Ohio State Buckeyes could target Malachi Nelson to replace Justin Fields

Ohio State Buckeyes could target Malachi Nelson to replace Justin Fields
Ohio State Buckeyes could target Malachi Nelson to replace Justin Fields

Justin Fields will not return to the Ohio State Buckeyes next season. After weeks of speculation, the Buckeyes quarterback officially announced his entry into the 2021 NFL draft. Fields finished his final season with the team with 2,100 yards and 22 touchdowns and his quality of play will be hard to replace. Still, the Buckeyes have already started looking for replacements to take the field. Many fans expressed excitement after Ohio State proposed Malachi Nelson, a four-star high school quarterback from California.

Media analysts believe Malachi Nelson could be the perfect replacement for Justin Fields.

According to 247Sports, Nelson is ranked second in his home state and sixth in the 2023 recruiting class. Ohio State has awarded quarterback scholarships every year for the past several years. However, many experts believe that Nelson is the ideal candidate to serve as a backup. Like the outgoing quarterback of the Buckeyes, Nelson is 6-foot-3 and currently weighs 80 pounds. Additionally, several scouts have noted that Nelson’s accuracy and athleticism are quite similar to Fields’ and that he could achieve the same success as a talented quarterback if he were to accept Ohio State’s offer.

However, the team will face stiff competition from some rival university teams.

Kyle McCord is the favorite to win the Ohio State quarterback position in 2021.

In addition to the Buckeyes, Penn State, Auburn, Alabama and Arizona have offered Nelson scholarships. The highly-rated player currently has 22 university offers, but has yet to make an official visit to any of the schools due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, Ohio State fans are hoping Nelson will accept the team’s offer for 2023, as he compares favorably to Fields. For now, the Buckeyes must hope that the current quarterbacks on the list can showcase their talent next season.

For the season, Kyle McCord is the favorite for the Ohio State quarterback position next season.

Although this is her first season with the Buckeyes, the 2021 five-star rookie is expected to play better than C.J. Stroud and James Miller III in spring training later in the year. Ohio State will also add Quinn Evers to its team in 2022. Quinn impressed scouts with her high school play as a quarterback. Although Justin Fields is about to move to the NFL, the Buckeyes seem to have several options to replace him. Nonetheless, Ohio State fans will encourage Fields to pursue a great career at the professional level. Media analysts predict that Fields will be one of the top ten picks in the draft, and it will be interesting to see if he will replicate the success he had with the Buckeyes in the NFL.

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