The Miz cashes in, becomes WWE champion

Since Ladder Match began in 2005, Miz won the men’s case in October after ending up in Otis’ hands at Air Force Headquarters in May 2020. The apparent inning failure at the TLC in December was invalidated because John Morrison traded the briefcase for Miz.

On Sunday, in the final moments of the pay-per-view, The Miz took advantage of Drew McIntyre’s chamber match and Bobby Lashley’s brutal blind attack, and managed to cash in on the briefcase and money from a bank contract to become a two-time world champion.

Ten years after winning the Money in the Bank and winning the world title at WrestleMania 27, it looks like Miz wants to do the same at WrestleMania 37.

Another pay-per-view remains to be seen, and the impact of Lashley’s involvement – which likely stems from a behind-the-scenes conversation between Miz and MVP – also remains to be seen. But for now, Miz is back on top.

Before Miz went down in history, there was the issue of the chamber race itself. Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton have a rich history, including a particularly memorable violence with pincers and ear muffs, and they continue that history to kick off the elimination chamber world championship match.

Orton and Hardy set a slow and methodical pace, with Orton taking a slight advantage as the first basket opened and world champion McIntyre introduced to the race. McIntyre inflicted significant damage on Orton and Hardy, with Hardy eventually hitting one of the pods on the turf first. But it was a short-lived victory, as Orton took the opportunity to catch McIntyre with a DDT from the hangman.

Kofi Kingston came into the game and immediately rolled up Randy Orton for a three point lead, removing Orton from the game without reference to Alexa Bliss or Bray Wyatt. In retaliation, Orton hit Kingston and then Hardy with an RKO on the way out. Omos took advantage of the chaos to yank the cover off AJ Styles, putting him in the game early. Attempts on Kingston and Hardy failed, however.

McIntyre regained control of the match by sending Kingston to the side of the goal with a particularly brutal version of a vertical suplex, and then Styles and Hardy suffered a similar fate.

After a long sprain, Seamus is definitely out of the game. Old friends McIntyre and Sheamus found themselves in the middle of the ring, fighting for no reason until the others tried to intervene. After a short break in which Hardy and Kingston were eliminated, the two men changed clothes outside the ring and eventually went in with each other.

Sheamus and Kingston fought over the top turnbuckle and McIntyre intervened, dropping Sheamus’ legs from underneath on the top turnbuckle. McIntyre came up behind him, but as McIntyre was getting ready for the superplex, Hardy and Styles came in and applied a double time bomb, executing the Tower of Doom and Seamus and McIntyre doing most of the attacking.

Kingston took advantage of his position at the top of the podium to gain the confidence of the four remaining competitors, but all his attempts to crash failed.

Kingston made a second attempt to trust Sheamus, who caught him mid-air. Kingston escaped Sheamus’ grasp, but his momentum allowed him to launch the Brogue Kick. Sheamus pins Kingston, taking him out of the game.

Hardy came back in the middle of the match with a trio of kill shots on all his opponents, then dropped a super Whisper in the Wind on Sheamus and McIntyre from the top of the stage to the outside. Hardy placed a Swanton bomb on Styles, but as soon as he got up, Mclntyre was there with Claymore, putting in a straight flush. Mclntyre pinged Hardy and eliminated him.

Mclntyre gets ready for another Claymore, but instead, Sheamus hits a brogue shot. Styles immediately followed with a Phenomenal Predator on Sheamus and pinned Sheamus to eliminate it. The Styles prepared for another phenomenal forearm on McIntyre, but McIntyre hit an impressive Claymore on the Styles that came off the top string, allowing McIntyre to pin the Styles and win the match.

As the cage is in place and Mclntyre celebrates, Lashley crushes the party with a spear – the second time such a moment has occurred in this show. He then slammed McIntyre into the ring, hitting his head against the commentary table several times before throwing him back into the ring. Flatliner, Hurt Lock and finally Suplex followed.

Then the musical The Miz came out. He ran into the ring with the referee in tow. McIntyre was barely up when the bell rang, and a low DDT from Miz only earned him a double count. However, the final crush of the skull was enough to finish the job, and with three points, The Miz became the WWE Champion.

What’s the next step? What Fastlane is facing is anyone’s guess. McIntyre’s vendetta against Hurt Business and MVP is likely to cause even more problems. But the obscure WrestleMania 37 World Championship photo, which is less than two months old, now has a sudden flurry of excitement and uncertainty, which is generally good news in the WWE world.

Selection Committee Match will be the No. 1 candidate for the Universal Championship Daniel Bryan v Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Jay Uso, Sami Zayn and King Corbin

Universal Championship : Roman rule. Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Championship in the elimination chamber. WWE

The winner of the Elimination Chamber match to determine the challenger for the title of Roman Reigns will always speak of a weakened winner facing an impossible task. It was Daniel Bryan who played that role in T.

