6 co-op video games to get you through another lockdown, part 1

The key art of Payday 2

Payday 2 is one of many Left 4 Dead clones that are perfect for Blockchain (Photo: Overkill Software)

Reader offers some suggestions for video games you and your friends can play online while closed, including Payday 2 and Vermintide 2.

As we move into new environments, games have become a way for many of us to keep in touch with friends and have fun while stuck in jail. I thought this would be a good time to revisit some of the co-op shares you may have already purchased. So here’s the first part of my list of six cooperative games you may never have played, but deserve a chance.

Dying light

Parkour’s hack ‘n’ slash received average reviews when it first came out, but has since gained a loyal following. Even early last year, five years after its initial release, there was a new DLC, testament to the game’s popularity. It features a four-player collaboration with an open world to explore, a variety of weapons, and a day/night cycle that introduces harsher beasts as the sun sets, giving the player a great sense of panic as the sun goes down and you look for a safe area to hide.

The park controls seem a little clunky at first, but you’re soon playing at the opening of Casino Royale, with only zombies on your heels instead of James Bond. Trees of Excellence adds more ways to win, with exciting new hooks and new moves for combat, and the DLC includes a new map, vehicles, and even a trip back to the Middle Ages. There are some basic mechanics and crafting plans to be found that expand your arsenal, with firearms added within hours.

Payment day 2

If you’ve played GTA 5 and you’ve ever thought about it…: I love flying, it’s a shame there isn’t a game like this…. Well, there are! Setting up the second payday is easy: A group of up to four players work together to rob everything from banks to museums, malls and casinos. The increased difficulty brings more rewards, but also tougher enemies that are more or less a carbon copy of the Left 4 Dead archetypes.

Film and TV influences are at the forefront, with the live cut scenes for each break and the sound design taken directly from Heat. These allusions continue with references to Breaking Bad, Scarface, the possibility of playing John Wick or Bohdi from Point Break – which even brings a break to the film.

Some flights extend over several days and can be operated entirely on the fly or by volume. The money earned is used to purchase various customizable weapons and masks, as well as various skill trees. These skill trees offer a variety of gadgets to aid looting, such as vault saws, vault drills, mana hostages, and even the ability to turn nearby enemies into combatants.

Warmer: Interference 2

My only knowledge of Warhammer is passing Games Workshop at my local mall and watching the Astartes Project on YouTube, which I highly recommend. For the rest I know relatively little, but fortunately knowledge is not necessary. This is a melee hacking game where a group of up to four players make their way through the fantasy world on different levels, gaining experience and loot as they progress in their career.

There are five characters, each with multiple skill trees to suit most game styles. There’s a lot to be said for melee combat in first-person games, it’s hard to gauge distance, weapons may seem weightless, but somehow parasites manage to get around that. It’s fair to say that it’s one of the best close-quarters battles, with a real sense of swinging the weapon.

Hollinho reader (Twitch)

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