect candidate for the Warriors. His game with Ben Simmons is far from perfect, although it could be better with the new head coach Doc Rivers. If the Philadelphians of the 76th century see a decent package, they could seize the opportunity. Joel Embiid could look forward to playing with Stephen Curry. Together they would be a recipe for competition, and this exchange would give both superstars a chance to win a championship. Here’s what a possible commercial package would look like.

Get the Golden State Warriors: Joel Embiid.

The 76-year-old from Philadelphia gets: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, 2021 Minnesota Timberwolves pick (1-3 protected).

Philadelphia 76 The dawn of a new era

With this exchange, the Philadelphia 76 will get an exchange package that will put many new faces around their remaining superstar Ben Simmons. Ben Simmons needs intervals to flourish as a playmaker: Perhaps the absence of Joel Embiid Simmons will allow him to drive more to the edge. It would be similar to the way the Westbrook-Harden Rockets used Russell Westbrook: give him four shooters and let him work. Especially James Wiseman looks promising and poses a real threat to the 3PT. Andrew Wiggins would replace part of Joel Embiid’s marker and provide a defender at the wing position.

The Philadelphia 76ers have two younger players who are more suitable for Ben Simmons. Sage seems ready to shoot and Andrew Wiggins is a goalkeeper. He shoots of his own free will, although some of his nights are ineffective. This agreement would allow the 76ers to fully focus on Ben Simmons as the future of their franchise: He is versatile in defense, elite in the perimeter, and magical with his passing game. If you put pieces around him that match Simmons, you can unlock his game completely. The Timberwolves would be interesting: They are an important asset, and the 76ers could easily find them in the NBA’s draft for 2021, which is full of promising prospects.

Golden State Warriors go on the offensive

If the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry and Joel Embiid were to combine, they would have to implement a system that balances the number of hits in and around the perimeter rather than relying on 3PT shootings as in recent years. Joel Embiid is not Clay Thompson, but he and Stephen Curry could develop a productive partnership. Joel Embiid would give them a guaranteed point guard, and someone who can absolutely dominate at both ends. It’s an offensive force, clear and simple. Big indoor striker and makes the 3PT with a good shot in the middle (33.1% in the season 2019-20). If he had been on the top team last year, he might have had more contact with the best center in the league.

Embiid’s defensive presence would be a blessing for this iteration of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors lost 125 and 138 points from the other teams in their first two games. Although this is a small sample, the Warriors may not allow as many points in the future. Most superstars in the league go after their current bad defense. Joel Embiid’s rim protection will strengthen the defense and the Warriors have the best cross they’ve had in the current iteration of the dynasty. Steve Kerr is an adaptable coach, so he will definitely get the best out of the Unicorn Centre.

The Golden State Warriors must be rebuilt while Stephen Curry is still in the prime of his life. Right now, the warrior dynasty seems to be coming to an end. An exchange for Joel Embiid could revive the dynasty. They have added Embiid to talents like Kelly Oubre Jr. and Eric Paschall, giving them good prospects for the current and future championships. The 76ers and the Warriors did.

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