After struggling with a cracked knee that was twisted at the start of the chamber game, Bryan did the improbable and scored his only goal of the game against J-Uso for the chance to win. The world title fight immediately followed, and Bryan struggled to hold on as long as he needed to.

But just as Reigns was about to throw a seemingly inevitable spear, Bryan took Reigns down in a Lock Yes. After a few moments of possible doubt, the furious Reigns dropped a barrage of punches and elbows to the ground, followed by a powerbomb. After a few more punches, Reigns strangles Bryan and retains his title.

Although the upcoming title match was an anticlimax, the chamber match itself was very entertaining. Cesaro and Bryan started the match by renewing their recent thrill of fierce competition and hard earned respect. And while this clash between two of the greatest technical personalities of all time may not seem like the right match for a competition like the Elimination Chamber, we shouldn’t take the chance to see this fight for granted.

After showing their strength and mastery of submission, King Corbin’s basket was the first of the other four contestants to open their basket. Corbin quickly made the match ugly by throwing Cesaro into his now unoccupied basket and raking Bryan’s face into the cage. A tee appeared on Bryan’s knee, where Corbin slammed his knee into the sleeve twice before ripping and pulling Bryan’s knee around the ring post.

Sami Zayn’s pod was nearby, but he refused to come out when Corbin tried to pull him out. When Bryan stupidly punched Corbin, Cesaro went to the open side of the pod and started punching Zayn in that enclosed space. Brian then fired a shot that first shattered Zane’s face into the cage. All four competitors seemed to be tied until Zayn missed Helluva’s kick on Bryan and crashed into the metal for Kevin Owens’ podium finish.

Cesaro essentially threw Zayn to the top of the Jay Uso Pod, where the two men continued to fight at high altitude. Then they climbed to the top of the fence, Cesaro kicking Zayn to the ground and then pulling him with ease.

Back on the floor, Cesaro nailed Corbin with an uppercut from the top rope, spun Corbin around with several turns of Cesaro’s swing, and then finished him off with a tribute to his former tag team partner Tyson Kidd, who he recently added to his arsenal – a sniper. Corbin ran out of breath and was eliminated first.

The bell rang and Owens was the next to enter the game. Zayn tried to convince Owens to renew last year’s friendship and partnership, and for a moment it seemed that Owens was even considering it. It took a full second for Owens to throw Zayn into the pods at opposite corners.

Everyone was wiped out by the sequence, which was fueled by a thrown uppercut from Cesaro to Zane, a running knee from Bryan to Cesaro, and a pop-up bomb from Owens to Bryan. Owens kept all three opponents at bay long enough for Uso to finish the match, allowing the two to rekindle the tension.

FLY OWENS FLY#WEChamber @FightOwensFight

– WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 22, 2021.

While everyone was fighting outside the ring, Owens made a moonsault from the top of the stage over his four opponents. Cesaro and Bryan ate stunners on the outside, and after Zayn missed a punch, Owens landed another stunner on him in the ring and pinned Zayn down, knocking him out.

As Zayn was helped out of the ring, Uso pinned Owens’ arm into the cage under maximum pressure. Uso landed a half dozen superkicks on Owens before and after the arm was clamped, rolled over and ended up in a splash. Uso nailed Owens and took him out.

With the presumed favorite eliminated, the final three will battle it out for the win. Cesaro changed his momentum to crush Uso on the side of the cage – then erupted incredible power to bring Ragdoll Bryan back into the ring. Bryan kicked Cesaro in the chest as he came off the top rope and the first two competitors of the match went at it again.

Cesaro jumped off the top rope with Bryan on his shoulders to land a wrench, and seemed to trap Bryan for another sniper. But when Cesaro knocked Bryan off his feet with a bad leg, Uso came back into the game with a great kick and splash and pinned Cesaro down, knocking him out.

Uso did another Splash on the downed Bryan, but Bryan was kicked out. Uso wasn’t deterred and climbed to the top of the gondola to try another Splash, but Brian knelt down. A running knee allowed Bryan to pin Uso and win a chance at the World Reigns Championship.

Edge challenged Roman Reigns to finish the match at WrestleMania. WWE

What’s the next step? At WrestleMania, there was no clearer path for the WrestleMania dominators. After the two met Friday during SmackDown and Reigns threw a pitch to the 2021 Royal Rumble winner, Edge showed afterward that he was the favorite. Edge pointed to the WrestleMania sign, a sign of universal declaration, and with that the match was decided.

Women’s Team Championship : Nia Jax and Shayna Basler (c) Def. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

Bianca Behler and Sasha Banks may not leave the elimination house as women’s team champions, and generally that makes sense. Too many times in the short history of this title, it has been played in a clash with the champions of Raw or SmackDown. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler already have plans for the next match.

