Poirier v McGregor 3: ‘UFC 264 loss could signal beginning of the end for McGregor’

Following last week’s announcement that lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov would meet the winner of UFC 236’s main event (it was), the UFC has just announced that the UFC 264 main event will be a lightweight title bout between top contender Dustin Poirier and featherweight champion Max Holloway.

Conor McGregor’s recent loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 263 has garnered widespread media coverage, and the discussion of the UFC lightweight champion’s future is a hot topic. But the real question is, where does McGregor go from here? And can he perform at the highest level again? The answer could lie in the next major fight on the horizon: the rematch between Poirier and McGregor at UFC 264 on March 5, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC 264: Conor McGregor kicked Dustin Poirier during a press conference confrontation.

Location: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas Date: Saturday, 10 a.m. July time: Main card 03:00 BST Sunday, 11. July
Scope: Follow the text commentary and listen to live radio commentary of the McGregor fight on Radio 5 Live, Sounds, the sports website and on the app from 03:00 BST.

Conor and I have to do it a third time, we owe it to ourselves.

After avenging his January 2014 loss to McGregor, the chance to face off against the UFC’s biggest star was too tempting for Dustin Poirier.

Now the No. 1 lightweight must complete a trilogy with the former light welterweight champion at UFC 264.

Commentator John Gooden was joined by host Nick Peet and Welsh UFC fighter Jack Shore on the latest UFC podcast to discuss a fight that could be the beginning of the end for superstar Conor McGregor.

It could break the UFC record for paid viewers, according to Pete. People really think this could be Conor’s last dance.

If he loses, people in the sport will realize that he is no longer eligible for the UFC lightweight title.

And people outside the sport, the casual fans who only watch for Conor, if they saw him lose one by one, his star would surely fade.

What has changed after McGregor’s rematch?

After a stormy run-up to the first fight between McGregor and Poirier at welterweight, the rematch at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi was very different.

The two pay their respects to each other, and Pete looks nonchalantly at the new Conor, calm and composed.

There was no hostility in him, he seemed so calm, he said. I think when he entered the octagon, he may have been too calm and controlled.

But what will Conor McGregor’s version look like? How many times can this guy be reincarnated?

McGregor lived with his family on a yacht on Fight Island. He has now left them in Ireland and gone to his final training camp at a purpose built gym in California.

He looks like the old McGregor, according to Shore. He went away, isolated himself, and we didn’t see much behind the scenes. It’s top secret.

I’m looking forward to this fight much more because I really don’t know which Conor will show up.

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