But the end of this fun match was another reminder that the women’s division and how it works in both series needs a major overhaul.

Banks and Belair are a team that has shown some potential as a future couple. They made a few nice combinations, including a facebuster with a double lariat and a splash, but that only earned them a double. Belair had one of her best chances to win when she applied the KOD to Baszler, but Jax pulled Belair out of the ring when she wanted to get the pin.

At one point Baszler briefly closed the Kirofud clutch on Behler, but the defending champion retained most of her attack until the end. When Banks had to testify about Jax because of a rip in the ropes, Carmella’s sommelier, Reginald, came out with a bottle in his hand and told Banks to use it as a weapon. Banks refused, but that distraction allowed Jax to do a Samoan Drop for the win.

What’s the next step? Hopefully, there will be fewer instances of men interfering with the activities of the best female wrestlers in the ring and distracting them from their goals. The confusion between Lacey Evans and Rick Flair on Raw was reprehensible, but it doesn’t get any better than that. Carmella may have another chance to take on Banks on Fastlane or a Friday night if the result on Sunday is good. But if Belair makes better choices and challenges Banks, hopefully that could mean abandoning the horrible, outdated writing and returning to what these women do best week after week.

United States Championship : Center line malfunction. Bobby Lashley (c) and John Morrison…

No matter how strong a wrestler is, like the intercontinental or American champion, his status always changes in an instant.

That’s exactly what happened Sunday when Riddle dethroned Lashley and became the new U.S. champion by defeating John Morrison in their Triple Threat Match.

Lashley made the first big move of the match, converting the Torture Rack into a device to hit Morrison’s ribs – first against the ring post. Then he spun Riddle around the ring with ease and continued to hit inside the ropes. Morrison and Riddle tried to work together several times to slow Lashley down, and it worked for a short time until Lashley got his hands on Morrison’s spine and dominated Riddle.

Both men continued to try and take the lead as Riddle headbutted Lashley out of the ring and Morrison jumped over the top rope to put Lashley out of contention. Puzzle also turned to Lashley for good measure. But it happened to the alliance that Morrison took advantage of Riddle’s distraction to send him to a command post.

It didn’t take long for the two men to fight, but it didn’t take long for Lashley to stay down. On his return, however, Riddle landed on the knee of the Final Flash Ripcord, and the hovering brother came down from the top rope onto Lashley. Morrison interrupted the pinfall attempt by kicking Riddle and landed on Pain’s Starship, before Lashley kicked at 2:00.

The MVP distracted Morrison, and Morrison stole his crutch for protection. Morrison punched Lashley and missed, then got caught by Lashley’s injured lock. But seconds away from victory, Riddle grabbed a crutch and hit Lashley repeatedly, taking him out of the ring. Morrison was still stunned, and Riddle defeated Morrison with his brother Derek to win a pinfall and his first WWE singles title.


We have a NEW brand of #USChampion and his name is @SuperKingOfBros! #WWEChamber

– WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 22, 2021.

What’s the next step? Lashley probably won’t go quietly, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s challenged Monday night or even gets his belt back. But for now, the outlook for Riddle’s WrestleMania is improving.

United States Championship Qualifying Tournament : John Morrison defends. Ali, Ricochet and Elias…

John Morrison defeated Ricochet, Ali and Elias for a spot in the U.S. championship match at the Elimination Hall. @WWE

There are times when the WWE is pushed to the limit by the Suspension of Disbelief. This match was one of them.

In a deadly four-way match with no disqualification and no score, the Allied Ali Retribution trio only intervened twice to break up pinfalls and hit Ricochet on the turnbuckle instead of actively participating in the match – which they could have done at any time. While the entire group is distracted by Ricochet’s beating, they continue to fight for relevance as Morrison brings in Ali to win the pin and penalty shootout.

What’s the next step? Morrison takes Keith Lee’s place in the U.S. championship game against Riddle and Bobby Lashley. If anything is possible in a U.S. or intercontinental championship match, Lashley will likely struggle for a while.

frequently asked questions

Did Miz withdraw money from the bank in 2020?

Miz failed to win the world championship after cashing in on his bench contract earlier this month at TLC when Drew McIntyre dumped him at AJ Styles to retain the gold. However, it was a close ally of Meese, John Morrison, who gave the case to the judge.

Is Miz paid?

On Sunday, in the final moments of the pay-per-view, The Miz took advantage of Drew McIntyre’s chamber match and Bobby Lashley’s brutal blind attack, and managed to cash in on the briefcase and money from a bank contract to become a two-time world champion.

When did Miz put cash in the bank in 2020?

Money in the bank (2020) – Wikipedia

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